laptop hell - please help

can anyone help?

on or around 16 or 20 november last year there was a microsoft security update that created a folder called C:\743ce966db3fb95362626bd744 and a text file in it called msxml4-KB927978-enu.

today when backing up my system I accidentally drag&dropped an important folder full of my personal documents into the C:\743ce966db3fb95362626bd744 folder. now I can't undo the move (either using edit-undo, move or copy+paste) or even open my folder as I keep getting access denied errors. and to make matters worse it indicates my folder is empty.

I think the access denial is due to the folder being a microsoft one so is likely to be password protected. if I can get the password, I'm hoping I can get my folder back!

I've tried system restores going back 4 months but they don't seem to restore my folder into its original position so I still keep getting the error messages. I can't restore back to before 16/20 november as they setup only goes back to 1 January 2007.

please, please help - things are getting rather desparate here after 10 hours of trying to fix things!!!

Hi, If you have different


If you have different users set up on your computer then make sure you're logged in as someone with administrator rights. If you don't have to log in you probably already are set up fine. Make sure you are set to see all hidden and system files (under My Computer, Tools menu, Folder Options, View tab).

Then perhaps you will need to "Take ownership of the files" so the folder denying you access starts belonging to you rather than Microsoft updates. Instructions for this are a little long-winded, but available from Microsoft here. Note that if you are using Windows XP home then you need to boot into "safe mode". Basically you do this by pressing F8 repeatedly as soon as your computer turns on until a menu appears with this option (further info here. In this mode your internet is unlikely to work so print out the instructions first!

Hope that helps...good luck!


thanks guys, problem fixed!

No problem, glad to hear

No problem, glad to hear you're sorted.

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