Is there poo in a Big Mac and other burning issues

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The 26500+ McDonalds fast food burger-muck "restaurants" and their ilk do have something of a dubious reputation, including issues regarding food quality, unhealthiness, environmental concerns, employee exploitation and so on, despite many a corporatey ad-campaign to try and persuade us that all that happens on a typical day in a restaurant is that pretty girls go in for a salad - and probably not the McD's chicken salad that was actually more fattening than their cheeseburger.

Of course McDonalds likes to claim that this is mostly undeserved. To show their deep, deep love for you, the consumer, they have taken the - in many ways admirable - step of setting up an interactive website so you can "so that you can find out anything you'd like to know about McDonald's food, business, people and practices." Send in your questions, and McDonalds will answer them. All the answers are pointless corporate schmooze of course, but the Poorhouse had literal LOLs occurring simply be reading some of the ones that made it to be published.

Credit to McDonalds then for not going overboard on the censorship. It almost makes up for the repetitive answers. Really you should explore away yourself, but here's a few Poorhouse-selected highlights shown by the great evil Satan corporate machine. If you ever wanted to find out the answers to any of these burning questions, click on over to their site (or, to save you time, imagine the word "no" repeated 100 times).

To be fair, following Fast Food Nation revelations, some of the questions aren't as ridiculous as they might seem, but nonetheless they are pretty damn funny - as long as you're not considering eating anything McDonalds is making.

  • iz your chicken made by all the leftovers of a chicken bein grinded up and then put into batter for your customers to eat because real chicken is in stips, your chicken is mushy lumps?
  • Is any of your food out of date & do u put any rotten food in your bugers
  • if your meet is 100 percent beef why does it not look real it looks like compressed meat
  • I read in the paper that some burger contain poo. Is this really true? If so, what proportion of burgers contain poo?
  • Why are you burgers just pieces of tastless rubber in plastic buns?
  • isit true that there has been a case where a person has found a eyeball in one of your burgers??
  • Is it true that you use worms to thicken the meat in your burgers?
  •   I've always wondered whether you put dog-food or horsemeat in your burgers?
  •   Is it true that there is lip in the burgers?
  •   Do you put cow's brains in your burgers?
  • do you put brain cells in your burgers
  • is it true that your burgers are made up off the unwanted parts of the cow eg testiclas, eye balls.
  • why do u leave the viens in the burgers? you can see them as round objects in the burger
  • Is it true that the meat in cheeseburgers include some insects and actually many other ingredients ?
  • what part of the cow do you use in the burgers cos i heard it was the teeth.
  • are your burgers made in any part by cows eye sockets?
  • I heard that your burge meat is taken from from the vagina of cows. Can you confirm 100% that this is not true?
  • Is there really cow sperm in the burgers?
  • Is it true that your burgers contain approximately 10% faecal matter?
  • I just wondered how you can sell a chocolate milkshake that doesnt taste remotely like chocolate. I know, I just purchased one and it honestly tasted of nothing, but by this time I was in my car, on the M60 motorway going to my next appointment. Very disappointing.
  • Are your milkshakes made from dogs lips?
  •  Do you put hair in your milkshakes
  • Is it true you put cow ears in your milkshake?
  • is it true your milkshakes contain chicken skin?
  • do you put feathers in your "shakes"?
  • is it true that there is paint in your chicken nugets?
  • are there eyeballs of chikens in the chiken nuggets
  • Is the rumour true that McDonald's chicken nuggets are made from Chicken feet?
  • is it true you use uranium in your chilli sauce?
  • Why does everything your produce taste so awful?
  • Why do after eating the Big Mac I feel sick the next day?
  • why does all mc donald's food smell the same?
  • do you add drugs to make people addicted to your food?

and we've saved what is quite possibly the best to last...

  • Why did your emplyees ejactulate into my grandmother's milkshake?

The answer to which was not "because it was funny".

(via B3TA and no doubt half of the rest of the weborama).

Little video treat seeing as it's the weekend. 3 parts of a newsnight debate between Eric Schlosser and some big bad important McDonalds guy.


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