Need to speak to anyone who's smoked grit weed or come into contact with it

I'm currently writing an article on grit weed and am looking to interview anyone who has smoked it and been ill as a result. Or alternatively if it seems to be taking over the market where you live. I would do the interview over the phone and it can be completely anonymous.

I just feel the public really need to know what's going on as this hadsn't been covered at all in the media.

I'd also be really grateful for any info on why you think this might be happening, e.g the amount of police busts on growers recently.

If you can be of any help please get in contact,

Thanks alot,


Ill speak

After six months of plucking up the courage, I went to see a doctor. He has just put me on a one month course of Omeprazole. Its an anti-acid medication because the irritation in the back of my throat that has persisted relentlessly for six months is located in just the spot that you try to irritate if you want to cause yourself to vomit. Hence this constant ripped sensation/pressure in my throat is causing me to bring up little bits of everything I eat, shortly after eating it. The doctor suspects this is a problem with my stomach acid levels and although he cant be sure he is doing the 'diagnosis with drugs' method. Soon I will report back to him that although the retching is now much more tolerable because the medication has rendered it entirely neutral. The pressure and irritation sensation in the throat is still very much present and he will come to realise that it is the cause of the retching and not the result of it. I dont intend to tell him that I have a strong feeling the 'gritweed' is responsible for my predicament. I am interested to see what is the result of his investigation without this piece of information. Although I have been completely open about my cannabis use. I have to report back in two weeks time. He did tell me that If this coure of medication didnt fix my problem It would be likely that he would have to operate to see what is happening inside my throat.

Although the notion that a plant can be illegal seems to me to be a blatant infringement on the most basic rights I have as a human being. I have no intention of petitioning for cannabis to be legalised - I am a free human, I dont intend to seek anyones permission to use the natural world around me in any way I see fit. I dont hurt anyone but it seems I have suffered six months now of irritation and worry and possibly permanent damage because of the people who would stop me from growing plants for my own use.

It seems many people in the cannabis user community have noticed the timelyness of the gritweed problem and its seeming synchronisation with an increase in the number of busts on small time local growers. The price of regular non gritty marijuana has shot through the roof because of the scarcity of it.

I can be reached by email at and can likely arrange for you to talk to a few other end users with strong opinions on this subject.



I would tell your doctor or

I would tell your doctor or they will not know how to treat this problem! I have been in 3 times in 6 months and they have offered no real help so far. Today I am going to see the quack but I might just put my hands up and tell him it was grit so I can get treated properly! And maybe the government will start to do something about this mess.

British medical law

If a doctor cannot diagnose a problem he or she is obliged by law to refer you a specialist.
If they dont they are in breach of their nhs contract.
I know this as fact as i have previouslly succsesfully sued a doctor on this crteria
For leaving me to die with a brain tumor.
i was lucky to survive many others probably wont

Grow your own BUD BUST the

Grow your own BUD BUST the Grit Dealers

Speaks too

Hi, we are flooded with grit weed in Finlands three biggest towns. I got grit weed in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku. It is a finer sort of grit, not noticable to the eye, yet not so fine you would not feel the grit on your teeth. I have done some tests and pictures on this that I can mail you if you like, and I have also contacted the Finnish Ministry of Health, but like elsewhere they have not reacted at all, probably due to the illicit factor.
I did not smoke that much grit weed, like five eights or so, yet me and my mates did it through a clear pipe. I am suffering of pain in my chest. NOTE that this started after the second bag (Heksinki bag = 4 - 5 gr)before I heard of grit weed.
It took two or three more buys before I realised and got the warning from mates in another nordic country. Yes, the weed we baought is sandy, and I bought more just to test it. The grit sinks with some of the cristals, when taking out the floating weed and pouring the water through a coffee filter the grit is like the finast sand, like blaster glas. I pressed it against two parts of glas, and it did not suspense at all, instead it made small scratches on the glass. I tryed to burn it with a lighter without success.
What worries me now except my possible body harm and all the people out there still smoking it, is the reason for it. On all web pages UK-smokers claims it is because the police busted all good growers. But here in the Nordics, few grow, most is imported. The market is perfect for grit weed, the sorces are few. We get good hasch from east, through Russia, but it is expensive, when someone deals grass everyone wants to buy, it is almost exotic.
I do not beleive it should be blamed on the coppers busting peaceful growers, I beleive there is some heavy duty dealers that move a lot of weight that got greedier than usually. It seams to be all over now, must be tons and tons, who the hell can control that much weed?

I can be reached by email:

Best regards, and stay of the grit weed.

Grit Weed.

My friend, this grit weed is a terrible problem.

I have suffered with a couple of bags of this, you just have to look out for it and send it back if you get some. Dealers must know that we will not put up with this shit.

