Get extra money for what you already do

In these days of Internet capitalism there is nothing better for a greedy web-author than a surfeit of rich visitors being sent to your site to spend money on your things. As such, websites regularly advertise on each other in arrangement that if website A sends a visitor to website B, B will pay A a small amount of cash. This is lovely for website A, but not so good for you unless you own the website A. Unless you play the referrals game.

Now go and look at Quidco. Here, hundreds of referral links are set up for numerous different product types, ranging from electronics to books, holidays, games, gambling, insurance and much much more. Every time you go to the site through them and make a purchase (or in a couple of cases just visit), Quidco receives money from the site in question. The difference with Quidco is that they pay the money to you either by Paypal or BACS bank account transfer. How pleasant.

Their revenue model works for them in that once a year they will take £5 out of your stash. However, if you haven't earned £5 they will only take what you have earned (maybe £0) so the worst that can happen by you signing up is that you will have wasted 2 minutes of your life.

Technically you could probably set up your own version of several of the referral links if you were a decent webmaster to avoid the £5 fee, but for one it would take you ages to sort out hundreds of individual accounts, and secondly as they are a relatively big and popular service in the field they negotiate preferential rates. Where you might be able to wangle 5% of your CD purchase back, they can use their purchasing power to get you 10%.


  • Make sure you access the site that will get you money via - and only via - the link on Quidco itself. Just having a Quidco account and going on the site independently will not work. You must use the link on
  • Before you actually go to the link via Quidco, erase your cookies. Cookies are little files on your computer that can track where you've been and what you've done. If you happen to already have a cookie for a site you go to via Quidco, it might be that it defers to whatever information is in the cookie hence ignoring the fact you came from Quidco and giving you £0. In Internet Explorer, this means going to the Tools menu, then Internet Options, then clicking "Delete Cookies".

    Warning: cookies are used to store logins, user preferences and so on so beware you don't lose any information you don't know from another source. Quidco suggests - and the Poorhouse agrees - that you use a separate web-browser to do your Quidco than your regular surfing. You can download several alternative web browsers for free e.g. Firefox or Opera

  • It is best to disable any adblocking / anti-popup software. Similar to the cookies issue above, it is possible your added security will stop the site you visit knowing you came from Quidco. This is another reason to go a-surfing with a different browser than your main one. But you don't have to - just remember to delete your cookies and disable your advert-blocking software before using, don't go to any dodgy sites and then re-enable them after your transaction is done.

It still isn't a guaranteed income; there are any number of geeky factors that may stop your purchase being registered to Quidco accurately. However, following the tips above, the Poorhouse has a 100% success 0% risk record so far.

A random smattering of deals you can get via Quidco are below. See their site for many, many more. Look after the pennies...

  • 5% off CDWOW purchases
  • £7.50 bonus for doing a free Blockbuster DVD trial
  • up to 6% off PC World purchases
  • up to £45 for signing up with Morethan insurance
  • £10 for signing up to William Hill and depositing at least £5
  • 10p for searching for something on Kelkoo
  • £1.33 for sending off for a free Kitten care pack
  • £37 for getting a new phone through carphone warehouse

(Again, you can thank the wunder-Kat for this tip top money saving technique. Anyone who thinks it would be better if she just wrote the stories here herself and bypass the middle-Poorhouse can feel free to send her cash until she complies)



don't tell everyone, they'll all want one!

entrepreneurial genius

Don't worry, not everyone will have the entrepreneurial genius of you Katty!

If only Quidco had a referral scheme themselves!! You could be a self-made billionaire via free-stuff evangelising without even having to click on stuff.

Now you're talking

I reckon I'd be good at lecturing people about the benefits of t'internet. Mystery Shopping's the future, I know, I've tasted it.

Hi, A clear and concise


A clear and concise article. I'm looking forward to having a browse around the rest your website.

I'd just like to add that I think Quidco's revenue model must also consists of the interest they are earning on referral money before they pass it on to their subscribers. There are a lot of similar websites out there that shave off a percentage of the referral fees rather than charging a flat £5 per annum. In my opinion, as a user, Quidco's model is the best.

As well as discounts, there are a lot of gambling merchants that are offering incentives in excess of what has to be spent to 'earn' them. I've made over £100 this year by taking advantage of this kind offer. I've published an account of my Quidco experiment here:

Arkad's Quidco Cashback Experiment



Quido and gambling


Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the article. I definitely agree Quidco seems to have the best revenue model, certainly the easiest to get one's head around what with it dealing with real money rather than points and commissions and so on. You have an interesting point re the interest they earn. I hadn't thought of it before but I suppose given enough users it could add up to a seriously high amount!

