Housework + geekery = fun?

Housework; even the name doesn't sound that interesting. A "house", well it's a nice thing to have, but not especially known for adrenalin-filled rock 'n' roll rides in most cases. More a shelter from adrenalin-filled rock 'n' roll rides. "Work"; for this one clearly no further explanation is needed. So we need to find some way of making housework a bit more interesting and hence not ending up dead in a filth pit of infested evil muck one day (or, worse yet, ending up on "Life of Grime").

Enter…Chore Wars. Geekgasm!

The one geeky thing the Poorhouse has not really ever got into is online role playing games. However, for those that have (and don't think the Poorhouse isn't even slightly tempted to dip a toe in), the Chore Wars website lets you convert the tedious ordeals of dusting, vacuuming, washing up et al. into a big fat competitive RPG battle filled with "XP" (experience points one imagines), character levels, classes, treasure, gold, monsters and adventures. Whoo yeah!

Your household (or feasibly office-hold, if like all good bureaucracies, you have enough tedious generic tasks to pull it off) logs in, someone sets up the tasks to be done and suitable (virtual) rewards for doing so and it all kicks off. Watch your happy family race to get the dusting done, whizz to the washing up and climb spiked fences just to clean the toilet. As you log each task completed your rewards will stack up. They don't actually do anything at present, but the site does suggest you could convert them into real-world thingymajigs; a "fizzy potion" would clearly translate into being bought a cheeky vimto for instance.

Of course you can lie and cheat your way to maximum gold, but then you'll lose the "respect" of your group even more than you may have done by signing up to such a thing in the first place.

So, who wants to play? Come round, get cleaning up the Poorhouse mess and sure enough you'll get some sort of "virtual reward". See Penny Arcade for the sort of thing that would likely happen.


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