Mario Party bad word shocker

Wash your mouth outWash your mouth outDagnammit, one of the Poorhouse highlights of 2007 is being delayed again. Yep, another push-back for the Mario Party 8 Wii extravaganza. OK, it'll probably be pretty much the same as the other seven, it is written for 5 year olds, but hey, it's Mario Party; even Mario Party with barrel lassoing!

It was actually released in the UK a few days ago, but swiftly retracted. Whyso? "the wrong version of the game disk being included following an assembly error" according to Nintendo. The truth is funnier. It contained a naughty bad word. Tut tut.

Kamek, a bespectacled wizardy looking orangey-bloke thing, is the offender. In introducing some fun minigame or other, he has the following to say:

Magikoopa magic!
Turn the train spastic!
Make this ticket tragic!

What the translator team clearly did not get is that in the UK the word "spastic" has been twisted into something rather pejorative and insulting, or as Wikipedia currently defines it, a "term of abuse for an ungainly or physically inept person", although it's not really deserving of being called a swear word as the Game shop initially apparently did. Mario Party is using it in a purely descriptive and factual way (to describe train-shaking one assumes) and to be honest the Poorhouse could easily have lived with it, but it is not surprising it's upset some people.

Evidence followeth:

Actually it's at least the second time that the s-word has caused videogamery-controversy in very recent times.

The Nintendo DS game MindQuiz was also removed from the UK marketplace when it was discovered that now and then if you were a dismal, dismal failure at it it would chuck out an enhanced version of the seven-letter semi cuss-word to let you know just how brain-alert you are. Now this does seem a little more offensive:

Latest Mario Party 8 UK release date: 3rd August. Conveniently pre-birthday for the Poorhouse the nearest and dearest will no doubt agree.

(Ta to brother dearest for the tip-off)


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