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Down and dirty - battle on the QWERTY

Britain, for some strange reason, is due to host the Olympics in 2012. Hence now is the time to start dreaming up ridiculous sports that we might have a chance of winning a few medals at. For those whose mind immediately goes to the world of speed mobile phone "texting" (or as Neighbours recently termed it "ess-emm-ess-ing"), well it is a contender but there is already competition out there.

For, dear readers, a couple of days ago it was the US National Texting Championships.

The effectiveness of abstinence counselling

The Poorhouse previously ranted about the failures of the US-led Silver Ring Thing abstinence-only sex "education". Now it seems some more results are in regarding the $176,000,000 Federally-funded abstinence programmes that George "it's worked when it's tried" Bush et al. so favour.

Mathematica Policy Research Ltd have recently published a survey study carried out under instructions from the US Congress. Whilst the study itself runs to a rather humoungous 164 pages, in summary they split a bunch of the US kids that these abstinence programmes target in two and gave one of the halves a pile of abstinence counselling a la the Ring Thing, and left the other half to get on with it as they see fit.

Upon review, the 16 year old respondents who had not been given the abstinence treatment lost their virginity at a rather low - and rather illegal - age of 14.9. So is the Poorhouse going to have to swallow the anti-ring words previously spat out and learn to love the wisdom of President Bush?

Way to a man's heart

Romance is perhaps not the first word that springs to mind upon considering the raison d'etre of the Poorhouse, but dearest readers, prepare to have your world-view shattered. Upon the daily scraping of trash magazines read by the Poorhouse an article appeared, albeit rather untimely in nature, providing information revealing mystic secrets of the world of love - and finally, how to definitively get yo' man, girlfriend.

Never one to wait for an appropriate time, here's a Valentines Special edition article from...well, you'll be able to guess what magazine by the time you're done. Because the Poorhouse would like to leave at least a little mystery in the magic of eternal love you are here presented with a "fill in the blanks" quiz to play. Read, think and then press "reveal answers" to see if you would get 10 out of 10 on the love-o-meter.

Sex does not always sell

More in the world of wild 'n' wacky experiments...first we learned how to make the world's finest bacon sandwich. Now it's time to concoct an experiment that involves making "volunteers" sit down and watch an especially filthy episode of one of the few TV programmes so bad the Poorhouse doesn't avidly watch it - Sex in the City.

Blair not bothered

For those, who like the Poorhouse, managed to miss the infinite televisual broadcasts and immense net-wide dissemination of it, here is Tony Blair's meeting with Catherine "Lauren" Tate. All in the name of charity of course.

Get Nintedo Wii Internet channel free if you're quickish

Anyone lucky enough to own a Nintendo Wii probably knows that it has built-in wifi magic, not that any games seem to use it to much effect at present. However, Nintendo has just released the final "Internet Channel" into their Wii Shop Channel. This is basically the Opera web browser, meaning you can (slightly cumbersomely and at back-to-basics TV resolution) surf the web on your Wii should you choose to.

N = C + {fb (cm) . fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc . ta

Science time! The formula above is a recently discovered rule of life that could lead to great pleasure for a huge number of people. To establish it, 700 variations of the same experiment had to be carried out, taking more than 1000 hours for expert researchers from the University of Leeds to complete. 50 volunteers were needed to participate to gain a viable quantity and quality of result interpretation.

Care to guess what it is?

Stitching it up part 2

The Poorhouse is aware that that there has been a question on everyone's lips in the past month or so. Not that faffing around nearly declaring World War 3 in Iran or anything; more the sequel to the earlier post on one of the Poorhouse's craze-of-the-moments...knitting.

Yep, despite the vitriolic derision the Poorhouse felt even if you were kind enough not to write it, the (unspecified) challenge is still on. The results might surprise you - in that it hasn't been thrown away in disgust and frustration just yet. Be still your quaking heart and feast your eyes on the following woolly bad-boys.

More free(ish) stuff - food and bags

A couple of righteous bargain-creating things to tell today, surfacing from the awesome MoneySavingExpert site. One will fill your belly, the other will give you both more room in your cupboards and a warm satisfaction at having tried to do something to save the planet a bit. Maybe.

Food first. There are 27 HA! HA! Bars around the country, which in the Poorhouse's limited experience do some rather tasty food. Find your local here, although if you don't live in a large-sized urban area you might be disappointed. Then print this voucher off and as long as you can persuade a friend to go eat with you before the end of April this year you can get a £5 discount, you cheap date you.

Moving on to planet-time now...

Free safe no-effort remote backups for all

"Backing up" is perhaps the most tedious activities in the world of computerness, and definitely one of the highest in the disaster-because-you-can't-be-bothered stakes. These days most everyone with a computer should probably be backing up their data somewhere. All those beautiful "artistic" photos, those genius secret writings you do, letters begging for mercy from the bank, mp3s you "forgot" to pay for and half-finished novels are all at the mercy of the great computer gods should you not back up.

The problem is it can be boring, expensive and time-consuming to copy everything you own to a disk and put it somewhere safe. So don't...use automagic free remote backups from Mozy.

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