Horray - stop seeing those awful Facebook applications

Rejoicement! The Poorhouse has previously mentioned his distaste of massively long lame-application-filled Facebook pages, where the only interesting bit - the wall - is right at the bottom. It's a particular problem when corporate race-booking. It's hard enough to disguise Facebook as work as it is without massive colourful pirates shouting "Shiver me timbers!", a picture of a toilet roll counting how many people you peed on and the lads-mag-esque illustration that is the output of FilthBook. You know who you are.

Solution? Use your web browser to hide it all.

See, for instance, Facebook Profile Cleaner, a script for Greasemonkey, in itself an add-on for Firefox, a fine fine web-browser. This automatically knocks out the annoying applications people add, leaving you with the Friends, Photos, Info, Education/Work and Wall by default. A minor bit of self-explanatory script editing allows you to add and subtract from that list.

There's also a perhaps more user-friendly script that does a similar job if you want to customise it, except by default it doesn't block all applications. Whenever you see an app you don't want to see again, click the cross overlayed on it, and that app will never show again unless you re-enable it. This is Facebook custom app hider.

If you can't be bothered with Greasemonkey (some would say you're a fool but...) you could always go for the rather more fully-featured Boost for Facebook add-on. One of its "30+ special features" allows you to hide applications. Other exciting things include updating your status from a toolbar, a sidebar showing your friends, hiding advertisements if you're into that sort of thing (bear in mind that Facebook is substantially paid for by advertising), and some useful features regarding albums such as full-size view rollovers, download all pictures and so on. Well, "useful" in the sense that anything related to Facebook is useful.

The only problem with the above goodies is that they all require that you use Firefox as your web-browser to work. This is fine generally because Firefox is both free and good.

However, in corporate-land - the exact place you need these features most - few standard installs are likely to have it present. Still, using the Portable Edition of Firefox together with an Internet Explorer theme might do the job covertly enough if it's really that important.


what have I done???

god help me, after much peer pressure I joined. I thought I had a spine!!!

You've done terrible things

...but we all only have so much willpower. Phase 2: be my friend (shortly followed by play scrabble with me).

Oh, I'm your friend all

Oh, I'm your friend all right, all that poking!

Roll on phase 2!


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