Sausages made of nasty things

Mmmm sausages. Or rather not so mmmm. The Poorhouse - who is a vegetarian in mind but not in body - must confess that for long term emergency meat storage, "bargainous" is a deciding factor in acquisition. Perhaps not any more.

The Poorhouse had the dreaded experience of having the contents of the ingredients label of the cheap Tesco sausages (which have been located in the Poor-freezer for, ooh, a good 8 months or so) brought to his attention. Uurgh.

What do you reckon? Maybe 80% pork, 15% random filler and a couple of % meaty outer casing? Not quite. Take a look at this photographic reproduction of the horror:

Water, Rusk, Pork (15%), Chicken (11%), Beef Fat, Beef (4%), Pork Fat, Wheat Flour, Pork Rind, Seasoning, Chicken Skin, Beef Connective Tissue

...and a big list of jibberish science evil, let's hope not including the infamous E128 fresh-sausage colouring that gives you cancer.

What the hell? Beef Connective Tissue? Who knows what that actually is - maybe it's code for lovely fluffy lollipops - but listen to its name. Is there anything in the world that has a less appetising name to it than Beef Connective Tissues? Aargh. The simple conjunction of those three words induces a degree nausea alone.

And the image of poor abused workers ripping skins from crappy supermarket chicken breasts for the ever-so-slightly more healthy minded consumers...and putting them in a big dirty bin o' skin destined for the sausage factory. Still, better chicken skin than Beef Connective Tissue.

No more cheap sausages! All that stuff you read about how awful the average bit of mass-produced bargain supermarket food is really isn't scaremongering. It's just a shame you need to be reasonably rich to eat well, in terms of your own health, that of others and of course the environment at large.


Fascinating. It intrigues me

Fascinating. It intrigues me how they managed to seperate the connective tissue from all the other cells.

I can't even bear to think

I can't even bear to think about it. Possibly something to do with either the dirty off-pink paste that is "mechanically recovered meat", or alternatively some desperate, desperate worker on minimum wage.



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