Beware "glass grass"

Regular readers of the Poorhouse, and anyone with a grasp of contemporary reality, will already be aware of the several obvious arguments (or more accurately "truth") for legalisation of illegal drugs, starting with cannabis. The UK Government has of course neglected to act on this matter, creating ever more death and destruction in its wake.

A few months ago the cannabis trade in the UK was running relatively dry. This was largely blamed on some major busts both of imported cannabis and several dedicated cannabis-growing houses and warehouses in the UK. Amazingly, it seemed to actually have some effect on reducing availability, for a while anyway. What it certainly did not do was fit surely the only sensible rationale behind drugs policy - reducing the harm caused by drugs usage. Here again we see the Government creating specific and serious dangers where they need not otherwise exist.

With cannabis scarce, supplies were hard to get and prices were high. Naturally black-market dealers began offering high-profit alternatives to their clients, including that now-pretty-much-cheaper-than-ever drug, heroin. Sure enough there was some takeup. The BBC reports that teenagers in Swansea are amongst those who have fallen into the politically-engineered trap. Says one such teenager:

You either know a dealer or you know someone who knows a dealer... some drugs are drying out and people are turning to harder things.

Now, with the exception of irresponsible - even if well-meaning - commentators such as Julie Lynn-Evans, a child psychotherapist whom the awful Daily Mail quoted as saying "Skunk is one of the most serious things on our streets today. I would rather my daughter took heroin.", most people are fully aware that heroin really can be a nasty drug for many (but not all) people, leading to extreme dependency, health problems (even death) and is strongly associated with starting a criminal career affecting both the user and society at large. Admittedly this last point - and death - is largely massively multiplied in seriousness as a result of Government policy, but hey, even working within the boundaries that now exist to end up forcing people away from cannabis to heroin is the exact opposite of sanity.

The other effect of the scarcity of cannabis was - as always happens - purity went down. There were already severe concerns about the purity of cannabis resin in the UK, and there have been for years. But now the general alternative to risking boot-polish animal-turd filled non-cannabis was also beginning to get tainted. Herbal, often-described as "skunk", cannabis started being diluted with something crystalline. This was doubly evil, because sparkly cannabis is often sought-after, under the premise that the crystals are made of THC - the active ingredient in cannabis. Unfortunately in this instance they weren’t. Various guesses, some more educated than others, have been made that sand, grit, glass, salt, a yield-enhanced called Brix or fibreglass shards had been added. Below is an photograph sent to UKCIA demonstrating what one such sample looks like.

Glass Grass: click to enlargeGlass Grass: click to enlarge

The problem quickly became of national significance, and is still going on in many places. A responsible Government (don't laugh) would be out there alerting the millions of cannabis users to this new danger and advising them on the best course of action to minimise the added danger here. They would be getting the steps in order to ensure a repeat of this doesn't happen. They would show some sort of care and compassion for the well-being of the people they represent, however foolish they considered their life choices. However, it hasn't even made the mainstream news. Most users will almost certainly not even know the seriousness of the problem they are potentially being exposed to.

Much as cannabis is not at all harmless to use, it can only be being made more dangerous by introducing this largely unknown substance into it. Smoking anything is usually bad for you to some extent, so smoking more of it is worse. Smoking something you have no idea what is could be extremely dangerous. There have even been (anecdotal at this stage) reports of acute and potentially deadly lung problems requiring hospitalisation after smoking this "glass grass".

A committed user's only sensible solution? Well, don't buy it. Go elsewhere, try and find a decent source. You'll need some good luck to do this in some areas though to say the least. Ideally then, and also because this is far from the only contamination around, you need to grow your own plant. Only of course you're not allowed to. How could it be advisable as such when you stand the chance of going to prison for 14 years if you take that risk-reducing action?

A mere two years is what's available if you just accept it and smoke whatever the stuff sold as cannabis actually is - and don't get your lungs cut up so much breathing becomes a serious challenge.

For much more discussion and more sample pictures, see the UKCIA forum thread.


Grit weed????????

