Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs"

You've got to love the user-friendly wonderfulness of Microsoft Windows XP error messages. Imagine the Poorhouse's angst upon every turn on of the Poor-computer resulting in the following morsel:

Rthdcpl.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation

The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL.

The Poorhouse runs virus checkers, adware checkers and even tries to put some sort of cap on the amounts of p0rn and hack1ng 1llegal sites used per day. But something had clearly slipped through. Indeed it had...the nefarious and cunning creature known as Microsoft Windows Update.

It turns out that rthdcpl.exe is the "Realtek HD Audio Control Panel". Quite possibly nothing you've installed, but it comes with various soundcards and similar hardware that you may have purchased or came with your computer. Something about recent Microsoft Windows security updates messes up its loading process. Nice.

There is a simple solution though if you manage to find it - and of course it isn't the suggested "contact vendor for a new dll". Instead, simply visit a page at Microsoft Support and "Download the 935448 package now."

Install, run etc. etc. it faffs around for a while and seems to solve the problem. Horray. It does validate your copy of Windows before running so if you've got anything particularly dodgy (i.e. pirated) in terms of Windows versions installed the Poorhouse isn't sure what will happen. Probably not jail time all being well.


Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows\System32\ Hhctrl.ocx occupied an addr

Thanks to "Submitted by Adam on April 5, 2007 - 18:08."
There was no useful information on the Microsoft site or anywhere else in cyberspace. Adam gave the perfect link to solve the problem.

This is the ridiculous message that started popping up at start up with a useless recommedntion by Microsoft at the end:

"The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly because the
DLL C:\Windows\System32\HHCTRL.OCX occupies a range reserved fro Windows Systems DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL."

The fix is on the Microsoft site which Adam found. Instead of Chairman Bill wasting money in Africa and on his other naive initiatives he should make his system and programs useful and user friendly!

Appreciate the tip, but

Appreciate the tip, but unable to to find where to download 935448 on Microsoft Support site. Sorry, I'm not very techie--just a novice trying to remove that damn error message. Any chance you can hyperlink the exact site in which I plug in the numbers? Many thanks, techie-not-Susie

Hi, Not sure if you can


Not sure if you can directly link to files on Microsoft Support because they tend to want you to go through various processes to download them, but see if this link works?

If not the best link to start from is probably here where you should find a "Download" button I believe. If even that doesn't work unfortunately you have to start here and look about 1/3 way down the page where it says: "Download the 935448 package now." and click on that.

Good luck!

this worked beautifully. I

this worked beautifully. I no longer get the error message when I boot up :)

Thank You

Thanks a lot - luckily I had no problem downloading the update and the problem was solved immediately.


Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an addre

Thanks Adam ! I downloaded your solution, and it worked perfectly!

Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows\System32\ Hhctrl.ocx occupied an addr

Thank you for saving me hours of searching. On my machine this glitch broke the Toshiba provided security program that controls the fingerprint scanner built into the machine at the factory!


Well I must say thanks alot

Well I must say thanks alot for provilding the soliution my problem, it was a grate help and for the first time is was quick and simple. I just hope that more solutions to our computer problems will continue to be posted.



Thanks guys. I even bought a Registry fixing tool to get rid of this and .... it didn't.






thank you you are a lifesaver. cant wait to see how vista screws up my pc!

Thanks! This solved my problem!

Thanks! This solved my problem in few minutes.

No problem

No problem, you're all quite welcome - glad it's helping some people! I should make it clear the file you download to solve it is from Microsoft and nothing to do with me. I was just lucky to chance upon it in the first place before taking a hammer to the computer :-) It's such a frustrating problem before you know why it happens. Becuase of how frequently Realtek stuff seems to be included it seems to affect numerous brands of package-PC too, including Packard Bell, Acer and who knows how many more.

I haven't risked upgrading to Vista yet; not heard too many people claim it's revolutionised their lives in a good way yet, but to be fair I've not paid it a lot of attention!

Just adding my thanks...

Thank you for this - I thought I was going to have spend my evening trawling through unfathomable techie sites to get the solution. Thank you thank you thank you!]

just wanna say thanks alots...

well, it solves my problem.
i've been searchinng for hours,
i really didn't realize that is so simple,
just click and download,
thank you adam,thank you... very much.

Many thanks

Many thanks <3


Any number of words of thanx wont be sufficient for finding and sharing with all mutts like me who chose Bill Gates and unable to escape.
God Bless you.

Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an addre

Thanx Man,
Big help
it wuz driving me CRAZY

Once again, google saves the

Once again, google saves the day. It's great that there's people like you helping us with these issues, saving the neccessity for lots of rage! You've solved my exact problem in 2 minutes, the time it took to type the error message into Google! :)

Thanks for Helping

Just to say thank you for getting rid of the "annoying thing";) You have been a life saver.

Rthdcpl.exe - Illegal System DLL Relocation

Thanks Adam. This was getting really annoying and my wife was convinced she had screwed something up on the PC! Took no time at all to resolve.

Ref Hhctrl.ocx fix

OUTSTANDING! It is awesome people like you who SHARE with your knowledge with us lower life forms and help us through problems that everyone else wants money for. You saved me and your fix worked perfectly! Thank you for saving me hours of frustration!

Brian (Phoenix, Arizona. USA)

Fixing "the DLL C:\Windows \System32\Hhctrl.ocx Occupied an addr

Thank you so much Adam. I'm not good at solving issues, but it sure is great having someone help out when there is a problem. You are appreciated.

Thanks a milion.


I read with interest the comments above and couldn't agree more. Thanks. Now with that out of the way I just have to try and get rid of some particularly sticky ad ware that has somehow got through!

Live OneCare


Good luck with the adware, can be a tricky beast! Just wanted to mention that I got an nice informative email from someone who read this article (feel free to make yourself known, I don't want to name names without permission!!) which suggested that you might want to avoid Microsoft's Live OneCare as a solution to adware. Whilst it is effective in what it does apparently it too can cause this hhctrl.ocx problem to occur, and in the end their experience was that it was more keen on validating Microsoft software that actually fixing problems that existed, wherever they might have come from! (I've not tried it though so can't comment personally)

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much!


Am I the only one this didn't work for?
Downloaded the 935448 hotfix-got rid of the error message-but still no sound!
Have Realtek AND Packard Bell PC- HELP!!!

Packard Bell support


If the error message has gone away then I think this particular problem is solved, so I wonder if it is something else that coincidentally has stopped sound as well. I have seen the download work fine to fix the problem on other Packard Bells. Not knowing too much about them, I wonder if looking around their support center at might help. It seems you enter the serial number of your PC and it provides relevant advice, downloads and so on.

Worst case scenario I supposed you could "remaster" your PC back to original configuration but of course you'd have to backup and reinstall all your programs, documents etc. first so as not to lose them which might be rather irritating, so maybe the support site will give some decent advice that wouldn't involve having to do that!


Didnt work for me either!@

My sound was working but I couldnt open up my audio manager... so i downloaded this update and now I have no sound at all!!!! Anyone know of another patch? This machine is home built and i am not about to format my pc to fix this problem. Help!

Hi, Sorry to hear that -


Sorry to hear that - with a couple of people saying that though I wonder what the pattern is? I'm afraid I have no idea what could make the sound actually go if it was already there, but is your PC based on Packard Bell at all like the other person who mentioned here it broke their sound? I'm assuming not as you said you built it yourself and I think most Packard Bells come pre-assembled. I wonder if you have the same sound card or software? All I can think to do is to check if there are updated sound drivers from your sound card / motherboard's manufacturers website, but most likely if you've built your own PC you already tried that?

Fixed it

Thanks for your help Adam. Actually, when I went through the Realtek site, I clicked a link for the regular audio drivers and installed those, only to later realize I have the HD audio card so I needed those ones instead. Guess I should pay more attention!

Cool, glad it's fixed.

Cool, glad it's fixed. Sounds like a very easy oversight to make!


Hallo, Well, I'm a very primative computer user. So primative that i couldn't figure it out how to download this 935448 Package!!!!! Could anybody help me.... I have the same frustrating problems as you guys, but even more frustrating i can't fix it even with what you've suggested to be the perfect solution....

Downloading 935448 package


Sorry to hear you're having trouble downloading. Try clicking this link. It should open a page from Microsoft titled "Update for Windows XP (KB935448)". If you look down to where the blue box starts there is a button on the left of the main column saying "Download". Click that and the download should start.

Good luck! If it doesn't work then make sure you are using Internet Explorer (the program with the big blue e as its icon) to do it in, just in case it's one of these evil Microsoft things that only work in IE.


