Insurance that actually pays out when it should

Just to prove the Poorhouse isn't just a negative nelly, here's a recommendation of sorts for that most boring of purchases, insurance. Whoo. With topics like this, it would almost make this site more interesting just to not update it ever.

The advantage of this company - namely - and basis of the random Poorhouse recommendation, is that it actually paid out on its insurance when it should have, without so much as an long-winded argument let alone the normal legal threats necessary to extract even 20p of the thousands you are owed from your average insurance company.

Regular readers might know the Poorhouse got into a bit of holiday trouble recently, involving a lost or stolen passport, money and other important stuff. Luckily travel insurance was in operation and upon return in less than two weeks they paid out the correct amount without annoying pointless fights. Admittedly the specific claim form they emailed did seem a little unrelated to the claim itself, but after filling it out to the bets of ability and writing a nice story about the event in question and relevant costs, a nice letter and cheque full the full amount claimed arrived maybe a couple of weeks later.

It's also bargainous, being one of the cheapest for the 1-trip insurance that the Poorhouse required; plus you can get 15% cashback if you are part of the quidco elite.

The payout did not cover all the costs incurred by passport lost but that's just because the cover was only up to £250 for passport-loss related expenses, so they can't really be blamed for that. A handy tip though is that if you're the type to lose the most important of documents regularly you might like to get higher level of cover, especially if you're off abroad. It's hard to say exactly, but the Poorhouse reckons it cost more than double that to sort out - but getting insurance payout was a big, big help in not having to commit serious financial crimes to get by.


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