A highly enticing product

The Poorhouse has returned to his normal geographical domain after the excesses of the Xmas holiday period - the duration of which was spent in nice rural villages, where one can see fields, big animals and even smell slurry as opposed to car fumes now and then.

Popular conception would however have it that ickle villages can be a little devoid of entertainment; so much so that the inhabitants turn to weird, sick and entirely hedonistic pleasures to pass the time of day. It was therefore with little surprise that the Poorhouse saw a beautiful little shop openly selling a service named in such a blatantly perverse manner that some of the more conservative members of British society may deem it really rather inappropriate, fools that they are.

Please see below for actual photographic pictures of what surely is going to be next Christmas' number one seller: the PUSSY PYRAMID.

(also available online, for example here.


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