Beat the Raving Rabbids: Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm

Yay for Wii. Much as Wii Sports Tennis is the finest thing that electronica currently provides, they do also make other games. Including Rayman Raving Rabbids. It's a bit of a weird one, basically a bunch of mini-games obsessing beating psychotic bunnies one way or another. On the subject of psychotic, the Poorhouse became almost exactly that over one particular game - Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm.

You have to turn on radios to make the bunnies boogie before kicking their ass to kingdom come. Only after you've done a few, no matter how many embarrassingly over-done moves you pull on the Wii-sticks they refuse to go. No, you haven't necessarily suddenly become physically paralysed in the real world. Rather there's an annoying bug.

Don't ask the Poorhouse why, but if your Wii is set up to run in 50hz screen mode (which is probably the default) then in that particular Bunnies Have Natural Rhythm game the controls will likely just seize up. You need to switch the Wii to 60hz mode, meaning you need to exit back to Wii menu, go through the Wii button, to Wii settings and finally pick Screen settings and choose the 60hz screen resolution. Reload the game and you should be good to go.

If you TV is a bit super-old and doesn't support 60hz (clue: no picture, no colour, picture swims around a bit and so on are all good indicators) then...ermmm...maybe you'll have to take advantage of the way you can fail one out of 4 games per round. Annoying eh? The Poorhouse wistfully casts its mind back to days when you did not need a degree in electronic audio-visuals to be able to hit rabbits around a bit.



This has saved my life. I already stood on my dog by accident jumping around trying to get my wiimote to work for this. Phew!

Glad it helped. It was

Glad it helped. It was possibly the most frustrating game I ever had the fortune to play until I had seen this!! Hope the dog isn't too ill :-)

Thank you. THANK YOU. OH


Partial Solution

Ok, for those of us who don't have 60Hz compat TVs:
- works better if you don't point it at the tv
- large sweeping movements seem to help
- if nothing's happening, just hold still for a while, then sweep again

Should be able to clear two colours normally (if not restart lvl), then I managed to finish by sweeping between pointing at floor and pointing behind me.

Takes a lot of patience, time and luck - but it is possible.


Ok scratch that, The best

Ok scratch that,

The best way I've found is to pause the game (+) when you're lined up to whack something/one, then swiftly raise the remote as you unpause. I've had this working close to consistently.


Good work, I am happy to see

Good work, I am happy to see there is a workaround that doesn't involved having to buy a new TV!!

You rock!

Thank you so much for this tip, this minigame has had my partner and I almost tearing our hair out!

I can't believe the fix was that simple.

Simple I know, but the last

Simple I know, but the last thing I'd guess in a million years! Glad it helped.

just block the sensor

If you hold a finger to block the sensor that is in front of the remote it also seems to work decently.

Rayman Raving Rabbit: Bunnys Have Natural Rythim [BUG!]

My god, mate! You're FUCKING AWESOME!... Pardon my language, but you rock!
How on earth did you find that out?
You're a life saver. thank you! =D

No problems, glad it helped.

No problems, glad it helped. I can't remember where I got the info from to be honest - guess it was a friend of a friend or something! I think it is on the official support site now too.


We cannot thank you enough for this post.

It essentially saved our marriage.

I wish so much good stuff for you in your life and whatever you do.


Thanks you twat.

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