Another cashback opportunity:

You all know how much the Poorhouse loves his Quidco, and a few other cashy-cashback sites. If he couldn't steal gain a profit of 1% of his other-wised expensed train tickets per transaction, the world would be a sad place. To be serious though, you can rake in serious money in the world of cashback.

Kathryn, from a site called was kind enough to drop the Poorhouse a line. She runs a site in many ways similar to quidco. You do the whole click-through-links-to-retailer business, and you get 100% of the commission, minus an annual £5 fee. Where it is slightly different though is a) Amazon is on it (2.5% cashback at time of writing) and b) the "give" bit of "giveortake" refers to the fact you can choose to donate your cashback directly to charity through it.

You can even claim gift-aid on it, which gives your chosen charity an extra 28% monetary value. There are hundreds of charities to choose from by the looks of it so something will likely meet your charitable interest, should you decide you’re a giver. If you prefer personal economic advantage, then the money is all yours subject to the £5 annual fee and gaining at least £25 in your account before a withdrawal is allowed.

The Poorhouse has yet to use it, but it's a definite consideration if it has merchants that sites he already has an account on don't, and the charity side of it is a delightful idea. It might even stop you feeling guilty on all those purchases you shouldn't really make.

In the PR stuff that Kathryn sent there were a few examples of the larger amounts you, or your charity, might expect to receive - presented below for your information. Obviously on "normal" purchases like the odd CD you aren't going to make 100s of pounds but you can see that these sort of sites easily are worth signing up to for certain categories of products. Nothing to lose etc.

Home Insurance

One third off NatWest Home Insurance until 29/02/08 and £100 cashback.
Prudential £75 cashback
Churchill £80 cashback
Nationwide & Privilege £70 cashback
More Th>n & Cornhill £60

Car Insurance

Prudential £75 cashback
More Th>n, Privilege & Cornhill £60 cashback
Budget £40 cashback

Breakdown Cover

RAC £21 cashback
Green Flag £20 cashback


Legal & General ISA £85 cashback
American Express Platinum or Nectar Card £25 cashback



thanks for the info. I find rewardlover to be another good cashback site.

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