A respectable dealer I know is selling weed sprayed with a sugar/water solution. This is done to add weight and make it look crystally. He sells a sprayed kilo for £3400. He sells an unsprayed kilo for £4000. This is why the smaller dealers are buying this stuff increase their profits.

grit weed

i also have had a problem with the so called grit weed since september 06 i started noticing a small amount in the weed but as the weeks went on it became harder and harder to get cannibas without it being totally full of grit for a while i had no clue what this was and continued to smoke on a daily basis i had a very sore throat and did think i had a problem with my lungs due to my tight chest,after i heard about grit i started looking for an alternate dealer only to find it was every where i live in north hertfordshire in the south and still in march it is still about and you have to check what you buy. i believe this is being done on a large scale but the reason they do this is dumb as it may add weight but surely if people dont buy as much they wont make much money.

ps, there is good uk produce on the market you just have to find it.

Finer grit


Here's my story. I'll just reel it off, as anything here may be helpful to others...

I've been smoking on & off for about 12 years, mostly grass/skunk, occasionally soap in the past. Generally in spliffs with tobacco, and more recently with filters rather than roaches. Went through a period of bonging it fairly heavily a few years back, but generally smoked 1-2 spliffs most evenings when available i.e. fairly low use. I'm 36 & only smoke cigs from time to time too. I've only ever experienced slight tightness or pain in my chest/lungs on rare occasions after toking heavily & coughing too much at the time. Really nothing to write home about. Until now...

I'd maintained a low consumption right up until Feb this year, having already got down to making an 8th last 5 or 6 weeks (incredible huh?) But when it ran out I missed it. I'd not encountered grit weed by then. I smoked some at a mate's shortly after, it was good skunk but in short supply. No filter used, but we noticed no grit either. I was mashed. Yay.

A week or two later (early March) they scored & we split into 2 8ths. I was excited to get anothe supply again. I vowed to make this one last even longer. I rolled 3 or 4 j's that evening, with filters, and passed them round. I noticed the sand-sandwich effect in my mouth after the second one I think... only a bit though. Seemingly just several crunchy bits. I noticed my fingers felt smooth like they had talc on them, and when I licked them, more grit crunched between the teeth. The weed looked ok, but definitely not as strong as last week's - in fact when I unwrapped it I remarked how it lacked in smell compared to the last lot. There was no visibly noticeable grit. We knew nothing about it at the time. I remember I did some serious coughing that evening after sharing the first few j's. As soon as I mentioned the grit, one of my friends said she's heard of it from the guy who'd passed the stuff on, and he'd said he;d read about it online & it was ok/harmless. How could anyone say that after what everyone's written about it online?! He wasn't a dealer... he was my friend's son. But still, we looked it up online immediately, mid-spliff - "sore throats, tight chest, mouth ulcers" - didn't sound ok to me. We stopped smoking it. I went home, taking my henry for future reference.

Since then I've read everything I can find on the subject in articles & on forums + viewed various videos on YouTube. Seems I was lucky to use filters, but still got grit in the mouth, and perhaps in the lungs. I developed a tight chest in the day or two afterwards, a bit of a sore throat (glands were up anyway too) and a couple of minor mouth ulcers a week later (perhaps unconnected) and we'd only had 3-4 j's between 3 of us, with filters. I had some spoonfuls of honey to relieve the throat. Maybe it's partly psychosomatic. But it's still tight, my breathing is slightly shallow, and I'm getting the odd, mild pain in places around my chest. It's been 2+ weeks now.

I have been to the docs recently, not mentioning the grit weed, jst teh cigs - suspected asthma, for the first time ever for me (it does run in the family & I've had histamine-related reactions before) and it's possible the contaminants have been a catalyst - I now have an inhaler which does increase my performance on the peak flow meter anyway; I'm going back for a proper asthma check next week. They sent me for an ECG at the local hospital too, just to rule out heart issues. Jeez! Ok tho. Importantly, I've been on beta-blockers over recent months (for a separate issue altogether). These worsen or bring on asthma. I've stopped these immediately. You cannot be presribed these if you have asthma. The thing is - I *only* experienced the tightness & pain after smoking grit weed. And not even that much of it. Not after toking in the past, not after beta-blockers, not after emptying the dyson & catching a backdraft & getting seemingly lungfuls of building/plaster dust.

Last night I did the coffee filter test -- ground up a sample & ran water thru it in a filter, scooped off the floating bits, observed the remnants after drying... Really not much to see except some tiny, glinting specs under strong light. This is the finer stuff for sure. Weak smell, no visible grit, tiny glass-like specks, but tight chest problems nonetheless. My friends seem ok but have put recent; coughing down to too many / not enough cigs lately; maybe I was just more sensitive. Maybe asthma treatments will help, in the short-to-medium term. Maybe this will come to nothing, the body is remarkable at repairing itself.

This was in Sheffield.