Hello people,

I,m in Australia & have been using Brix+ for over a year now.The only thing with it is you have to watch out how much is used due to it not drying properly & staying too sticky.It is sprayed on about 7-10 days before harvest,never soaked.The only way you get grit,sand whatever it is would be by rolling your pride & joy in the shit before the Brix+ set.I have licked of the bottle.Tastes like sweet,sugary water.not gritty.It is made here in Australia in the state of South Australia,which if you don't know is the the most liberal state in Australia & at the forefront of all Ganja laws in Australia.(allowed to carry 1 ounce for personal,$50 fine, i think 5 plants same deal)If you ever want the best ganja info South Oz have it.Is the leader in grow in my Country.GROW UR OWN PEOPLE.Tis da only way ur gunna know wats ur rurly smokin.


Not Gullible

Thanks for the extra info,

Thanks for the extra info, so it's clear its not just Brix being used that's causing this problem.

Over in the UKCIA forums, a guy by the name of "bad.analytical" has apparently started doing some analysis of some samples he/she has got hold of. Below are his initial findings, you can read more on the UKCIA forum thread.


1: Under microscope at 50x magnification, contaminants appear as very small (50-120 um) beads, with regular circular shape and small pores/ single holes present.

2: Beads do not dissolve in non polar solvents (pet ether) or polar solvents (ethanol, acetone).

3: Beads are insoluble in conc NaOH solution, conc H2SO4.

4: Melting point is above 400C, but cannot perform TG, DTG analysis at the moment so cannot specify any transition temperatures or accurate melting points.

5: The beads have a significant sodium and silicon content, suggesting that the comments previously about silicates are correct.

6: Smoking this has resulted in mouth ulcers and sore throats/ chesty coughs which never occur when smoking normally due to the good health and only occasional cannabis use of the subject.

7: Reliable sources say that this contaminant is industrial etchant spray used for glass frosting, It is a high pressure aerosol of propellant, lubricant and silicate abrasives. This accounts for the high permeation levels displayed in all 3 samples, with particulates presents inside even 'tight' buds all the way into the stems. This also may account for the non plany oils present in the bud which have been previously described as a 'glue'

8: The same sources (and other independent sources) have corroborated the same story of the origin of this contamination. The main suppliers are from 2 major cities to the north of wales and are gangs from these two cities. Most people will guess where I mean as the post 'drought' supplies are mainly concentrated around these cities.

9: Obviously a further qualitative analysis is needed and I may be able to perform MS, IR, NMR and thermal methods on the samples, in particular the oil 'glue' and the gritty particulates.




hey there really interesting

hey there really interesting seeing some scientific data on this contaminated cannabis flooding are once beautiful country. im currently in my last year at university and am writing my final paper on the dangers of smoking this cannabis, although i very much doubt i will be able to directly test a controlled substance my plan is to burn the various contiminates a record the gases given off and then look at the possibe adverse reactions possible from inhaling them. im still at a very early stage of my paper (actually just formulating the question). i was wondering if you had anymore information on the subject. im currently looking at fibre glass, silica sand and sugar as possible contiminates. thanks in advance for taking the time to read this

p.s my email address is


If you admit to using brix+ you must be gullible. This shit is pure sugar imagine what that will do to your lungs. It would be like smoking crack you idiot. Whether grit or brix anyone bulking up there weed is greedy. Why would you need more money than your plants provide!?

Check your head mate people like you causing these problems!

That's almost as stupid as

That's almost as stupid as the guy talking about smoking burnt caramel. The plant normally has sugars as it is. All this product does is increase the amount of sugars from the cure process. It's not greedy to decrease the weight the bud loses. If the bud dried and THEN was wet and given sugars THAT would be increasing the weight.

Just because the chlorofil normally evaporates into biproducts, and you turn it into sugars INSTEAD does not mean you are greedy or misleading. You idiots should worry about sand and other ILLEGITIMATE METHODS of RAISING THE WEIGHT OF CURED BUDS. WTF?

