Rorret Taerth

Y3S, the world of terror has gone backwards: Or if not backwards, then down to 0.2% which is definitely near to backwards in one particular direction.

I came across these figures on a site called "SPINWATCH" and I must admit, they speak volumes to me: Mainly - Don't beleive the shit you see in the mainstream papers or television news. In fact, better still: Don't even bother having a television.

To quote from SPINWATCH:
In their first report of this nature - European Terrorism Situation and Trend Report 2007 - Europol reports that across the EU there were 498 terrorist attacks in 2006. These include:

424 'ethno-nationalist and separatist' (mostly in France and Spain)

55 'left-wing and anarchist' (mainly Greece , Italy, Spain and Germany)

1 failed Islamist terrorist attack (in Germany, plus two more attempts allegedly foiled in Denmark and the UK)
1 right-wing terrorist attack (in Poland).........................//

//........................The report does also note that the 0.2% of attacks undertaken by Islamists resulted in fully half the 706 arrests in the EU being of Muslims. Unquote.

0.2% only two tenths of one percent. That leaves 98.8% that were non-Muslim terror attacks.

Would you say that these figures represent the reality of what we know about terrror attacks? Would you say that these figures are what is portrayed in the media regarding the origins or ethnicity of the terrorists from which we are under threat?

I certainly would not. These facts obviously do not say that we are under threat from Muslim terrorists. So, who are we under threat from?

The rest of the article, with lots of links, can be found here:

This is quite astounding! It

This is quite astounding! It was clear to most reasonably independent thinkers perhaps that the anti-Islamism that constitutes most of the "War On (Some) Terror" was well over-egged, and nothing less than inflammatory. But to see the actual figures like this really illuminates quite how bad this is. Myths perpetuated from politicians via mass media really are making the world a more insane and dangerous place to live in than it need be.

To disclaim, I haven't read the article yet, but it is top of the reading list for me now!

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