Contaminated Cannabis

If you have a spare few minutes maybe you could update with your findings? Keep up the good work guys - spread the word!


yup. i have grit in my damn weed.
i noticed tightness in my chest sometime last year (maybe even the year before - i don't know - i was very stoned most the time) so i went to the doctor assuming i had the first signs of something nasty. after a full check up it showed i was in good health which seemed odd cos it felt like an elephant had slept on my chest.
i asked if smoking would cause the feeling i experienced and doc said no because my test results had eliminated anything which would cause that sensation.
i did not know weed even COULD be contaminated at that point but when i saw my grinder skating over "hash crystals" on my coffee table (air-hockey-table-style) i started to doubt my doobie. then i noticed a lot of my glasses were scratched on the bottom. [that better not be caused by the same stuff i pretty much breathe every day.]
fortunately my source changes so i was lucky and had a good year :-) before my grower "went straight" :-( leaving me at the hands of non-enthusiast dealers.
now i've seen all the videos on youtube and read all the helpful stuff on pages such as this (a million thanks for warning me about silicosis of the lungs everybody!) and recognise the signs that the latest bit of weed i've bought is contaminated. i have a bag full of stuff that definitely isn't smokable: definitely got some sand and salt in there and the glass beads show up in strong light (look at the ash on the j after you toke - it'll glint in the sun). my favourite theory is it's the stuff they put in paint to make road markings shine. easily found and "borrowed". i don't think the number of busts has caused gritweed at all but it has reduced the availability of clean weed.


i just want to know if there's a way i can soak the weed (it should float and the glass/contaminants should sink) without ruining the THC?

Hi. This forum is great,

Hi. This forum is great, it's encouraging to see so much support and cooperation between our community of tokers, because we damn sure don't get that from the people who, incidentally, take huge chunks of our hard earned money for "our own good." How the government can continually ignore the facts, such as that prohibition is the cause of criminality rather than the solution, that prohibition leads to more dangerous substances for us to abuse, that prohibition completely eliminates any possibility of quality control and damage control in terms of health effects of smoking this grit weed, and that it leaves us with absolutely no recourse to protect ourselves and our communities. Not to mention the tax they could make by legalizing and regulating the trade, and the savings in police time and expenditure that this would bring about (as well as hitting these soulless and greedy gangs where it hurts). Basically...f*ck the government that effectively has condemned us to a very severe potential epidemic. Isn't this the kind of policy decision that perhaps should be made based on a referendum, public consensus? Maybe, just maybe, a nationwide vote would leave them with no option but to legalize.

I have recently just been exposed to this, since there was no public information campaign I had no clue this was going on. I bought some recently that was sort of would grind fine while other parts were darker, stickier, and would not grind. Instead these parts would end up almost like play dough, very sticky, rolling it in your fingers wouldn't break it like normal bud, it would compress it and force it all together. I separated all the grindable bits from the sticky doughy bits, and then licked my fingers; the taste was extremely sweet, and there was no noticeable crunching/gritting on my teeth. My mate mentioned that he's seen this before, it's sugar sprayed on the weed. Made sense to me.

My question is this: given that it seems to be sugar contamination, and seeing as how I didn't notice any gritty crunching on my teeth when I rubbed the particles from my fingers on my teeth, could this still also be glass contamination? I'm very concerned because I'm becoming paranoid...I'm worried that I won't be able to tell if there's glass contamination in weed, because I don't know exactly what the best test for it is. I know that it should give you a gritty feeling on your teeth but will this still be the case with the finer particle contamination? Or is it as straightforward as to either be lots of crunch or no crunch, with no in between option of mild, barely noticeable crunch? Hell, mostly I'm just f*cking furious that the government has the gall to ignore the facts and continue to subject us to this sh*t.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Hiya. I hear you. I've just confirmed that the gritty feeling I've had from the occasional spliff of skunk is that evil gritweed. I am furious! God knows what damage I've done to myself but I will get the word out about this. In the meantime, is it safe to toke anymore, without the hype from the prohibihionists? C

grit weed plague spreading


I live in the midlands, first saw grit weed shortly before the grow-op busts in september, about 1 month later after the start of the 2 week busts (the two weeks appear still to be going on ........) the grit weed was country wide , I spoke to people in brighton, manchester, london and glasgow who has had to seen some - the speed which it spread is insane.

I smoked loads before i realised, i know that some people still are smoking it completely unaware.

After about 5-6 weeks i had the worst chest infection i have ever have - i am normally very healthy - i do smoke a fair amount of weed but never really chesty - I also had to use an asthma inhaler for the first time in my life - did become really short of breath - it was really scary..

Although the grit weed problem seemed to be dipping down it seems to be back, I got some stuff (that looked more home grown - the original grit weed seemed to be high quality dutch style weed) I did a quick check but:-

The new grit doesn't even crunch - the particles are so small which is far worse for health reasons *(easier to penetrate the lungs) - looking through a magnifier you can see it isn't THC

Here are the things to look out for :-

- 'crystals on the stem' (there shouldn't be completely covered)
- get a load of the 'crystal' in your fingers and roll it - it should roll into a kind of resiny ball - grit weed 'crystal' doesn't, it breaks up (due to the tiny fragments of wherever the hell it is)

New Grit Weed?

As I see it, this new grit weed that the previous poster has identified is potentially more dangerous as smaller glass particles have more chance of actually making it into your lungs and cutting them. Can anybody confirm this report of a new form of grit contamination that is hard to identify, and that passes the teeth crunch test that the original grit weed failed? If so, this is perhaps the most frightening news of the recent past, because given the amount of users who are unaware or unable to identify this new contamination, and the heightened risk it poses, I am seriously concerned for the millions of users who will invariably suffer major health problems, potentially fatal, several years down the line. If this is true, then mark my words, there will be a severe crisis in some years for which the government and this blind devotion to a clearly failing prohibitionist system will be largely responsible. So I ask again: can anybody confirm this report of a harder-to-identify contamination by grit?

