How to cure a stuck voicemail indicator

With all the flashy control-the-world-from-the-palm-of-your-hand stuff that exists these days the Poorhouse realised some of the back to the basics features of mobile phones were being a bit taken for granted. Voicemail eh? Borrring! Using your ears!? Who needs it when you can twitter your life away in a facebook of madness?

Nonetheless, for those who don't minute by minute push-commentate their dull and insignificant little lives voicemail is still a nice useful feature. It went wrong on the Poor-phone recently, insomuch as the "you have voicemail" symbol and sound got stuck on forever."

This was rather annoying because not only did you therefore not know whether you really had voicemail or not, but also every so often a nasty jangly noise would set off to remind you to check...nothing. Even turning it off and on again didn't help goddamnit.

The inner geek prevailed and an investigation into what exactly sets of the notification had to take place. It seems what happens when a voicemail is left is that the phone company sends a special SMS message saying "yeah voicemail" or similar. Now the user doesn't tend to see it per se, because the phone handset knows how to interpret it and instead lights up the "dial your answerphone you fool" sign.

And when indeed you have dialled, listened and deleted, the plan is that the phone company sends a second special SMS message saying "all done", which the phone interprets and turns off the flashing dial-in annoyance. However, should something weird happen and that second message is never received, the symbol will not go away.

Solution? Trivial once you know. Leave yourself a voice message. Listen and delete it. You should get the special SMS message and off goes the message indicator. Whoo yeah.

For anyone coming up with plans about how to annoy their nearest and dearest with strobing their voicemail icon (well, you need something to do now Harry Potter is out...and yep, it seems the leaks reported earlier were indeed lies rather unsurprisingly), then software such as NowSMS seemingly allows you to manually send voice mail on/off messages to your heart's content.


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