Retards. It normally would turn to chloroform--instead it turns to sugar. That is NOT bad for your lungs like glass and other things. And certainly it's not "crack" or equal to crack on the lungs. Get me some scientific evidence that says Brix+ is bad for your lungs. Particularly I want you to prove that it's "like smoking crack".

Your the retard. Chlorophyll

Your the retard. Chlorophyll does NOT BREAK DOWN INTO CHLOROFORM. Everything you have said should be ignored...

You clearly either use the product to rip your customers off or you work with or on the behalf of the creators of this crap. You clearly have no scientific background from which to draw your conclusions. People, beware these types.

Brix is a hoax too

You are extremely immoral in putting Brix on

Do you think it's nice to fool your customers?

Or do you think it's healthy to smoke burnt caramel all the time?

Goddamn. Raise the price, or do something, but DONT add Brix or anything else. It makes the product worse.

grit weed

my throat hasnt been right since smoking this shit please uk get on the grows and make good weed more available and stamp out this crap

grit weed dealers

I think anyone caught selling grit weed should be prosecuted for grevious bodily harm because that is what they are doing.
Don't let them get away with it.
They are selling you poison!
Any dealer who carries on selling this shit to you regardless is no friend. They care more about money, not your health.
They might just aswell stab you in the lungs!

Totally agree

...which is yet another reason why we absolutely need regulated legalisation of such cannabis! If you buy a can of beer and it is full of glass, grit and so on then the supplier will get severely punished. With cannabis et al. there's no recourse (except violently attack your dealer one supposes...but that's not nice!) so if you're a dealer in it for the money then really you might as well up the weight of your produce with whatever you can lay your hands on. The law makes cannabis far more dangerous than it has to be.

Thanks for your info, I like

Thanks for your info, I like to think that as much as everyone is hating the drought, pot heads are not junkies, you're not addicted to weed and need to just refuse to smoke the crap while this is on even if it means going without. I'm talking soap bar to, If people don't buying this shitty contaminated weed then they won't be able to do this.
If only people all made that descesion, then they would be spraying their own money away by trying to pull this scam.

Education is needed

Thanks for the comment - I agree, since the vast majority of cannabis users aren't addicted it seems strange in some ways that these sort of scams work. However I should also imagine that sadly the vast majority aren't aware, or haven't realised the significance, of what is going on here. Anyone without internet access or who doesn't browse sites that involve cannabis for a start is probably ignorant of it and the harm that can be done. Worse yet I hear some dealers are selling it under the guise that it is super potent, claiming that the glass/grit/whatever is actually THC crystals. If everyone knew what was going on, and realised the dangers involved in it, I am sure the market would indeed suffer for the dealers who do this.

What I wouldn't do for some purple haze or some sticky icky!

I think all the people here are talking real sense. It seems absolutely obsurred that in this liberal society, cannabis is swept under the carpet because of some, right wing ignoramasis who refuse to accept arguements for legalisation! We should'nt have to put up with this poor quality death weed!
My mate has been selling it for months, not because he's a money grabbing bastard, but because he has no other options. I know it would seem to us smokers that it would only be right if he stopped all together until a fresh batch comes along, but at the end of the day he's gotta make ends meet, and he has to take what he can get.
If every cannabis user in the UK wrote to old Tony boy then surely they'd have to listen. Get on it everyone, I'm writing mine now lol.

I'm so glad to find out some

I'm so glad to find out some information about the crunchy crap and to find others wishing to put a stop to it.
It's appalling that our country can let this go on for so long without getting the message to the people despite smokers' pleas. Maybe this risky delay in action is because the government know it is partly of their own doing; instead of protecting respectable citizens, they are forcing us into danger. The governement turns down the tax we're paying to inhale grit and lets thoughtless criminals take it.

I told a chest surgeon from a london hospital about this today and he had not heard of it. We still have a lot of work to do to get the word out in such professions.
Keep the good work up and stay away from that stuff!

