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Surely it could never happen...

...could it? Details on the Great Internet Crash of 2007 follow.

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Holidaze again

Not that you might notice with the embarrassingly infrequent updates seen around here in recent times (real life is getting in the way - a lame excuse it is appreciated), but the Poorhouse is off on holidays for a couple o' weeks. Fear not though, if you're desperate to read even more guff than usual then the traditional Poor-blog, travel edition, is available here. Well, it will be if the East European t'intermernet holds out. First post here.

Book news: OJ Simpson confesses online, and perhaps you don't need to buy Harry Potter 7 after all

Time for a bit of book-reading now perhaps. Don't worry, it won't be over highbrow. You may recall a certain Mr O J Simpson, previously heralded as a sportsman and actor but is now far, far more famous for having erm....not killed his wife, the Poorhouse supposes. Or such was the verdict in the (televised) criminal trial anyhow, although he was somehow found guilty of "wrongful death" in a later civil trial.

Despite the fact that the official "innocent" was perhaps the least expected court case result ever - up there with Michael Jackson's acquittal some courtroom sceptics might say - OJ decided he needed to push it just a bit further by writing "If I Did It"; a "novel" where he details exactly what would have happened and how were it to be the case that he did kill his wife and Ronald Goldman. Funnily enough, it fits the real evidence really quite well, creative writer that he is.

Scientific crudity

Close-up of an arsoleClose-up of an arsoleScientific nomenclature - i.e. what top boffin scientists insist on calling things to in order to sound clever - is not known for its hilarity. Names like sodium chloride (table salt), aluminum potassium sulfate (alum) or magnesium silicate (talc) are long-winded for sure, but in no real way funny.

Fortuitously, there have been rare exceptions. Certain high-level chemistry books must be almost as funny as that joke from Monty Python that is so funny it was used as a deadly weapon by the Ministry of War.

An easy way to earn a huge income by blogging

Well, it's every web 2.0 geek's dream - earn millions via the "art" of blogging or similar.

It turns out it is remarkably easy to earn a six figure income whilst doing such an activity after all. A swift guide is provided to the right, courtesy of

It's in comic form, just in case you can't even be bothered to do anything except look at pictures.

Is there poo in a Big Mac and other burning issues

The 26500+ McDonalds fast food burger-muck "restaurants" and their ilk do have something of a dubious reputation, including issues regarding food quality, unhealthiness, environmental concerns, employee exploitation and so on, despite many a corporatey ad-campaign to try and persuade us that all that happens on a typical day in a restaurant is that pretty girls go in for a salad - and probably not the McD's chicken salad that was actually more fattening than their cheeseburger.

Of course McDonalds likes to claim that this is mostly undeserved. To show their deep, deep love for you, the consumer, they have taken the - in many ways admirable - step of setting up an interactive website so you can "so that you can find out anything you'd like to know about McDonald's food, business, people and practices." Send in your questions, and McDonalds will answer them. All the answers are pointless corporate schmooze of course, but the Poorhouse had literal LOLs occurring simply be reading some of the ones that made it to be published.

Cheeky Vimto

The Poorhouse has been recently blessed with the introduction of a new pleasure into the occasionally mundane cycle of life. It's a cocktail, without being fancy. It turns alcohol into soft-drink, without losing the effects of getting drunk. In short, it is a miracle craze that is sweeping the nation so much, it even got into the pages of respectable politico-mag-journal the New Statesman, albeit somewhat disparagingly.

Over 18s only of course...

Google voyeur

In one of the more recent escapades from Google benignly violating your privacy for your own benefit (and that of your stalkers and the big bad world at large) they added "Street View" to their maps product. This means that in some select areas of the world - i.e. parts of US cities - you can not only get a map or satellite view of the place, but also a ground-level photograph of what the street would look like were you to be walking down it. Clever stuff.

You even can pretend you're in an extremely bad virtual reality simulator and live the life of a globetrotter from the comfort of your nice spinny office chair. But beware, whilst you're faffing around fake-walking around the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, you might also be starring in someone else's screen display.

Poorhouse experiments: beetroot and urine part 2

Rejoice; part 2 of the great beetroot / wee experiment is in! Any n00bs who have yet to work out what this means, the Poorhouse suggests reading part 1 first. In a suspense-filled ending rivalled only by Eastenders Christmas specials, we last left experimental subject-volunteer X chowing down on an oversized pack of vinegary beetroot. Yum.

Tenth urine sample

All good things must come to an end. Taken 27/05/07 19:09.

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