Thanks also for the link to your article. I am happy to see Quidco has been lucrative for you too! About the gambling, which as you say often has very high cashback, rather than betting on something and risking losing (although as you make clear you still profit because of Quidco!), several of the Quidco bookies offer free bets when you sign up (e.g. you stake £10 of your money, they will give you £10 as a reward for signing up). I wondered if you had considered matched betting in these cases so you are guarenteed (I know it sounds unlikely but it works!) to win at least most of the free bet back and come away with both Quidco and gambling profits every time? There is an article about it on this site here and/or the wonderful moneysavingexpert forums have a wealth of info and helpful people to explain it further here.

Good luck!

quidco scam

My quidco account was good until i requested payment, then they decide to refuse paying me via paypal even though this is a method they use,
I asked paul one of the site owners there and his email reply stated he couldnt tell me why he would not pay me my earning via paypal (thats a lie for sure, he made that decison himself)
I was referred by a friend , but i cetainly wont recommend them to anyone ,i will if asked about quidco try and make people stay well clear, as far as im concerned the just want to keep my earnings simple as that.
any comments can be left as i will check daily or you can email me direct
I hope this is not being done often,
best wishes to all tina.


Sorry to hear you've had such difficulties with quidco. So they didn't ever give you a reason why they wouldn't pay you for transactions that validated etc.!? That seems ridiculous on their part. I have only really heard of problems with people "misusing" accounts, I guess setting up fake transactions or repeatedly getting the same quotes for something they're not interested in and Quidco closed their (whole) account. But presumably this wasn't the case for you as it sounds like you still have an account, just no money??

Have to admit I haven't personally had any "real" money turn up yet. This is probably because I haven't been doing it long enough (things can take a couple of months or more to come through so I understand). I felt it was pretty safe once things had tracked because it seems to get very good reviews on other internet sites and one of my now-favourite places moneysavingexpert. Also I guess there's nothing to lose per se, but it is entirely unfair if they are making money out of your account and not paying you without a good reason. Have you heard of anyone else with similar problems at all? Or is there any other way you can take this forward with them to try and get a positive result?

Quidco paid me


Just wanted to add that now I have received "real" money (not far off £80, not bad for doing almost nothing huh?!) from Quidco into my bank account. Which is just as well with Christmas time being so expensive of course. More is due next month all being well, some of which of course is cashback on Xmas presents.

So it's 100% recommended from me...Tina, hope you got your money in the end!

Hi Tina, Have they

Hi Tina,

Have they completely refused to pay you? Or are they just refusing to pay with PayPal? I can't believe they
"just want to keep" your earnings. There must be so many other ways they could make money without pissing off their members like this. So they must have their reasons although it does seem odd that they wouldn't tell you. Now they have BACS I wonder if they're just trying to avoid paying large amounts out with PayPal. I wouldn't blame them.

I've always found them very helpful so I hope you can get it sorted it out yet - let us know if you have any luck!



Hello again,

I did consider matched betting but the profits were too small and it involved extra work. Also, I do enjoy having a flutter from time to time :) However, matched betting is a fantastic idea for anyone who isn't prepared to lose their stake. I should also add that some bookies don't award the free bet money until the original bet has finished making matched betting impossible (with the same bookie). Additionally, if you win with a free bet, some bookies only give you the winnings and not your original stake back.

Sorry you had a bad experience with Quidco, Tina. Personally, I didn't have a problem but there is always the risk that the merchants won't pay up for whatever reason. If they had paid Quidco and it was Quidco that was witholding your cash, I would be very disappointed in them for not giving you an explanation.

The Richest Man in Atherstone

Hi, If you're happy to risk


If you're happy to risk the stake, then good luck! Certainly your potential profits are higher if you can take the potential losses :-) Anyone considering doing it should definitely be aware as you say of the various different conditions, e.g. having to make qualifying bets, the stake not being returned and so on, but if anyone feels it's worth making the effort then it works well! I would never match-bet within a single bookie myself because I'd be scared that they might pick that up and claim it's some sort of abuse.

Best of luck with being the Richest Man in Atherstone!

Quidco is good but I've

Quidco is good but I've started using which also offer 100% cashback
They reply to questions within the same day, so you don't have to wait weeks for an answer like some other cashback sites around.

Hi, thanks for the tip-off,

Hi, thanks for the tip-off, sounds good. Unfortunately the site doesn't seem to be working at present though - I get "can't find the server" errors...?

Cashback Website Comparison

Great article!

Quidco is one of the better cashback websites out there. There are many that are worse and one or two that are better, depending on what your looking for. Some offer incentives just for joining, others promise to give you 100% of the cashback you earn (instead of skimming a bit off the top for themselves) and some charge annual fees.

For this reason, I've put together a comparison table to help people decide which cashback websites fulfils their requirements best. I've also put together a short report on how to earn money from cashback websites. Feel free to take a look over at

Take care :)


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