Gritweed Awareness Website!

Have just come accross this site dedicated to raising awareness of grit weed and the health implications of smoking it... most useful! Send it to your buddies and help spread the word about this evil stuff.

Hope this helps folk!


Well just came across this page and thought id post the newest form of fucking up the weed and that is that its changed 2 sugar and its all the way through it and it looks very vivid green almost to green, even then when dried it turns white!! as the moisure finally departs from the bud and u do still get sticky almost resin like takyness from it when you break it up but it aint resin its the bloody sugar gettin warm and sticky,
the only bonus to it been sugar and not glass etchant spray beads is that sugar is water soluable so if pushed you can use some warm water WARM not HOT! and with a little time stirring and finally squeezing through a sieve the crap that was in the bud ends up clouding the water and collectin/settlin in the bottom of the glass, I let the water evaporate from this glass i used, and it turned BROWN!! as the sugar had started to carmelise on the bottom of the glass i do have pictures of this to!! so in all if u do ge sugared then all isnt lost some weigt will be but u can clean it reasoably well,
hope this helps somebody, good growing to everyone this year nows the time to do it, atleast it will be clean and shittygrittysugar free,)

cleaning sugar of buds

need to know more details bud does it ruin the thc if you clean sugar off ?????????
thanx 4 your help just need to know best way???????? thanx

Hey, I guess it depends how


I guess it depends how you intend to clean sugar off. One possibility would be to make "canna-butter" or whatever you wish to call it, via the boiling of cannabis + water + butter in a pan. Theoretically, the sugar should dissolve into the water, you'd throw that away, and be left with cannabutter you could make cakes with or similar. However this will only necessarily work if the contamination is genuinely, and solely, real sugar. There have been more reports (that I have seen anyway) that it is often some variant of glass particles...and they wouldn't dissolve in this manner and could easily remain dangerous to your health.

Good luck! Unfortunately unless you somehow know exactly what contamination you're dealing with it's very difficult to try and get rid of it.

Yes its true there is a

Yes its true there is a contaminated "type" of skunk which is not detectable through any of the grit tests...including the lick test. I live in south london and at first the contamination was blatinly obvious(after summer '06), big particles of glass, sand..etc covered the buds, then it stopped for a while (about a month if that) and then there was a number of versions of grit weed which was around london, but recently i picked up from my old previously trusted dealer who claimed it was the "real deal, no grit, clean" when i inspected it properly at home i could not find anything wrong with it having done all the grit tests, the only thing that was putting me off was the smell; it smelled of skunk but i felt that for the quality of the skunk it really should of smelt alot more...the crystals were a bit weird also(didnt really stick together when gather them together)...i smoked one and it was really strong the taste of skunk was there but not fully as i could taste something else,my tokers instinct just tells me it isnt entirely clean. I am seriously considering growing my own, although it can be risky in the uk....bah! LEGALISE!

Something for you guys,

Something for you guys, definitely worth checking out if you want information on the contamination of marijuana.

As if we needed it, this

As if we needed it, this incident is a graphic illustration of the harm prohibition can cause. This "grit weed" came to dominate the cannabis market following the "Operation Keymer" raids during summer 2006. These raids knocked out a large proportion of the cannabis farms supplying the UK market, the resultant shortage providing the perfect opportunity for some ruthless gangs to provide this contaminated cannabis and make huge profits.

The Keymer raids disrupted a mature and established market for cannabis, with an estimated 3 - 4 million consumers, possibly far more. No thought seems to have been given to the consequences of doing this and the British government seemed totally unaware of the situation until campaign groups, including UKCIA [1], LCA[2] and of course Cannaprag brought it to their attention.

However, the DoH information doesn't give the most important advice for consumers in the clearest way:

Don't sell this grit weed
Don't buy this grit weed
Don't smoke this grit weed
If you have any, throw it away.

It really does present a serious health hazard. If you buy cannabis from a dealer and you don't know the source of it, rub the bud with a wet finger and suck the finger - if it's grit weed you'll feel the glass beads grinding in your teeth (it's not nice). Rubbing between fingers as they advise won't work, the beads are way too small.

south east kent had this

south east kent had this quite bad a while back, bare grit weed going about... mostly on widow... which is a shame cos widows a nice smoke normaly, i had a sore throat after, but everything seems alright now... still got stoned but the smoke was horrible, the spliff would go rockhard and wouldnt light properly etc...

still gettin bits of grit around but we know what to look out for now(like person above said, wet finger, have a taste.. it grinds for ever in your teeth)

just dont let your dealer mug you off, most of the shit ive seen looks like import widow.. you should know what that is if you blaze alot

take it ez u lot, and fingers up to the gritshit

What are the actual health

What are the actual health implications of smoking grit weed without a filter ? i only ocationally smoke weed but 2 weeks ago i smoked some which has given me a chesty cough and chest pain which i still have 3 weeks later :( this has never hapend befor so im assuming it was grit weed. does anyone know how long this chesty cough and pain will go on for? ... is it permanent? and will i now have any long term health issues??