Thanks a million for the advice. Just wish I.d googled the error message before i spent 7 hours trying to solve it myself. Definitelyy know where to come next time .


I had his problem as well THANK YOU ADAM now it has gone away Many many thanks


Thankyou so much! I've been stressing about this all weekend thinking my laptop was buggered. Me not being a 'computer person' didn't understand the error message at all & thought it was going to cost me loads to fix. I am so grateful to have found this solution - cheers!


Thank you very much Adam.Your link worked and the fix worked perfectly.A program called Natural Biorhythms was not working in my PC.Insted it was showing the error message "The system DLL user32.dll was relocated in memory. The application will not run properly. The relocation occurred because the DLL C:\Windows\System32\Hhctrl.ocx occupied an address range reserved for Windows system DLLs. The vendor supplying the DLL should be contacted for a new DLL".Now it's working perfectly.

error message

thank you so much it was driving me mad it now seems to have gone cheers


Thanks Adam, Easy when you no how eh!! was driving me mad but now its gone, Cheers again

That fix worked beautifully,

That fix worked beautifully, thanks! I get that error on my Acer Aspire 5100 after each clean install. So needless to say, this page is perma-bookmarked. I am also generating this error as well, MemCheck.exe Common language runtime debugging service, application has generated an exception that could not be handled "process id=0x9d8 (2520), Thread id=0x9d4 (2516)." The option to debug is about as useful as a football bat. Something is telling me it has to do with Acer's "Empowering Technology" crap widget engine but I may be wrong and please forgive me if I'm posting such a question in the wrong place. I just happen to stumble across this site googling some answers for the error this post actually addresses. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, Glad the fix worked for


Glad the fix worked for you. Re your other message, not one I've ever seen. Looked at a few links and I think you're right that it's an Acer thing, but maybe something to do with whatever comes with it for virus checking - especially if you have something called "SystemSuite Virus Scanner MemCheck"? Not convinced it will help but here's a few links to show you're not alone!

Also it seems to say some viruses pretend they are memcheck, so scan for that just in case would probably be a good idea.

Downloaded the 935448

Downloaded the patch from Microsoft. Now I have no sound at all. I have done all the troubleshooting things and I am still unable to get any sound at all..... HELP!!!!!

Hi, seems a few people have

Hi, seems a few people have this problem. You might see in the comments above that Matt had a similar issue - this was fixed with new drivers being installed so that might be worth a try if you haven't already . Assuming your soundcard is using Realtek software, I think one of the files at might be what you'd need? Can't say for sure though as I've never had the problem myself.

Good luck!

No Sound

I downloaded the hotfix which fixed the error message which I thought was preventing me from selecting an audio device in the control panal.

Well the error message is gone, which I'm thankful for, but my sound problem still exists. I'll elaborate: When I go to the "sounds and audio devices" panal and I click on the "Audio" catagory to select a default device, every drop down list is grayed out with "No Playback Devices" in them. Yet my device manager clearly has my sound device listed.

My device is a Realtek HD sound card with the latest (and correct) drivers, and I was wondering if you could help me out or show me to someplace that can. Thanks again for fixing the error message.


I fixed my problem by removing my device from the device manager and then reinstalling it.
Thanks again for the hotfix.

"Fixing DLL c: Windows 32 problem

I have the same problem as everyone, I downloaded the 935448(as recommended above) from Microsoft Fix and it didn't help. Now I get a message that Windows doesn't recognize the USB port. My printer uses the USB connection with no problem, but I can't connect the digital camera. Any further suggestions??

That seems a weird one! So

That seems a weird one! So Windows can't recognise the USB port yet some (but not all) devices still work on it. Have to say I don't have any good ideas personally - other than delete and reinstall any driver software you might have for the USB port but most likely it's the stuff built into Windows I would guess so you can't really do too much of that? I'll let you know if I think of anything but hopefully someone more knowledgeable might be able to help in the mean time!

Can you advice

My next door neighbour is having this problem with the DLL\HHCTRL but unfortunately since this appeared he cant get onto the web therefore cant get onto this page to download your solution (hence my detective work for him). Do you think the two are connected or 2 different probs that have happened at the same time??

Hi, not too much help I'm

Hi, not too much help I'm afraid but I never heard of it happening before as a result of this problem...perhaps just an annoying co-incidence?? Hopefully the first problem can still be solved if you can copy the relevant file to disk/flashdrive etc. for your neighbour.

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