Look Its simple, GROW UR OWN

Look Its simple, GROW UR OWN BUD, No more droughts, No more dealers, no more bullshit gritty sand weed, if we wanted sand we would go to the fuckin beach!!!! If you buy a half oz for 60, y not buy 10 seeds for the same and get ounces all for yourself, whatever strain YOU fancy. There are so many out there, y put up with the shite...

It's the only way

Growing is indeed absolutely the only way at present to be sure you're getting good uncontaminated produce to smoke/eat. It always has been really - not all contamination/hygeine problems are so visible - but of course especially so when major dangers like this rise.

The only problem of course is that it is extremely illegal. Although naturally not everyone gets anything like the whole sentence, by growing even one plant for your own use you are liable for up to 14 years imprisonment and an unlimited fine I believe. Possession is a "mere" 2 years. So it seems if you decide you are going to use cannabis, you get to choose between your health and your long-term liberty - surely not the desired outcome of any sane drugs policy.

Grit weed

I've been smoking and eating grit weed for a couple of months. I didn't know what it was until now. To be honest I have suffered no ill effects at all, and nor has my friend, but I feel terrified at the idea of what it might be doing to me. Here is a useful article which suggests that the particles are probably too small to get into the lungs.

Warning issued over cannabis adulterated with glass beads
James Randerson, science correspondent
Friday January 12 2007
The Guardian

Drug campaigners have warned that a batch of cannabis adulterated with tiny
glass beads which they say could pose a risk to health has flooded the UK
market. Anecdotal reports suggest it is being sold in almost every part of the

The charity Drugscope is issuing a warning. "We want to make people aware of it
from a public health point of view. If you are smoking this stuff and taking it
into your lungs it's not good news."

The fact that "grit weed", as it is being called, is so widespread suggests
that contamination is happening at an early stage in the production process.
"It seems to be being done on an industrial scale," said Harry Shapiro of

The dealers' motivation seems to be to bump up the weight of their product.
They appear to be doing this by spraying plants with the reflective element
from the paint used on road lines. The tiny reflective glass beads become
imbedded in the leaves.

"It looks perfectly normal. In fact it looks good quality," said Derek Williams
of UK Cannabis Internet Activists, which campaigns against cannabis

Contributors to its internet forum have said the contaminated leaves can be
identified by rubbing them between wetted fingers. The residue will feel gritty
if chewed.

The first reports of grit weed circulated in late summer, but the groups have
only recently received pictures of the beads taken with an electron microscope
by an anonymous scientist. There have been rumours of users experiencing a
tight chest for days after smoking grit weed, but a spokesperson for the
British Thoracic Society said that the contamination was unlikely to be
dangerous because the particles are too big to be inhaled into the lungs.

An analysis carried out by the French Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction
found that the glass particles are between 0.02 and 0.3 millimetres across. But
Richard Russell, a consultant at Imperial College London, said few particles
above 0.015 millimetres would be able to pass into the lungs because they are
too big.

"It is likely that they will deposit in the mouth or the throat," said Dr
Russell. Here they would most likely pass harmlessly through the system. Using
a filter would stop them entering the mouth.

Dr Russell said that smokers should be aware that cannabis smoke causes
emphysema, lung inflammation and cancer. "You are likely to do more damage from
the marijuana than these particles."

Mr Williams said that the widespread contamination highlighted the problems
which stem from cannabis prohibition. "Cannabis is called a controlled drug,
but there is no control over the supply side. It's a completely underground
product," he said.

Copyright Guardian News and Media Limited


Not to say Dr Russell is definitely wrong in saying it's likely to be harmless, but to show a degree of uncertainty an artice in the Irish Examiner a couple of days ago had this to say on the subject

"The Crosscare organisation says the contamination is designed to boost the weight of the cannabis and increase profits. The group says it has received around 20 calls from concerned drug users and is warning that the adulterated cannabis can cause severe chest infections and discomfort."

I suppose it is quite possible there are slightly different forms of contamination around, or it's a placebo effect, or possibly something to do with any glue etc. that might be used to adhere the "grit" to the weed? I'd still be very wary myself!

Why is this still going on?