the new grit weed. great.

yeah i went through all the old grit weed problems. - didn't notice till after a couple of eighths. tasted like shit, looked pretty good, grit deluxe. had slight breathing/lung problems, nothing too worrying. didn't smoke it again. then it died down. for a couple of months the weed was good. yesterday my friend hooked me up with some weed he had got me - looked like grit weed so i gave it the lick test. no crunch. however i am naive no more and still had my suspicions. it was WAY to dusty. smoked a joint - INSTANTLY felt chest problems. i've been researching on the net ever since. this has gotta be it. if people smoke this stuff, they may as well put asbestos on their cornflakes. i should feel alarmed that the government aren't doin anything. this is a very serious issue. address it!!!!

Grits got wings

I'm in Ireland and the first time I came into contact with this stuff was 2 weeks ago... I had never even heard mention of it till then. A friend of mine had some and showed it round so nobody would buy any. 5 days later and I came across it at my sources place. This was a sandwich on a beach type stuff, Looked fine from a distance but a closer look and I could tell the difference between the crystals and the contaminant, Smelled great but was crunchy...

The echants are bad enough but who knows what there coated in... You and stop the chunky stuff with filters but if they are coated on something that burns, Filters are useless!

We have to nip this in the bud(PTP) Spread the word and eventually the levels of which this crap is available should drop... God help the stupid teenagers

Keep up the good work


Lucky for me i live in the south wales valleys and this grit weed came from cardiff from the vietnamise gangs thye spoilt realy nice bud by doing it this was early last year wit all this and the raids i knew a lot of people who started taking n selling cocaine cuz of the absence of tha weed, but now gladly its all gone from wales and all we got now is the skunkiest munkiest weed u could eva hope for outside of tha dam peace out ppl n fuk u 2 tha ppl who ruin the weed.

No flippin' weed at all

First sandyweed, then sugary weed.

Now NO WEED. In London. In Summer.


This country is becoming a steaming pile of pooh.

Of course, it's MUCH healthier to get steaming drunk on alcopops and nut a shop window than have a couple of quiet J's in front of the telly of an evening....


Well here's my experience of 'Grit Weed'

I have been regularly smoking the happy green stuff for the past 12 years, 7 years of it down in Hertfordshire and the last 5 where I live now near Durham, and everything was fine until around a year ago. I have always got my smoke through a couple of friends (I have quite a few who smoke it, ranging from their early 20's to their 60's), and the old regular supplies of beautiful buds I relied on dried up about a year ago.

Despite my best efforts to find an honest and reputable dealer who could supply me with weighed quantities of quality merchandise, I have to date been unsuccessful - I am shy and naturally reticent about publicising the fact I regularly break the law to people I am not completely sure about, and my friends are all in the same situation as me. I am reduced to being able to secure the occasional '20 bag' from chavs on the nearby housing state that one of my friends lives on (you've all seen them - the ones where the poxy smiley face bag weighs more than the weed). As if this wasn't hard enough to bear, it transpires that much of what I have been smoking for the past year has been a doctored substance known to all as 'grit weed'. I did notice a couple of bags I managed to get early on in this terrible drought seemed sandy, and I threw the worst one away, but after getting another sandy one yesterday and googling it, I find that there have been other contaminated types around which I have definitely smoked over the past year. A type which feels oily to the touch and never dries out (but in the small quantities I ever purchased it in, it would never have had time to dry out). Another type apparently has some micro grit on which is less detectable - most of what I have smoked over the past year has tasted very unpleasant compared to what I was used to, but I just put this down to it being an inferior product, and the sore throats I have had to smoking harsh weed. Having just read extensively about this subject on, I am now extremely concerned about the health implications of the contaminants I have unknowingly smoked. I am also extremely angry with the government and police for not widely publicising the fact this was happening.

I am not in a position to be able to grow my own where I live, and am not fortunate enough to know anyone in a position to grow it either, due to the inherent (albeit ridiculous) risk. You may say I'm naive for not having done a little research earlier, but for me smoking was always a friendly and social activity done with friends, and I never imagined the people who grow weed could be so callous and downright evil, that they would endanger the health of such a massive number and cross-section of society so deliberately and maliciously, based only on greed. I mean come on, stoners, we're a harmless friendly bunch aren't we? How could anyone do this to us? Then again you have to lay at least some of the blame at the feet of the government (successive governments really) for allowing this situation to develop and perpetuate.

