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Smiley-face comes of age

A real smiley-faceA real smiley-faceGuess what anniversary you probably just missed. Why of course, the (presumed) 25th anniversary of this little fun guy: :-).

Yep, the geekazoid lollerchat textutal smileyface - and the Poorhouse bets you didn't even buy it a token gift and card, let alone something expensive enough to make up for your abuse of him throughout the past quarter century.

Scott Fahlman is claiming first-documented-use of it, in a message he wrote on an online bulletin (children, be afraid: this was before mainstream web access) back on the 19th September 1982. Many happy returns.

The DIY Hoff-meister

Who doesn't need a cut-out-and-stick posable version of David Hasselhoff? Clicky here to download. Poorhouse tip: blow up to A3 paper size for maximum ease of construction. Thanks, anonymous sender.

Update: Turns out it is originally from Cheap Ass Toys Inc, part of Rob Nance's portfolio. It was apparently commissioned for Stuff magazine (NB: Stuff is arguably NSFW, kinda like FHM, Loaded et al.), but the idiots never used it - so you better had. Just think how you can then repeatedly impress your office colleagues with Hoff impressions for hours on end!

Upgrading, and a Drupal 5 version of the quotefilter module

Shocks! As promised, what, not far off a month ago, a few upgradey things have happened around here. Still running on Drupal, just a shinier, newer, still-in-development version. The upgrade wasn't so difficult but a few annoying things happened. The main trauma was that after getting a backup restore down by the hosts after an issue with the lovely image assist module made itself known, they added all the old tables back to the database, leaving anything with a new name in, rather than the cleaner method of dropping the database and starting again. This caused all sorts of later dodgy issues as the installer couldn't create tables it thought it should, modules thought they already upgraded when they didn't and so on. But it's done now.

As the Poorhouse took his goddamned time upgrading, the only thing that no kind soul had basically already done module-wise was convert the quotefilter module from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.x code.. Luckily it was super easy to do.

Insight into Paint

The Poorhouse has already heaped piles of well-deserved praise on the revolution that is "Paint", the software supplied free with every copy of Microsoft Windows. It simply can't be loved enough. Anyway, for all you with the same deep affection for cute little Painty-wainty, check this video for an insight into the creation of the wonder-tool. Worth watching just for time-index 1:20 alone.

Blue Peter in pussy scandal

Media empires and their hard hitting scandals huh? Unlike, it would seem, much of the rest of the blogosphere, the Poorhouse quite likes the BBC now and then. However, it turns out that it too is rotten to the core. Yep, in recent times flagship wholesome children's sticky-back-plastic send-us-milk-bottle-tops lovely programme Blue Peter is mired in scandal.

Take a look at that cute-as kitten on the right. Ahhh. Who would have thought that its very existence would have caused Richard Marson, ex Blue-Peter editor, to be sent home and suspended from his job. And all because the 8th Blue Peter kitten (favourite toy: plastic drinking straw) there had the wrong name.

Music to watch geeks by

It's Monday. We need entertainment. Let's start with Brad Paisley, with his country ditty simply entitled "Online". Note guest appearance by the Shat.

Then there's "Dontcha Wish Your Cell Phone Was Hot Like Me?", a version of the Pussy Cat Dolls' classic of course, only this time obsessing over the geekgasm that was the iPhone, rather than filthy hos.

Worst or best app ever?

When a program is described by some as the "Worst App Ever" ([1],[2]) and - rather fewer - others as "genius" (sorry no link - but apparently Nigel Powell of the Sunday Times said so), it clearly needs investigating.

Enter...3D Mailbox, a program so beautifully executed that its own website has a lengthy defense from the program's author that it is indeed not the worst software ever created.

Disappointing times at the biscuit barrel

No-one loves dieting, but hey, how bad can it be when one of the more famous weight-loss brands nigh-on insists that you eat a whole bag of chocolate chip cookies eh? Yep, the Poorhouse recently had the pleasure of sampling some Weightwatchers Chocolate Orange Cookie Bites.

To quote the packaging, emphasis added:

The rich and indulgent plain chocolate chips with a hint of real orange combine to give these traditional style cookies an irresistible fusion of mouth-watering flavours. Such a fabulous, luxurious treat to be enjoyed at any time

Mmmm! They must surely look something like the below, no?

Sausages made of nasty things

Mmmm sausages. Or rather not so mmmm. The Poorhouse - who is a vegetarian in mind but not in body - must confess that for long term emergency meat storage, "bargainous" is a deciding factor in acquisition. Perhaps not any more.

The Poorhouse had the dreaded experience of having the contents of the ingredients label of the cheap Tesco sausages (which have been located in the Poor-freezer for, ooh, a good 8 months or so) brought to his attention. Uurgh.


A swift note: The Poorhouse is going to be having a bit of an upgrade, redesign and who knows what else over the next few days. If stuff seems broken, slow or weird then please bear with it. Things will be back to normal sometime soon let's hope.

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