The mighty Squiggle Off

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Slack non-Poorhouse readers - the explanation is here

How about some rules? Open for discussion, but I say: challenge must be answered with nothing but Microsoft Paint (or equivalent if you haven't bought into Bill Gates' empire). I suggest that you can't use the square, circle or any other too-fanny tools, and you must only use the default colours. Obviously you can't erase or cover up any bit of the squiggle. Picture should submitted as either jpg or gif, artiste's choice. Any more?

Now then crazy foo' - you challenged with squiggle number 1. I answer with:

Nothing fishyNothing fishy

You may bow before me and plead for mercy.

Unless yo' wanna go cry 2 ur m0mma, you better have a go with this bad boy:

Have thisHave this

Reply below sucka - you should find you can put images in the comments box below.

Have this back

Bit of artistic license used here - bit of flip/rotate but original lines and relative positioning have not been altered...swingin'swingin'

A new challenge

Now I've raised the standard, please put some more effort into this one...

Guess the beast

Erm, not sure that you will believe it, but I did put plenty of effort in here. 3 days worth, albeit mostly "thinking". It has interfered with everyday life to a degree I couldn't cope, hence the output.

What am I?: In dangerWhat am I?: In danger

So to try and absorb some of the no doubt forthcoming ridicule (though you will see I stole your shading technique), here's one for you (badboy).

It's blueIt's blue

Restaurant psychedelica


Your turn now

can i join in?

pretty pretty pretty please??

i love MS paint.

Yes you must!

Of course you may join in. Get MSPainting. Am a bit scared though because I am fully aware of your prowess...but maybe it's time to teach us amateurs something huh?

Feel free to take the challenge above! 2 entries are better than the actress said to the bishop. My entry however will be so amazing it will be justified it took several days to do (I say this without starting it yet but it will be true, Mystic Meg told me so). Once a challenge is complete, you may of course issue new ones.


PS: You'll have to log in "properly" to put your pics up here, we don't allow just any old painter to spread their wares. When you log in, you should see an "add image" bit at the bottom of the text box.

Slightly grim

Sorry it's a tad morbid, but days of thinking left me with only this mental possibility. Here's my attempt...can the almighty Gemma begin to rival this classic me-wonders!?

Punishment for the loserPunishment for the loser

And here's another one for you. Small request actually, can we save the Squiggle challenges as .gif files (use the dropdown in the "save as" box in paint to change it from jpg) please? That way you don't get the weird speckle effects this has. All such texturing should be done by natural skill alone in my humble opinion. Just like the tree bark effect above; can you believe it actually wasn't a photograph?

Right - have a bit of this.


slightly skewed perspective

but still behold retro manager's office with coat stand lady turning up for an interview.

wow the monkey thing was a bit dark adam...

Retro manager's officeRetro manager's office

we all love music

we all love music

And we all love yo' skillz

A strong couple of entries there Gemzor, good call. So speedy too! I am praying for divine inspiration.

ooh scary!: I'm not sure

ooh scary!: I'm not sure what this is, apart from excellent. Have I won?ooh scary!: I'm not sure what this is, apart from excellent. Have I won?

wow that is pretty special.

think my face bit is the sad flower.

laura - have anything to beat that?

let me know when you want me to submit a squiggle to be squiggle offed.



Indeed, that is a surprisingly good first entry from the new contender, I stand back in impressed amazement. Let's hope it doesn't give nightmares to sweeet innocent children. The line accuracy of what might be a frog with a hugely oversized hat on is so good I almost think you invested in a specialist graphics tablet and the latest photoshop to create it. Good work.

I am more than ready for a new squiggle so please feel free. Contenders who have not submitted samples at this point can always have a catch up session or just miss 'em out.

there we go.

squiggly quiggly quigglysquiggly quiggly quiggly

how did i get the name dan mixed up with adam? oh well been a weird week.

hello dan. nice pic.

big fat whale: this is an

big fat whale: this is an art attackbig fat whale: this is an art attack

hairy bird

Well it was pretty damn tricky to squeeze one out - especially as a) the squiggle was hard, and b) how could anyone rival the beautiful seagull and intense finely detailed goldfish, and umm...scary toothed thing, but I can't give up at this stage.

Ladies and Gentlemen...whether you prefer spherical hairy birds or have a hammer fetish, this work of art has something for all:

It's tooltime!It's tooltime!

A squiggle will be forthcoming tomorrow at the latest I promise, unless anyone drops one in first. I have been too exhausted preparing the above to do one now, I'm sure you understand.

Here's another

As your worst.

Do your linesDo your lines

a new contender

I made my friend Euan aware of our ongonig squiggle off. he has entered the following piece. Be astounded....
A new contender :)A new contender :)

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