Blue Peter in pussy scandal

Media empires and their hard hitting scandals huh? Unlike, it would seem, much of the rest of the blogosphere, the Poorhouse quite likes the BBC now and then. However, it turns out that it too is rotten to the core. Yep, in recent times flagship wholesome children's sticky-back-plastic send-us-milk-bottle-tops lovely programme Blue Peter is mired in scandal.

Take a look at that cute-as kitten on the right. Ahhh. Who would have thought that its very existence would have caused Richard Marson, ex Blue-Peter editor, to be sent home and suspended from his job. And all because the 8th Blue Peter kitten (favourite toy: plastic drinking straw) there had the wrong name.

The problem emanates from the phone-in poll where viewers got to select what the new kitten should be called. The most popular viewer-voted name would be what the delightful feline would hereafter be called. Here's them announcing the winning name.

Only it wasn't. "Socks" was rather more the name that the producers of Blue Peter fancied than that that any viewer might have asked for. Shocks! Scandals! Armageddon!

Said one source from the BBC: "I think the feeling was that if we can't honestly name a Blue Peter cat, then really, that is perhaps the last straw in this whole fiasco". Official apologies were forthcoming.

Of course what every sensible person would want to know - even though rumour has it curiosity does apparently kill cute little fluffy celeb-kats - is what the name should have been.

Well, it seems it depends who you ask. Most of the world seems to be reporting that the viewers choice was actually "Cookie". A name that "was deemed unsuitable by production staff" for some weird reason, according to the Telegraph. This is reinforced by the acquisition of a new Blue Peter kitten, which has indeed been named Cookie (favourite food: "Kitten food", would you believe?).

However, the Times has a far more interesting, if contradictory, story. Apparently the original kitten had to be fake-named something the viewers didn't pick because - and just read how the Times puts it so as not to offend your delicate sensibilities - "the most common name selected – a variant on Puss – was deemed to be inappropriate".

One assumes they are trying to get out the word "Pussy" inbetween this bashful vagueness. Well, unless it was "Yo momma's nasty p*ssy" or something similar in which case the grounds of good taste censorship were maybe more apt.

If not, however, the well-meaning lying Blue Peter producers may have something of a war on their hands, with even gentle having nearly 50 products involving the word pussy - although it should be said they are far from all kid-friendly.


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