Disappointing times at the biscuit barrel

No-one loves dieting, but hey, how bad can it be when one of the more famous weight-loss brands nigh-on insists that you eat a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies eh? Yep, the Poorhouse recently had the pleasure of sampling some Weightwatchers Chocolate Orange Cookie Bites.

To quote the packaging, emphasis added:

The rich and indulgent plain chocolate chips with a hint of real orange combine to give these traditional style cookies an irresistible fusion of mouth-watering flavours. Such a fabulous, luxurious treat to be enjoyed at any time

Mmmm! They must surely look something like the below, no?

Ummm...sadly not.

Here's a 100% genuine home-made photos of the product hiding in the glamorously-worded box.

Sadly taste-o-vision hasn't been invented yet (well, maybe it kind-of has, but it's not exactly mainstream yet) but let it be said that there is nothing remotely chocolaty in appearance or taste in these oversized pills of badness, let alone anything that even Pinocchio could describe as "indulgent".

Here is a picture of a sweet treat that could reasonably realistically be termed "indulgent".

Here is a picture of one that could in no way fit that description. Even with special E33272361 Chemical Orange Plastic Taste (tm).

Note well that, despite the latest expert exploratory surgical techniques being executed on the cookie horror, there is hardly any semblance of the necessary tell-tale chocolate brown to be seen. Credit where credit's due, the crumby piece on the top row, 2nd from left, does appear to have some dark matter in it which could, if it's not mould, potentially be an attempt at recreating chocolate.

Nonetheless, to bastardise a familiar saying from a Grandfather Poorhouse, these cookies are dryer than dust.


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