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Yahoo photos closing - any good alternatives?

It probably hasn't come as a surprise to many but the Poorhouse is a little sad - Yahoo Photos is closing down. Yahoo Photos of course was a place provided by Yahoo to store all your wonderful digital photos. Existing for quite some time in the past, it not-too-long-ago came out with a new version which was rather more Web 2.0 geeky-satisfying.

By that time Yahoo had also acquired that most famous of photo-sites Flickr and despite earlier claims of maintaining the two sites, which have rather different target audiences, now is apparently going to concentrate on Flickr.

Goat news: update

Some time ago we learnt that a certain Mr Tombe was forced - perhaps not too unwillingly, who knows - to marry a goat by Sudanese elders after being discovered being far, far too friendly with it. It is with deep sadness that the Poorhouse now has to report that said goat, a black and white honey named Rose, has died. Cause of death: choking on a plastic bag.

Those "Litter Kills" campaigns we used to see around were clearly devastatingly accurate.

Competitor friendliness and iTunes terrorism

Very desolate around here in recent days isn't it? Here's a bit of Friday entertainment courtesy of some b3ta link or other. Prank calling ASDA. Now the prank itself may not be the cleverest, funniest or most inspired action but how the flipping heck ASDA staff managed to fall for it is beyond even the care-nothing-about-work mind of the Poorhouse - assuming it wasn't an inside job.

Whilst we're laughing at things, let's get on to the subject of terrorism.

The easiest mistake to make

With many UK local elections looming it seems even the BBC can't tell the difference between the big political parties any more. Credit to Iain Dale for spotting it.

Go and vote anyway if you haven't already done so by following the Poorhouse's example of doing it via t'intermernet. Yes there is every chance the electronic vote will have got lost, changed, coerced and so on by the time it has been counted but at least it's less environmentally damaging than throwing away the paper ballots you don't want to count.

The picture to the right (and by "right" the Poorhouse means directionally rather than politically of course) may be ever so slightly funny, but it's not nearly as hilarious as the classic Sky News George Bush truthtelling.

You've heard it all before

The Poorhouse always finds technical support far too hilarious in one way or another. The following video from VocaLabs, who do customer satisfaction surveys on such calls, caused near real LOL-ing throughout. Not that it's anything exceptional - as Consumerist.com put it it is just "oddly infuriating" and exactly like every customer service call you've ever had to make".

Says the CEO of the Vocalabs, a guy who is obviously as fulfilled at his job as any other corporate office worker, "...the call was so ordinary, yet pointless, that I was inspired to create some video commentary."

Search and win

To nearly quote Numb3rs, "we all use websearch every day". So why not try and win stuff for doing so? Get down to wabbadabba, sign up and search up to 15 times a day and if you're especially lucky you'll instantly win something nice - Amazon vouchers or cinema tickets at the moment. Best of all people do actually seem to win now and then.

It's probably not quite a heavyweight Google alternative but in that it's powered by Yahoo you might even get some decent search results for your trouble. Be kind enough to sign up by the links here and for every prize you win, the Poorhouse will get a little something too in no way to your detriment. Whoop yeah! There's even a toolbar or a Firefox quicksearch box available for it if you decide to go overboard with excitement.

Does what it says on the tin

There's "geeky" as in dull articles about needlessly complicated computery thingymajigs you might see around here, and then there's geeky that needs full on worshipping, like that of Mr Banks and his entry into the 1998 International Obfuscated C Code Contest.

Yep, this is a competition where one designs the worst-possibly coded, most-confusingly written, least intelligible - but still functioning - program in the computer language C with severe restrictions on code-length. In 1998 it was 1536 bytes. A byte, iPod kiddies, is 1/1073741824th of the size of a "gig". So Banks wrote a graphical flight simulator.

Kryptonite is real (sort of)

Who will save you now?Who will save you now?It happens every time doesn't it? You book a nice summer holiday to go on, and the next day a previously-held-to-be-fictional chemical so poisonous it can kill the strongest of all beings is discovered there.

Yep, the Poorhouse will be heading off to Serbia in the rather-but-not-too distant future all being well. Other human beings exist there too, including the employees of mining company Rio Tinto who made a strange and novel discovery recently at the bottom of a mineshaft in that very country. Consisting of sodium lithium boron silicate hydroxide, fans of a certain recent superhero film might remember, it can be only one thing: Kryptonite.

Dancing Bush x 2

No, not everyone's reasonably-favourite Flash timewaster Dancing Bush Game, but our Great Leader having an awesome time at the Malaria Awareness day yesterday. He may be a ridiculous president, but his combination semi-doggy style and professional chimp expression dance is a thing of wonder.

OK then, Flash game it is. Make him strut his stuff cartoon-stylee below.

Nothing better to complain about

The generally appalling "Mail" brand of national newspapers in the UK is famous for just being full of complaints, anger and hatred, especially against "liberals", the poor, or minorities of any kind. It seems its readership also has this tendancy to be offended and appalled at essentially nothing.

Along the same lines as the anecdote regarding the person who went to Weightwatchers and demanded to change her goal weight because 9 stone 11 pounds reminded her too much of the September 11th tragedy too much to be anything less than uber-offensive (fine - 9 st 10lbs it is, now you need to pay £4.95 extra and lose another pound), here's a letter from "Mrs CF" - the Poorhouse would hazard a guess at Christin[a/e] Fox - getting upset at nothing in the Mail on Sunday.

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