Print out your photos nicely in Windows

Not sure if this is the Poorhouse being rather stoopid-basic in only have just found it out, but a vaguely interesting feature cropped up in Windows XP yesterday. Yep, you can just tell this article is going to be a thrill can't you? The feature is...Photo Printing Wizard. Whoo! Still, it is quite handy for some auto-instant resizing and formatting of your digital photos to something respectably comparable to an albumesque page of "real" photos in appearance.

One ardour of digi of course is that if you want to print them out and you don't have an especially nice program to help you out you tend to either have to print them one at a time, or faff around in whatever graphics or layout package you might have to resize, arrange and print them. Not with this, oh no siree.

It's not in any way a secret, being documented by big bad Microsoft themselves but if you select one or more pictures in a folder, for instance by using the My Computer icon, there is a Print option on the File menu.

If you choose this, up pops Photo Printing Wizard. It allows you to select which photos you want to print, choose what printer settings to use, how many of each photo to print and what arrangement you'd like your photos to come out in. By arrangement it means things like would you like 1 big photo to a page, 3 smaller ones, several thumbnails, photos easy to cut out, or ones more presentable for an album and so on. After selecting this, the Wizard will resize and rotate as necessary - without destroying the original photo - and print out your photos as requested.

Bonus points: should you have, for instance, a PDF virtual printer (such as that coming with the full Acrobat or its many cheap or free alternatives) then this is an easy way to create a file with several of your photos pictured in arranged in, in the same carefully trimmed and sized format that you probably used to stick pictures of boy bands in your scrapbook back when you were an 11 year old girl.

On the downside, on one Poor-computer going to the Print option to start the wizard creates a fatal error in explorer so maybe it's not incredibly stable. This is also an explanation as to why the accompanying screenshot was stolen from the Microsoft site.


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