Prohibition is not working. What is the major problem with just following Holland's example? Fair enough, the 'Dam is a bit sleazy, but other areas of Holland are lovely and the people are too. I wish I could get a job in Holland and move there, their society is so much more enlighhtened than ours. Yet they have far fewer societal problems with drugs of all kinds, from cannabis to heroin. Why can't legislators recognise that the only reason cannabis could possibly become a gateway drug is because the current system merely forces otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens to mingle with drug dealers who have other more profitable substances they will push onto the more susceptible (and younger people) amongst us? I know loads of people who have smoked weed for years (some of them for 40+ years) who have never touched any other drugs. These dry spells have proved to me it's not addictive too. Sure I've felt a bit more grouchy when I haven't had any but no more so than people feel grouchy because they haven't had their coffee yet or they need a cigarette. I am not trying to say cannabis is harmless, I'm sure it's not, but I think it has far less cost to people's health and to society than other recreational substances, and I include alcohol in that statement. All the articles I have read on cannabis causing psychosis have stated that this only applies to those who were predisposed to psychosis or those who have smoked it when they were too young and their brains were still developing. Is this not another good reason for controlled decriminalisation? I don’t think children should be able to get hold of cannabis any more than alcohol, but drug dealers are only out to make a profit and will sell to anyone.

The fact that contaminants are being added should have been the wake up call the government needed, but apparently they have allowed me and possibly millions like me to continue to subject ourselves to this unnecessary risk for the past year, obviously because they still imagine that cannabis is so socially unacceptable that seriously discussing decriminalisation will cost them too many votes.

I think that anywhere from 10-25% of the adult population are regular cannabis users, with many more having tried it, and an even greater proportion who are ambivalent to its use. What would the implication be for the country if such a massive number of people developed lung complaints from smoking this stuff?

I would like to able to say I'm just going to give up smoking, but the problem is I don't really want to, even if it means continuing to endanger my health. That may make me sound like some sort of addict, but I am just a nice, friendly normal guy who goes to work and pays his taxes and is nice to kids and animals, yet because of a stupid archaic law I am by definition a criminal, simply because I prefer to relax with a couple of joints with friends or on my own than to go for another more legitimate way to escape the troubles of this dreary world. I find it astonishing that the government continues to fight the decriminalisation of cannabis, yet stands idly by whilst a whole generation are sending themselves into a drink-fuelled oblivion most weekends, vomiting on pavements, engaging in criminal damage and kicking eachother's heads in. A plant that has been around for thousands of years is, to the government at least, less socially acceptable than this? Ridiculous!

If you want to discuss any of my points in more depth you can email me at


I fucking hate grit weed id rather buy bags that were smaller but not covered in this shit. worst thing is smoking though a bong cos it tastes like someones taken a shit in your mouth. i think all dealers selling grit weed should be reported to police for being dickheads.


new gritweed - finer

Haven't had gritweed for a few months, but I just got some nice looking weed which is definately fishy. It doesn't taste right and like a previous poster said, the crystals don't stick together when you rub them in your hands. Also, though it is dry it feels a bit moist. It has made my lungs hurt!
The total ***holes that are doing this must think we are stupid, because any toker with half a brain knows this weed is crap after 1 joint. I have now wasted over £200 on gritweed in a just over a year!!
We should petition the government. If there was a batch of potentially dangerous anabolic steroids (also class C) in the fitness/gym scene there would be uproar... and media/ government attention would be on it.. though it is illegal.
It feels like a conspiracy.. I say p*ss off 'Frank' - unless you are going to be a bit more like your name suggests.. I'm sick of weed smokers being made to feel like stupid dropouts by society when we contribute a hell of a lot more than the masses of beer-swilling, sun-reading, football-obsessed yobs.. Damn Neocons and Neoliberals..!

contaminated weed

evening all, i wud like to ask if anyone has come in to possession of 'oily' weed, i had sum about 2 months ago, i knew instantly that it was some sort of nangbood. (i can spot contaminated weed a mile off) it was damp/oily when i got it, and i knew it wernt freshly cropped. so i threw it behind my cupboard in anger, whilst on the dog n bone tryin to score more. well today i was clearing out sum stuff, wiv a nice homegrown reef on, (no nangness here), and i found it, and its still bumberklart wet/oily. WTF?? its like wen u pull a plaster off and play wiv the stickyness, or like running ya finger along the stickyside of duck tape, nasty stuff. as for grit weed i got sold sum and i knew and took it bak, coz
a)it looked like a bluey herb (5 deal) and it was a ten (i always get a ten to try it out )
B)it had way too many crystals on it not to smell awsome.
c)the 'crystal' blatently did not grow on a plant
d)loads of crystals are bunched up inn the 'armpits' of the stems.

n e way, i need sleeps naaw. c ya blik xxXx

Power to the People

All the Gritweed comes from Amsterdam and I can't see it ever stopping (why would they stop spraying there crops if they can increase profit by 20-50%). Take heed and start growing your own NOW or keep smoking and be part of the imminent silicosis outbreak that the government clearly couldn't give two fks about.

Power in Numbers


we got the most pukka buds ever in preston :)

and i mean... it blows ya head of...

keep smoking your shit people.. i got puk's

Remember guys weed is a big

Remember guys weed is a big money market even though it is ilegal, they have top scientist working for them, on grit or some other shite, i think its here to stay like tasty but full of crap fries at mc donald's, please grit boss just put the price up ill pay extra for the real deal, cunts

please grit boss just put

please grit boss just put the price up ill pay extra for the real deal, cunts

I second that. Quite frankly I'd rather pay 50 quid for an eight of untouched weed than 25 for grit.

