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Changing, borrowing and parting with money

No hard-hitting news, medical or otherwise, has come to the attention of the Poorhouse's massively insightful and genius-like brain today. This is probably mainly because he was semi-conscious working very hard most of the day. No matter, instead you can have some random ramblings, just like the Poorhouse in real life.

Firstly, how to beat Marks and Spencers currency exchange passport rule and no doubt breach international security. Imagine the situation: you need to change your currency quickish so you can get out of the country speedily. So you go into M&S' Bureau de Change and ask for £50 worth of Euros on your debit card. They say you need your passport to do this, but because you are a normal non-insane citizen you do not carry it around with you. What to do? It's raining outside, and you don't want to catch a chill.

News: Transformatitis Epidemic Alert

Parents and Doctors were today warned to be vigilant following a recent outbreak of childhood Transformatitis infections.

Originally a disease of the early 1980s, Transformatitis has steadily returned over the last few years, with medical experts predicting 30 new cases occurring in the last 2 weeks alone. The first cases of the disease were discovered in France by undercover health reporter M. Leclerc who declared in astonishment "Zut alors! Zer's robots in zeez guys!" The recent increase in cases is attributed to a decrease in the number of children being inoculated with the MMR (Minimizing Motor Robots) jab: Many parents refused to have their children immunised after a much publicised study two years ago that showed a (now discredited) link between the MMR jab and Autobotism.

Escape the rat race

The Poorhouse, no doubt much to the annoyance of his less frugal friends given the amount he drones on about it, does quite love a bit of money saving or leisurely gaining. A few articles on this site have covered topics such as getting a nice lump of cashback on your purchases, making guaranteed money by betting, getting free stuff and reclaiming ridiculous bank charges. As such it was nice to receive an email from Abi Winterburn, an even more ambitious money saver / maker who runs a site at http://www.lets-makemoney.co.uk/.

A highly enticing product

The Poorhouse has returned to his normal geographical domain after the excesses of the Xmas holiday period - the duration of which was spent in nice rural villages, where one can see fields, big animals and even smell slurry as opposed to car fumes now and then.

Popular conception would however have it that ickle villages can be a little devoid of entertainment; so much so that the inhabitants turn to weird, sick and entirely hedonistic pleasures to pass the time of day. It was therefore with little surprise that the Poorhouse saw a beautiful little shop openly selling a service named in such a blatantly perverse manner that some of the more conservative members of British society may deem it really rather inappropriate, fools that they are.

Please see below for actual photographic pictures of what surely is going to be next Christmas' number one seller: the PUSSY PYRAMID.

Just like the shepherds, the Poorhouse receives 'great news'

Merry Christmas, dearest readers - or Happy Holiday Season if that's your preference. Either way, get opening, eating, celebrating and the rest of it.

The Poorhouse felt an extra level of celebratory antics coming on when a letter popped through the door recently from those bastions of the obesity epidemic: McCains. It stated in black and white, amongst other things, that the Poorhouse was a winner. Check it:

Women break the planet

Ladies! You might be nice to look at, and a dab hand at the old housework, but really - you do know you are responsible for the ever-more imminent end of the world?

Yep, the Government's chief scientist has blamed your shallow, shallow attitudes to the important things in life for global warming, no less.

Best scam ever?

There are a lot of nasty bad evil scammers out there, more than happy to take money of desperate vulnerable people. This is of course A Bad Thing. However now and then one comes along with such a incredulous, and perhaps even genius, scam that you have to admire them for their sheer boldness if nothing else.

The Poorhouse's favourite scam along these lines in recent times was that that Stacey and Brent Finley pulled to great success - $US 989,898 no less.

Converting AVI, WMV and other video files into a normal DVD

Now we're all tied to our computers 24/7 downloading megabuckets of online, advert-free audio visual entertainment it sometimes seems like the simple pleasures of life, such as watching a bit of TV from the comfort of your sofa are long gone. However, it doesn't have to be like this, as it is easy enough to convert many types of video playable on a computer - for instance .avi or .wmv files that you may have downloaded from who knows where - to a format suitable for putting on a real life physical DVD no less.

If you remember your last 20th / early 21st century technology well you may recall you can then put this silver disk into the machine under your TV and off you go, custom TV and films from the comfort of ones' living room setup.

The robo-birds and the bees

Welcome readers. In the first of what probably won't actually turn out to be a series of cartoony but educational excitement, the Poorhouse is setting out to learn about the birds and the bees from none other than the uber-authoritative source that is the Usborne book of "How Your Body Works". We have previously seen how stupid abstinence based programmes like the Silver Ring Thing are ineffective and probably dangerous, so let's see if this book teaches us a bit more about the inner workings of...snigger snigger...sex.

Make your Daewoo DVD9000S5 DVD player region free

If, like the Poorhouse, you are blessed with a nice slightly old-skool Daewoo DVD9000 S5 DVD player or similar you can easily enough get around the "region" restrictions on it. Yay. DVDs are coded to certain regions; perhaps the most relevant here being Region 1 = America, Region 2 = UK. A DVD player will only play the specific region's DVDs it is set to, presumably to stop UK importing cheap / early release US DVDs and the like. Boo.

However, if you have this specific DVD player you can remove this silliness as below.

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