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Palin's policies

Sarah Palin: nasty

As you might have heard, it's not so far off before the election for the President of the great free world and universe etc. (i.e. the United States) is to take place. Candidates are in place, debates are in motion, and the usual kind of tedious - but not as tedious as the UK it must be said - political process is in action.

One particular enlivening star in a world of otherwise lacklustre Republican (ugh) politicos is of course Sarah Palin, the vice-presidential candidate to John McCain's presidency for their party. The more the Poorhouse learns about her, the more bad-film-fictitious the whole event seems. The film "Legally Blonde", as well as being awesome, had a greater credibility to it than the thought of Palin as VP (and perhaps even the president, should McCain who is not far off the average US life expectancy sort of age anyway, plus has his all too often mentioned Vietnam war injuries to contend with) come to a sticky end - and the protagonist was a whole lot more decent too.

Half-price Guardians (the newspapers)

Just like pornography, you can't stumble blindly around the internet for more than 2 minutes without coming across some news. Ugh. Yep, with the sheer profusion of internet version of news papers, news aggregator sites, bloggers rehasing, enhancing and reporting new stories, you can’t get away with it.

Somehow though, actual-paper newspapers just won't die. And that's good actually, trees aside, because the Poorhouse does like a non-electronic browse of the comings and goings of the world now and then. Plus, a computer’s an expensive thing to drop down the toilet.

What else the Poorhouse likes is being cheap. So join the fun, and get these free vouchers for a month's worth of half price Guardians and Observers. Yep, it's even one of the nicer types of paper!

Know your terrorist

What a silly title eh? As if we don't constantly have images, videos, sights and sounds of "our" terrorist foe drummed into us every time we do anything other than literally watch paint dry. I mean, this little game of spot the terrorist isn't exactly difficult is it? Try your luck!

A bonus for your paypacket

Tax tax blah blah blah. It's not often that it's worth paying all that much attention to jibbery Government statements on tax and the like, but now and then it's something to get excited about. The Poorhouse has nothing against tax as a concept, being a great fan of at least some variants of the welfare state, but the amount of money squandered away into pointless, even harmful, stuff by Governments is something of a deterrent to the joy of giving. So it's nice to get a brucie-bonus back.

This month, gang, if you (as a UK worker) earn between £6035 and £40835 per year, check for a bonus £60 in your wages! Whoo!

Worth its weight in...?

Things are worth different amounts of money. Shocking, the Poorhouse knows. But as a measure of this, consider the measure of "monetary density" as defined over at evilmadscientist.com.

"Normal" density of a substance, as all you GCSE science-educated people will know, is mass divided by volume. Lead is more dense in this case than say feathers. But what about in terms of monetary density: value in currency over mass?

A password pickle

Haven't we all had that embarrassing phone call with tech support? "Hello user, please tell me your password so we can proceed.". Aside from some rather immense insecurities that often come with such a request, it seems that in at least 77.3% of the time, the password you have to go is something to the effect of "[COMPANY YOU'RE SPEAKING TO]-is-shit-01". Best, of course, done when it's the helpdesk of the company you "loyally" work for. Well, it'd be awkward if you cared, the Poorhouse guesses.

Apparently, some people do.

A home for the 'beauty-disadvantaged'

Mayor Molony: attracts the unattractive

Stereotypical Australia isn't exactly known for its female-respecting culture. The mayor of Mount Isa over there is not doing his best to improve their reputation. But it's all in a good cause: satiating primitive male desires whilst bring a smile to the (ugly) face of love-non-stricken laydeez.

Mount Isa is a "testosterone town" full of male miners. In fact, there's about 5 men to every 1 women out there. Annoying, and not great for the reproductive prospects of that town either the Poorhouse is sure. So, what's the solution?

Are you (going to be) sitting comfortably?

Sitting down is nice to do, isn't it? Not as nice as lying down perhaps, but hey, beggars can't be choosers and for some reason there is a social taboo on lying horizontal in many public spaces.

But some sitting down is nicer than others. Often this is to do with cushion quotient, padded seat back and the like; but much of this is out of your control when out and about. But even in the most horrendous trapped spaces - yes, even aeroplanes -  perhaps the internet can help you sit more comfortably.

Scrabulous the second

Scrabulous rhymes with fabulous, and it is. It's an online version of Scrabble, and it's main Poorhouse selling-point is that it is available as a Facebook application. So whilst seeing that "XX is on the toilet" you can also batter them at what is probably the world's most famous word game. In fact, for many, it's basically the reason Facebook is actually worth logging on to.

Unfortunately, the Scrabulous guys are not the same as the Scrabble guys, and a nice (legal) fight has been going on for a while whilst the Scrabble owners try and remove the Scrabulous facebook application as breach of intellectual property rights. Not too sure why the actual Scrabulous.com website is immune here, but unless it's just the reporting it seems that it's the Facebook application that's the main point of contention.

Watch DVDs on your Wii

For months, edging on years, now there's been speculation, comment and complaint about how the otherwise beauteous Nintendo Wii can't play (film) DVDs even though quite clearly it has a DVD drive. It's hardly the biggest issue ever, DVD drives are 10 a penny now, but it would have been nice for those broken DVD-player emergencies. Plus Nintendo themselves, so it was said, claimed it was coming in a version 2 Wii which was later shelved/massively delayed.

No need to wait for mythical version 2 mind! Clever Wii-hackers have worked out how to get the lovely white beast that you already own - if you have any sort of good console taste - to play DVDs . Whoo!

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