Google's favicon - ugh

What on earth do they think they've done?! When doing the usual lazy 100-tabs-in-one-browser surfing session, the Poorhouse was befuddled to see that there seemed to be no Google-icon-clad tab open in the browser despite the fact that at least 10 different resource-sapping results pages should surely be open.

It turned out that no, it was not some magic anti-Google fairy closing things, but rather that Google have changed their "favicon" – that little image that sits in your Favourites and tab corners. Below, courtesy of Google Operating System, is what the old one looked like compared to the new one. Poorhouse verdict on the change? Lame.

Main problem – well, it's different isn't it, and rather unrecognisable. That is admittedly rather a Luddite attitude to the brave new world, but to try and give it some sort of rationalisation, let's say that it is shockingly different from the typeface in their real logo. It kind of looks like a duck with its head bent back, or a mutilated 8. It also kind of looks a bit generic to the Poorhouse, as though some other sites have something very similar, but the Poorhouse has no sources to cite aside a gut feeling so really that's probably just made-up criticism for the sake of it.

Why the change after a good 8+ years of nice recognisable clear type? Searchengineland (doesn't sound as fun as Cakeland but hey, beggars can't be choosers), quotes Google as saying:

We recognized there was a need for a Google icon that would better work across multiple applications including web, mobile and client applications. We felt the small 'g' had many of the characteristics that best represent our brand: it's simple, playful, and unique. We will be looking to improve and enhance this icon as we move forward.

So perhaps it will change again soon. Preferably to a box with a capital G in it. Mind you, could be worse, possibly. Here's some of the other ideas they considered.


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