Quality over quantity and health above all!

The health issues involved with the use of clean cannabis products I can handle, it's a calculated risk I'm willing to take. I'm not willing to risk unknown health problems or worse by smoking weed contaminated with God knows what.

There is only one solution to this problem. Legalise it! Allow people to grow 3 plants at a time indoors or outdoors. And/or have the governments of the world produce or import clean natural top notch weed and sell it taxed to just like they do with alcohol. The money involved with such business should give any politician a freaking hard on. It would easily cover the costs for any medical treatment users need due to the use of cannabis. And there would be plenty of money left to pay for education of the young ones, care of the elders and giving us social welfare benefits in general,, eg road maintenance etc. Another bonus is that organised crime will lose at least one cash cow.

It's time to wake up people! This is not just an issue for stoners. It concerns everyone who wants a better world.

Cannabis Sativa isn't just a recreational drug. It's also a medicine. It can provide us with food full of essential fatty acids. It can provide us with material for ecologic clothes and whatnot. It's a potential solution to global warming, energy needs and other environmental issues. Hear the alarm bells and wake up before it's too late. Hemp for victory!


talk about kicking people when they're down. and anyway preston is shit for weed i bin smokin for 13 years rocky (soap bar) and bud, rocky is just fake hashish cause hashish is sposed to be stronger than bud but even 13 years ago when it tasted ok it was prob' mixed with all kinds of dirty horse shit, i stopped smokin rocky less than a year ago when i found a clump of black hair in it which really opened my eyes. i tried to tell my friends about it but they still smoke it and it smells that bad i wanna puke if i'm in the same room when this shite is gettin smoked, even though they know that they are not gettin stoned off weed just straw, tranquilisers, bitumen, gook hair, and fuck knows whatever else THEY STILL BUY IT so if dogshagging smack dealing grit bosses who probably pimp their own baby sisters can still shift that plastic soap bar shit (which they definitely have been doin for at least 13 long years) they know that the dumb fucking small time dealers will still buy ounces off them cus they only give a fuck about themselves too and theyll just tell you and me its good weed while we're coughin blood out of our fuckin lungs well i hope all their houses burn while they sleep!!!! i know im a bit fuckin irate but i need to get stoned and the only weed i got is shitty gritty so fuck the lot of em

You know what? I have never

You know what? I have never been high before, I must admit that I was tempted but after reading these posts I am not anymore. I had no idea that drugs are so merciless, they simply take control over your life and make you witness to your own degradation... Nobody deserves to suffer that much, people need to understand that.


hello fello tokers

over the past year we have been getting this grit weed in cornwall,the first lot i had tasted sweet like sugar but then it turned to this glass beed, i dont buy it any more i just grow my own.

it makes me mad how people can sell this shit considering the effects if smoked, i tell ya if i see this shit getting sold i give them a good kickin and thats half the damage this shit is going to your lungs,

ive had a few mates complaining about sharp pain in there lungs when they breath i told them about the grit weed and what to look out for,now there back on the good stuff problem solved.

i blame it on the goverment with all the english growers being busted in the past year,i say legalise it then we wont have this problem

be worned gritt weed dealers im comming to kick your ass and thats a promise

"I blame it on the goverment

"I blame it on the goverment with all the english growers being busted in the past year"
English comercial growers are and have always been twats.
After 15 years of dodgy soap bar with no complaints the dealers rightly consider english smokers
I started smoking in 1972 and can honestly this is a fuckin pathetic situation

I think people should stop

I think people should stop fighting over marijuana and keep on going with their own lives.narconon

Its EVERYWHERE (and mouth ulcers/cyst!!!?)

Firstly, cant seem to get away from it. First the sand, then glassy particles, then sugar, then oil, now something so sly that it cannot be obviously detected by looking at it (unless u really know what ur looking for). Me and my boyfriend are going to quit smoking weed unless we know its been grown by a reliable source (which is hard to find).

We must have smoked at least a few henrys of the new microparticulate contaminated stuff before we realised that it defenitely was really contaminated. It looks like it should be really nice and strong, no grittyness in the mouth, etc. But it didnt smell like weed very much. Nor did it taste like it. Still, initially we thought we were just being paranoid because of all the past gritweed, and thought oh its probably just our imagination. It wasnt! I had had a sore throat and my lungs felt ruined, coughing loads more then usual, but to begin with i put this down to a slight cold i had.

After a while tho, i realised that the burning/scratchy feeling left at the back of our throats was the green. It didnt taste/feel right to smoke at all.

Then, after a few weeks of smoking it - daily - after having had quite a few joints that night, my boyfriend said he felt like something was stuck at the back of his throat where this pain/rawness had been. He was coughing violently and said he began to feel / taste blood trickling down his throat. He couged harder, and tried to jab the source (he was now convinced there was something "there" stuck, that shouldnt be) with his toothbrush. More blood. Eventually, he coughed up a small, white, hard cyst like lump that had been attached to the back of his throat. This is almost certainly from this weed. I had a look in his mouth and can see a small ulcer like spot where this growth must have been attached.

