Ban "high priority" email

You can't request more than 20 captcha challenges without solving them. Your previous captcha challenges were flushed.

Oh no you didn't!Oh no you didn't!Yes, I know, your email is important. Ever so important. So important you felt the need to set it to high priority urgent must do or the world will end. Along the other 5 emails you sent about your pet cat's slight illness.

Ah, email rage. Most prevalent and annoying in the tedious office workplace. Nothing (much) annoys the Poorhouse more than the persistent, repeat misuse of the high priority option; that which Microsoft Outlook shows as a grating red exclamation mark in your inbox. That which ensures your email will be the last one the Poorhouse finds the time to read. Fortunately, there is a defence. In Outlook, it's known as "Rules".

If you too are more than fed up of excess importance flagging, then get yourself to the Rules Wizard option in the Outlook Tools menu. This lets you set up various automations with regard to dealing with your incoming and outgoing email, assigning to folders, categorising and so on. There are obvious simple options for solving the high importance problem, the Poorhouse's favourite illustrated below.


this website helped me with

this website helped me with as level ict thanks

Not a problem, nice to know

Not a problem, nice to know it is in some way educational! Hope your project goes well.

Thanks for reading,


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