I cant believe i have been smoking this contaminated shit,sometimes its noticable. sometimes its not, Why is it still being sold if their were reports in the summer?.
someone must know the bastards spraying it up, lets get the fuckers, im sure theres enough of us to kill em all.

haha, your article made me

haha, your article made me laugh, just cos it sounded like something i would write! hehe.

but yeah..totally, totally agree, just heard about it today, SHOCKING! and yeah i cant believe it has been selling since summer!! but what can we do!? apart from growing it ourselves?!

anyway, take it easy fellow smoker.

from maxine x

got some

Smells very nice. Am gutted that this is the gritty stuff I had read about in the Guardian. I understand inhaling the particles can be avoided (either because of their size or by using a filter) but does anyone know if there are harmfull side-effects the contaminant as it burns?

I don't think anyone knows

I don't think anyone knows for sure yet, although see my other reply above about an organisation that has received some calls from people claiming to be adversely affected. There is also the issue of whatever sticky substance is adhering the grit to the weed - smoking many types of glue for instance is probably not a good idea! Whether there is enough of it to cause serious concern I guess at this stage is unknown...but better safe than sorry!

Department of Health warning

At last, the Department of Health have released an urgent warning about this contamination. Much gratitude should go to all who put the pressure on for this to be done.

contaminated weed

My mate has been selling it for months, not because he's a money grabbing bastard, but because he has no other options. I know it would seem to us smokers that it would only be right if he stopped all together until a fresh batch comes along, but at the end of the day he's gotta make ends meet, and he has to take what he can get.
(quote from mikee as above)

what a dick, thats like a butchers selling bse laden meat 'cos they have to make ends meet. what an ignorant f*cker, people like that are only compounding the problem.

UK Cannabis

The only way for people in the UK to know their source is for them to Grow their own. The process is reletivly simple, with many publications available to overcome any incidents. As long as people dont get greedy and keep it to 4 plants (considered personal use) you are not looking at getting any time if you get busted, and off of 4 plants you can get up to 24oz of really nice green in about 10 weeks. 3 grows a year would surfice even for the heavyest smokers!
The added advantage to keeping it small, you only need one light, leaving it difficult for the police to use heat seeking equipment to detect grow rooms.
If you are planning to grow your own, i recommend going to a hydroponics shop and discussing with the staff about what equipment would be best for the space you have. They are professionals and they know what they are talking about. Also expect to pay £350+ but it will all pay off!

If every one started growing their own, the police would not be able to contol the market, they dont physically have the resourses, and everyone will have a decent, constant supply. This may help pave the way for decriminalisation as the police need to put their resourses into preventing real crime and not just picking on a bunch of stoned people playing Xbox, eating chocolate bars, smoking a spliff. They will come to their senses eventually but in the meantime, keep that edge of paranoia you get from smoking to help you watch your back till the police get their heads out of their arse and legalise the herb!


"The only way for people in

"The only way for people in the UK to know their source is for them to Grow their own" - very true. Would like to point out though that there is no set boundary for personal use, so although it is probably unlikely that the maximum extent of the law would be thrown at those who grow a plant or two, it is nontheless possible that under the wrong circumstances, with the wrong police officer, in the wrong bit of this postcode-lottery law enforcement you could still get jail time. You certainly are up for a criminal record of some sort, which can impede future lives in many ways.

There is actually a seperate "bit" of law against producing (i.e. growing) cannabis and supply, and the same potential penalty applies to all forms of growing, whether you grow 1 plant or 100. The penalty is 14 years imprisonment or an unlimited fine. Of course it is unlikely that whoever is doing the sentencing wouldn't take the circumstances into some account - but these are all scary unknowns of a ridiculous law.

Having 24 oz at one time could also be taken as a bit much for personal supply, again it depends on various factors which can't be worked out really until the worst happens and someone gets busted.