I have been trying to convince him to go to a doctor as it really worried me. He has smoked heavily for 7 years and NEVER had anything like this.


i started smoking weed about

i started smoking weed about two years ago, and from what im hearing this outbreak started shortly after i started. so basically i smoked copious amounts of the shit with no knowledge whatsoever of weed containing contaminents, because i had only just started out. i just presumed that my harsh throat was "dry mouth". i have a tight chest, and occasional sharp bubbling pains when i breathe. a few months back i coughed up a very hard and sharp chyst. even movement hurts my chest!! blood is in my snot, and my voice is almost non existant! im positive that my mates are suferring the same symptoms and many poor souls over europe. not smoking has made me feel slightly better but it is now a well known fact to many stoners that their lives will be cut short by more than a few years because of the governments inability to pull their fucking heads out of their fucking arses. im scared, im sure others are scared. its a waiting game now.

p.s yeah im stoned right now and paranoid as fuck, but i think theres a pretty good reason y

grit weed

hiya im worried about a friend of mine he has smoked a load of the grit weed so i think it is he said he heard something about a young lad that smoked it and died said that when they looked into his death they found a load of micro bits of glass that came from the weed and over time the glass had traveld to the bottom of his lungs then they give way well my friend he is suffering with a lot of pain from his lungs and he cries during the night cos he is in that much pain he has been to see the docs and hospital and explained this to them about the weed and they say they havnt heard of it and send him away saying there is nothing wrong im not sure what to do now ive searched the internet to try find as much about it as i can but ive had no such luck apart from this iff you can help us id really apreciate it thank you .

Hi. To the last poster


To the last poster :-

The docs and hospitals should have heard of it 3 separate notices have been sent to all medical workers this year (there has actually NEVER been a government comment on this !)

See -

If the doc's haven't heard of it they are simply not doing their job correctly.

This thread is also has lots of comments :-,9282,page=42

Btw - the newest forms seem to be industrial floor wax contamination - really really bad.

I am also having problemd breathing lately.

another reason to change the

another reason to change the law.
dont smoke it,cancer can come 20years after smoking in general., sooner i'd say with this grit shit. the makers and dealers deserve life behind bars. if u are a weed smoker, you should notice grit rubbish right away. simple solution, get light, seeds, get hours prefectly right, dont over water, feed in flowering cycle, flush last week, great clean weed everything.

its that dry in hereford i

its that dry in hereford i cant even get 1 joint!!!,,as for grit weeed yup thats about full of glass!!

sugar weed

ive recently smoked some of the latest scam weed, the sugar coated variety.
does anyone know whether this is as bad for you as the gritty type?

grit weed sugar weed oil weed

It seems it is becoming increasingly popular to add weight in whatever way possible. As soon as dealers have cottoned on that grit weed is doing nothing for their sales, this sugary weed comes along which is jammed solid and can taste sweet (like sugar, not high grade.) For me the grit and sugar type weeds have started disappearing due to exposure i guess and unhappy customers. The latest thing that has started coming up is 'oily weed.' When you squeeze it an oil like substance comes off on your fingers, if u put it on paper the paper will absorb it like greese off a doughnut, I've just been smoking it this week and it makes your chest tight and smells almost like burnt seeds in the joint, but maybe more chemically. Additionally it gives a shit miserable high some have compared to soapbar.

I dunno what it is but I'm getting pretty fed up of people contaminating gods gift and i'd like to know more about this 'oil' and how harmful it is???

sugar coated bud

Not as bad as grit, but still ever so slightly worrying.

So many people on here who feel the same, why isn't anything being done!!!!


Craig, Glasgow, Scotland. FEBUARY 2008.

I bought 2 oz of what looked and smelt like some beautiful weed. I go home and rolled one up, sparked it and after 2-3 puffs i felt something in my mouth.I put the joint down and rubbed my toungue around the inside of my mouth, WOW i had a mouth full of what felt like sand. When i closed my teeth i could feel it grinding at my teeth. I was real pissed off and didnt understand it. I picked a 3g bud out my bag and bit it in half, after 2 seconds i had to spit it out as it was covered in some kind of grit, at the time i thought sand. So once again fuckers are ripping people off by filling the weed with sand or grit to make it weight more. What the fucks happing in 2008, i can remember 4-5 years ago i could get a 0z of homegrown for £100 and import for £120-130 max. Now it seems to be even harder to find, its either wet, immature and full of leaves or covered in something,i ave also heard storys of weed smelling like piss and thats no joke. Instead of getting cheaper its getting more expensive plus some people (ASIANS) only sell £20 bags, which means if u want 7g (quarter) then its 3 £20 bags as most people only put 2.5-3.0g per bag. At the mo i am paying £140 for an oz of cali mist or ak-47 and its grown perfect. HURRY UP AND LEGALISE THE HARMLESS STUFF AND MAYBE WE WONT HAVE TO SMOKE GRIT,CHEMICALS OR LEAVES FROM THE LOCAL DEALER THATS DOES NOT GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT US OR OUR HEALTH.


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