Hadron, but the wheel fell off.

Thanks for the welcome El Poorhouse! I thought I would make a first smudge in your nice vacant S..P..A..C..E.. Brrr.....cold in here. Perhaps I just feel the need to utter a few more words before the Hadron Collider gets switched on.............on Wednesday.

So I believe, tests have proved that the clockwise and anti-clockwise functions have been run - Yep, all systems go! The test to be done on Wednesday will be to accelerate only in one direction, which looks to mean that the collisions will be left to a later date, So with any luck, we should still be here on Wednesday afternoon, or even Thursday.

This is the largest scientific experiment in the history of the human race - Mind, the pyramids were a pretty big effort considering the quality of available loo roll - blerdy amazing really. One thing that really baffles me is: How the hell can you create an environment that is 0.8 degrees colder than the Cosmos itself??? 0.8 degrees colder than "outer" space??? The Cosmos is about +2.7 degrees, the experiment takes place in +1.9 degrees. That is............. MINUS 268.1 degrees celcius.......MINUS!!! That's 268 below the freezing point of water.

This has to be one of the most astounding things ever achieved.

One thing is for sure: The Cosmos does not suffer from any significant climate problems.

There is only one thing that worries me about the experiment: One cannot have a contingency for the unknown. I mean......well, just wait and see.

Half way there.

There we go: At 09:23 today the first lot of particles were sent around the LHC ring successfully, so now the prep' for the first collision can begin - That's the bit that might destroy the earth by making black holes.

So now we just have to wait for that big moment.  :)

Here's a link to the CERN site where the experiments are taking place:


.........and here's another with full details of all the experiments: WARNING: This one will very likely take you about 30 years to read!


Sweet dreams.

Good to read your post, I am

Good to read your post, I am currently most grateful for any info and links to the LHC as my ignorance on this matter is immense. 30 years might be enough to learn at least what it's supposed to do. In the mean time, for the slightly less academically inclined, my favourite LHC site is http://hasthelargehadroncolliderdestroyedtheworldyet.com/

Worth checking a few times a day, just to be sure.

Too much information

That's a stuningly adequate site, enough for any layperson!! :)

Every little helps.

Hate to lower the tone, but

Hate to lower the tone, but given I still haven't got round to reading the excellently thorough document above, I did hear that there's a competition out there to rename the LHC to something more catchy. I'm sure it wasn't all to do with the extremely easy type to make between "large hadron collider" and "large hardon collider" :-) I see that domain name wise http://www.largehadroncollider.com/ has been picked up by a speculator, whereas at least the content at http://www.largehardoncollider.com/ has some (puerile) wit to it. The latter, unsurprisingly, is not safe for work probably (but it isn't nearly as bad as I figured it would be!).

Right, back to science...

Solitary confinement

.........I still haven't got round to reading the excellently thorough document above

Well I never! I go to all that effort to g..............not really! It would be a fate worse than soap operas reading that. I put it on the forum so that people might take a little solace from knowing that the whole thing had been thought about......a lot!

Just to make us feel even more secure, I heard today that the excitement of this venture has already facilitated the inception of a new even bigger collider project: Strike whilst the proton's hot so-to-speak, keep that funding coming in etc, etc.... All they have to do now is decide where to build it: My guess will be Russia/China or an African state.

In theory, this means that the CERN team feel they already know the out-come of this/these experiments, otherwise, how would it be possible to know they needed a bigger one? Does that sound a little suspicious to anyone? Could it be that they already know that the £6 Billion spent on this one still means that the Higgs Boson will remain elusive? (Looking at the size of the project I would probably say more like £60 billion)

I for one cannot even get myself to believe in ther Big Bang theory anyway.

I suppose these facts will be understood in time??? :-/

Here's the link:

Ahhhhhahahahaha! I just checked your link - Yoni good! :)


Oh, if the document is like

Oh, if the document is like soap operas, well, I'll be onto it soon! Can't beat the Neighbours omnibus for a good time :-)

I am again shocked at your links, building another expensive long tube or whatever these things are! I quite agree, what is the point in building another, better, one when the original one has only just been turned on?! Results from experiments with LHC not likely to be around for a year- who knows what/how/why might be discovered when that happens. It might be that the last thing we need is to mess around colliding more particles and then there will be Millennium-dome sized egg on their face after whamming $7 billion + on this. Surely one way or another it was pointless to build at least one of these two devices.

PS: Location-wise, maybe Bush will sneak in an attack on Iran in his final days, leaving a nice big "Einstein's Telescope" shaped crater just right for a machine that stands a good chance of ending the world to be in.

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