weird approach outside the Apple store...

Any guesses as to what this might be? Me and 3 friends were standing outside the Apple store in NYC when a woman in her mid 20's (we're 19-22) comments on my friend's jeans (they were plain). Then she brings up things like football and the subway. My friend with the jeans is shy so she turned her attention to another friend. She points out the building behind the apple store and says she works there.. blah blah. She asks my friend for his number, a week later, today, he's walking out in a suit to meet her somewhere.
The whole thing from the beginning was weird, it felt like she was giving a powerpoint presentation when talking to us. I'm thinking she was doing some guerrilla-style market research, that, or she's a scientologist.

Most strange...I can't think

Most strange...I can't think of anything better than your guesses! Was it clear what the building she works in does? More importantly...did your friend return alive after seeing her? Am most curious if he would like to tell you what went on, and if he is now in a cult?! He was rather brave to give his number to a random weirdo who was working her way through your other friends too!

I suppose it could have been one of those "oh you've won a free holiday" type things that ends up costing you a stack of money for no obvious reason, but in my experience they are rather less subtle than that. Intriguing!

Most probably that woman is

Most probably that woman is some kind of a saleperson who can approach a group of people just like that. Or maybe she really wants to know you male friend and thats her way of creating/starting a conversation.

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