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Dick Cheney approves of torture

Oh dear, despite usually plotting evil behind closed doors, US vice-president Dick Cheney's accidentally said something in public again. Previously famous for shooting his friends and swearing at senators, he's now pretty much confirmed something we all kind of knew.

The Bush administration endorses torture.

In an interview with Scott Hennen, one of America's many conservative radio show hosts, the following exchanges took place:

War with drugs

No not a mistype, we're all bored of the senseless war on drugs, so it is nice to see that the Canadian army is now fighting a war with drugs. Canada of course is famous for its high quality and relatively liberal cannabis output (for example the notorious BC Bud), but until now it was more used for medical and recreational purposes than military.

Whilst the Canadian army was fighting against the Taliban in Afghanistan they came across forests of 10-foot-tall cannabis plants. It seems that the plants are good absorbers of energy, including heat. Therefore the Taliban fighters can duck in and out of them, immune to Canadian heat-sensing technology.

Pink rehabilitation

Criminal re-offending rates in recentish times have apparently never been higher since Labour came into Government. Somewhere around two-thirds of criminals commit offences within 2 years of leaving prison. How to stop this spiral of deviance?

Well, over in Texas, Sheriff Clint Low has the answer. The best way to prevent these sick, twisted, evil, hardened (mostly) men from coming back to jail is to embarrass them a tad. And the best way to make them go red with shame? Surround them with pink.

War in Iraq causing terrorism - but Blair knows best

The Poorhouse wanted to highlight a few little snippets of information regarding the consequences of the Iraq invasion as determined by agencies that we - and the Government - should ideally be able to trust at least a little to have the relevant expertise.

...there is "no doubt" the invasion of Iraq has "given a boost to the al-Qaida network" in "propaganda, recruitment and fundraising"

- summary of a report by Chatham House, which used to be known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as reported in the Guardian.

Taking GPS commands too literally

The Poorhouse has long fantasised about testing how well one can drive solely by using the latest and greatest GPS satellite navigation technology. Admittedly, despite attempts at live traffic updates and the like, the days of being able to actually close ones' eyes and rely on that grating "After two-hundred metres...turn left. Turn left. Turn LEFT!" dominatrix are probably not here just yet. Nonetheless it sounds like a fun thing to do.

Biggest pile of chemical explosives ever found - quietly

Suppose the Poorhouse told you that the largest haul of bomb-making explosives ever found in someone's house in the UK was discovered recently. And not just your average backyard weaponry; we're talking rocket launchers, chemicals and even nuclear-biological suits. Scared yet?

Before you run away in panic - or wonder why it hasn't been plastered all over the international news-wires - please have a think about who you think was the owner of these things. Let us guess - a dark skinned bearded fellow with an Arabic name?

Matched betting calculator

The below bit of Javascript is a calculator to help with the wonderful way of making free money known as matched betting. It is based entirely on the information and files gleaned from the moneysavingexpert forums so all credit to the extremely helpful and generously informative netizens who hang out there.

More free money - betting without the risk

Gambling is a fool's game, no? The chances of you doing anything other than losing everything you earn are obviously so low that bookies will actually pay you seriousish money to sign up and play away. Except, upon closer inspection, it turns out that there is a pretty fool-proof method to consistently take the large pots of free money and run. It is mostly risk-free, understandable to someone not from Mensa, and best of all in no way dodgy.

Bush (or lollipops) made children cry

Art, and not least political art, is often designed to cause an emotional reaction. But perhaps Jill Greenberg wasn't after the reaction she got with her latest exhibition entitled "End Times", now showing in the Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles.

The display consists of several photographs of upset children, each entitled in a rather anti-current-US-administration way such as "Four more years", "Shock", "Awe" or "Apocalypse Now". The Poorhouse regularly wants to scream, shout and cry and shout at the actions of Bush and his seemingly at times insane neo-liberal cabal, but many people both in and outside the blogosphere object to this being deemed art. Some go so far as to claim that Greenberg is nothing but a deranged child abuser.

Bullets "pose risk to people"

Saving the planetSaving the planetAnd there we were, thinking the arms trade was nothing but a "deadly, corrupt business". But no, it's time to give credit where credit's due and applaud BAE Systems for its recent corporate social responsibility.

Yes, they do still create, trade, and profit from devices made solely to brutally murder other, usually innocent civilian, human beings - but they are now developing a warm fuzzy feeling for our beautiful planet it would seem. Using the latest in R&D they are creating lead-free bullets, because the usual variety of standard firearms "can harm the environment and pose a risk to people".

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