I certainly don't disagree with what Dave says, but just didn't want anyone to feel too complacement about the potential penalties!


i disagree, people should make snacrifices for the general good

listen people this gritty

listen people this gritty blackpool pleasure beach weed is gona be here for a long time. smoke homegrown weed only to be sure becos all import type stuff seems to be sprayed even the potent stuff is sprayed to add weight. it makes u wonder what is really going on. good skunk is scarce and it makes me think why? all these busts on importers and growers when the cocaine explosion is what the government really needs to deal with. then all this gritty stuff comes along??? bit of a coincidence.

take care of your lungs try vaporizers.

Aaaahhhh finally some skunk

Aaaahhhh finally some skunk that is no contaminated. This gritty sand shit proper crept up on everyone. It started off with a few stories of this SHINY WEED that was covered in crystals, but when you got home all the crystals were at the bottom of the bag. Then a few dealers started selling it, now everyones got it and there is no getting away from it. For a few months we had a ''fantastic'' choice of GRITWEED or VIETNAMES WEED and to be honest there are both as bad as each other.

A few of us are convinced (stoned theories) that all this stuff could be possibly GOVERMENT related due to all this stop smoking stuff that is happening in june/july. (if any agents read this Please stop doing this to us). And the old bill seem to be raiding a lot more grow labs than usual.

A good pal of mine had both weeds in mention for months and these silly people were still buying it even though he was pointing out what it was. Demand took over from quality. Me personally ive had a nice 2 months off puffing and am now fresh to get stuck in to some white rhino thats just cropped. Lets hope all this stuff blows away as quick as it came.

check out

check out

Typical of this country

I am getting F***kING tired of this country the Goverment dont give a F***king S*it about any of us only about how much money they can make out of us .They Don't Care about weed smokers because there not making any money outta it

I took these pics on my

I took these pics on my digicam


Video report on contamination

Here's a broadcast from "Wales This Week" about the contamination, with UKCIA's Derek Williams amongst other participants. It's split into 2 parts on youtube:

Its sand.

I know a couple of dealers well enough to have been told that its sand. Of course they could be lying but im greatful they tell me before i buy.


what the hell is sylicosis


whoever you are, who is doing this, i hope something awful happens to you because its sickening what you are doing! and plus, what is the point?!? you're not gonna gain much in weight are you really?! i dont know how you can live with yourselves!!

anyway fellow smokers, watch yourselves people!!


This Grit Bull Shit

Hi All im from edgware and this shit is poluted our streets, the thing that makes me angry that they are also adding grit to some proper nice skunk, what a waste , i was shocked to find when i picked up off my dealer to get some home grown and was shocked that had been tamernated as well grit glass, dirty shit

Now when i ring my dealer if he says his got no grit im like what a relief

Skunks to try In Uk

Cheese - Old Skool Smell Proper Potent - Super High
Haze - Sweet Sour High
B.O Grade - Nick Named, to actually b.o on an human ( Sounds weird )


look anyone who has smoked

look anyone who has smoked weed or started smoking weed at the start of 05/06 is pretty much doomed, you have been inhaling weed laced with silcia sand, which drys out rushed crops and also gives it a "nice shiney look" at the same time.
Best advice i could give would be to give up smoking all together, because every time you go on to smoke, weather it be a joint or fag, your agravating what is allready festering in side your lungs. Get your shorts and sweat bands on a start jogging every night to increase your lung capacity and who know maybe in 15 to 20 years time when the grim reaper comes to knock 30 years premature it might be just enough to hold him off for another 20. Ive been on the front line for the past 10 years and have never seen anything like this, cases are being cut to get an x-tra 9 and a half out of em, its fucking madness.
I stopped smoking all together in the Summer of 06 when a 16 yr old died of a punctured lung on my estate, you may have read about it. I feel 10 times better for it. But i very much doubt what im saying here is going to stop the youth of today piping ganj. So lets brace our selves for the worst health epedemic since the black death id give it 5 yers b4 we start to see the first cases arise.
good luck stoners.

Talk to FRANK

That post is utter crap, the gritweed situation hasn't been around since may 06 (unless you meant 2005/2006 LMAO) and is a direct result of operation Keymer.

You are so obviously not a toker, more like some shithead from FRANK

Died of a punctured lung! if

Died of a punctured lung! if your suggesting that cannabis is the reason then your the dick you sound like

Move to the dam, and forget the shit grit!!

