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YouGov is a market research company who conducts surveys via the Internet. You may well have seen results from them published in newspapers and other media outlets. They have a pool of respondents who have signed up with them to give their opinions...and earn money and prizes. You'll not get rich quick; whilst the Poorhouse has made a bit of £50 from them, this has been over the period of 5 years or so. But if you don't mind answer a few questions for 50p now and then you might as well sign up *.

Most of the surveys are on proper serious subjects. Solid stuff. Plenty of politically-charged things (opinions on politicians, road tax and the like) or the reasonably regular, if rather tedious, Brandindex survey about what you think of various products. But no need to panic if you prefer a Heat to a (broads)heet (haha). With that in mind, the Poorhouse was - slightly irrationally - amused to receive the following questions.

Really...any question starting "We would like you to think about pet dogs..." isn't going to be over-intellectual is it?

Tough questions eh? Just like any secret ballot the Poorhouse isn't going to reveal his answers just yet.

* The Poorhouse may receive financial benefit for you using this link - namely whatever you earn in the first 3 months so does the Poorhouse in addition. It's of no detriment to you - you'll still get the money, glory et al. - but if you're really desperate to hate us that much you can sign up via a link on the main page whereby no-one really will benefit especially.


Er...I think those surveys

Er...I think those surveys are meant to be confidential. I wouldn't go publishing bits unless you want your account closed!


Oopsy, I guess someone didn't read the small print. Sorry yougov, it won't happen again. Especially if you don't ask any more questions about dogs.

Ta for the alert Katty.

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