Put MSN Messenger back on your Windows Mobile 5 gadgetry

These days any half-recent mobile phones have a pile full of ridiculous facilities, designed to make space travel look like the stuff of mere kiddies. If your phone can't output 100 ringtones simultaneously, surf the inter-web at above-broadband speeds whilst cooking your dinner then something is wrong. There is thus some convergence between phone and PDA, many of which run Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.

Looking at some recent Windows Mobile 5 phones from Orange, T-Mobile and probably others it seems like something is missing though. Yes, what good is your fancy-dancy 10-mega-gig phone if it can't help you ROFL LMAO with your equally bored buddies via the magic of MSN Messenger?

But, the Poorhouse hears you say, of course Microsoft Messenger will be on a Microsoft-powered phone? Well it was, and it still is often, but not in for example recent Orange SPV phones, where nasty Mr Orange and his evil empire deliberately removed it in lieu of a prospective new instant-messaging service they are planning on. But the Poorhosue doesn't think it's actually been released yet, and when it is it likely will cost extra money.

Sure enough you can go get Pocket MSN but downsides to this include cost (£10.99) and the fact it shoves Hotmail and MSN webstuff on your device that you might well not be interested in.

IanPurton.com shows how to get around it though. Whilst you can't freely download a new Messenger client, you can still get an old one that only works on older versions of Windows Mobile and then put an upgrade on to bring it a bit more up to date (although not fully). Only problem is that Microsoft seems to have removed the necessary upgrade files damnit. Deliberate or not, it's still a tad annoying. However, it seems they forgot/couldn't be bothered to remove the Microsoft Spain version. As long as you pick the English language one it seems to work a treat.

Get this file which is an old Messenger program that doesn't work on Windows Mobile 5. Install to your device as per normal, but don't try running it yet.

Then get this upgrade file (non-English versions available here). Install this one too. Then get to your Programs menu and your happy days of pointless LOLlercoptering to your friends are back, under the guise of the nice traditional MSN Messenger icon. Problem solved, £10.99+ saved.

Just in case Microsoft get rid of the files in the future, the Poorhouse-tested (which it must be said is not exactly the finest form of testing in the world) versions available at present here for the old version of Messenger and here for the upgrade.


thanx mate - worked a treat

thanx mate - worked a treat on spv m3100 where network operator took off msn


No problem, glad it helped you get round the same problem. I think the spv m3100 is also an Orange phone? I just don't know why they took it off all their phones especially before they have a replacement instant messaging system ready to go!

worked nicely thanks

worked nicely thanks

Works on orange SPV m700

Thanks for this, works perfectly.

I don't understand why they have removed this, they know people will just use the WiFi instead of their services anyway with a device of this type.

I quite agree...and if they

I quite agree...and if they are coming out with some amazing alternative for us to use they could at least wait until it's ready before removing the solution that does already work!

Doesn't work on my SPVM700

Tried following the instructions and keep getting -"not a Valid pocketPC application" when I try to install the old version from the link.
Any ideas why this might be?

UK version SPVM700. Windows Mobile 5.0.

Hi, not near my phone at

Hi, not near my phone at moment to try anything, but just checking you have tried running the downloaded files on your computer, as opposed to directly on your phone? To be honest I can't remember if that's the correct approach but if so and you tried it running directly on your phone that might have caused that error. I've accidentally done that before with some programs!

The only other thing I am aware of that causes that problem is if your operator has somehow locked down the phone and restricted what apps you can install.


Ah. OK. I'm away from my computer for a while and tried to install direct on device. I will try again when back in front my pc next week. Thanks.

Just buy a HTC TyTN instead!!

I stumbled across this article after looking for programs for my TyTN. No worries for me as it comes with MSN as standard! I can understand why large phone companies do take programs like this off as they are subsidising the cost of the phone quite a lot. For example I got my TyTN from www.easydevices.co.uk for around £350 sim free.

Looks like a nice phone for

Looks like a nice phone for sure! Hope you're getting enjoyment and good use out of it. Sadly £350 is a bit above the general Poorhouse budget, but nice if you can afford it and I'm pleased it comes with a full complement of programs unlike my phone! Maybe one for the next upgrade...

works great !! thanx wm5 spv

works great !! thanx wm5 spv m600

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