All this grit and glass grass is really pissing me off. The govnt have screwed us over with all the raids, and who knows whats gonna happen in a few years time when this glass time bomb explodes.

I got so annoyed last year as i am a heavy smoker, i ended up going to Amsterdam just to get totally wrecked!!!! It made me think what crap we all have been smoking in london.

The old skool hi we used to get in uk, we will never get again. Its gonna be glass grit, or some home growny type.

Please stick to the home grown even though it is hard to get hold of. I am even considering growing a few plants my self. Its just hard work trying to get hold of good dank nowadays. I know i am going back to the Dam in the next few weeks!!!!

We need to spread the word about the glass grass and fast. Many people are gonna suffer. Please do not smoke it.


the grit shit

im gettin proppa pissed off wid this grit! iv been smokin weed without noing it was contaminated with grit and im very pissed off. im now giving up cannabis im not takin any risks!!! iv heard of people drowning in there own blood where there lungs r fuked. a m8 of a m8 coughed up a quarter pint of blood. so please dnt smoke this shitty grit. y not grow ya own?? but other than that stay well away

gd luck fellow stonerz


I cnt beleve this i got some weed with whot looked like sand,salt,glass or grit in it about two weeks ago. arfter the first day of smokin it my sinuses started irratating me then nxt day my thoat.I was sure it had somthing to do with this abnormaly crystaly green
anyway i ran out on wensday got more weed of someone else but with no additives by friday i was fine. but then on monday i got the shit i had befor with the all the crap in it. I thought it had made me ill earlyer in the week but i could not be sure so i though ill c whot happens this time big mistake first my sinuses or right at the back of my nose was sore irrating and it was hard to swollow then when i blew my nose dirty bloody and green snot comes out and now my thoaght hurts like shit it is definatly that contaminant man this is now my third day of felling ruff and im about get some herbal now and it wont be that shitm trust me its not good 4 u. much luv and stay healthey

is it the actual grit or the fumes??

ive had loads of this grity skunk recently and ive giving it a good shake and removing as much sand as i can before i smoke it however i dont smoke joints often only buckets, clous bongs etc. is the harmfulness coming from the actual grit being sucked through joints into the throat or lungs or is it the fumes thataree created when the grit is burned?? i had some last week that actualy crackled as you smoked it!!

Grit weed

We think it's silica sand. It dries the weed.

Thought it had all gone but

Thought it had all gone but no! Looks like another batch has been made by these bastards. Any1 know how to get this grit out? there must be a way. Cant the police do anything good. cun*ts!!!!!!!!!!

trying to kill us

cunts are trying to kill us

grit weed!!!!!!!

i buy alot off skunk believe me the clean stuff is still about just hunt it down chew it to see if it is gritty if we all neva buy that shit they wont do it dont be a fiend and smoke it if someone said a samwidtch had glass in would you eat it i dont think so peace peeps stay away from this shit people are dyeing!(3 so far).

Agreed - just say no! This

Agreed - just say no! This is about the limit of consumer power one has whilst the trade in cannabis is forced into the hands of the criminal black market.

Re the 3 people dying - this is appalling. Do you have further details at all? e.g. links to news sources, records, something you saw, whatever? I myself had not heard of any fatalaties, but am aware that anecdotally many people seem to have been having lung-type problems after inhaling the grit. There is no way it can be good for you whatever it is.

Coming to an end

the sand crap seems to have come to an end in north/east london and it hasn't come soon enough. You could probably still get it but it seems to be dying out. But now dealers have decided to either BUMP UP prices or give you 2. nothing for your score. Takes the piss!!!

A bit of advise to people who are still getting the grit
1 taste the skunk, if it crunches tell him to piss off.
2 if you do get ''SANDBLASTED'' then stick the buds in a glass of water leave for half an hour and all the grit should be at the bottom of the glass. dry the skunk out however you wish. The skunk will have lost taste and potency but i know what id rather be smoking!!

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