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No, your eyes do not deceive you. The Poorhouse has decided to try selling out for a bit and most likely, should you not be running any esoteric software to stop them, you can see some Google ads. I have no idea how much money (if any) they will bring but as per their instructions I'll find out by trying for a little bit. If successful they might stay, if not, they might go and the Poorhouse will have to turn to a life of crime. Hopefully being text-based they're not too annoying but any comments welcome.

They should be contextual, so may just possibly just maybe actually be useful to you dear readers now and then, but it might take a couple of days til they start being as targeted as they should be apparently. Obviously it would still be good to see those comedy classics you get now and then - "Buy nail bombs on ebay" was one such favourite the Poorhouse saw on Google's search engine sponsored results for instance. Try as I might, I couldn't actually find any on ebay though so blowing stuff up will have to wait.

In case anyone's wondering "why now?" then it seems due to what we could call "massive popularity" last month the bandwidth bill for The Poorhouse came dangerously close to being high. It would be nice should the site be able to at least pay for itself a jump right in!

If you've got a website and want a piece of the getting-paid action then feel free to...



Yup Poorhouse,
It'll be interesting to hear how you find these Google Ads and whether it was worth your time and effort configuring the little blighters. Which incidentaly makes me ask how hard it was? I've clicked a couple of them for you so you should have at least somethign rolling in to swell the coffers but whther you even make it as high a a few coppers remains to be seen. Best of luck though.

Hey. In answer to the

Hey. In answer to the probably was just about worth my time and effort putting them on, but only really because it's actually rather easy especially with a nice content management system, like here or no doubt on the woodshop and other web marvels. Basically you choose the appearance and so on of your ad from their styles and drop a bit of javascript they give you on your page.

If you have experience with Google analytics at all, it's basically the same as that. If you don't, then as long as you know copy and paste it's a breeze.

Annoyingly though my visitor count appears to have dropped about 50% this month meaning that they very reason I put them there (too much expensive bandwidth) has gone along with how they would make money (more visitors). Nonetheless I'm going to leave them there and see how the pay cheques come in. It is apparently forbidden to discuss how much income you're getting, but coppers is more accurate than say gold :-) I have not managed to retire on the proceeds yet, but I could possibly buy a pint now and then.

You get paid largely via how many non-fake clicks you get, each of which has a different value depending on how much the advertiser paid, which seems to vary relatively widely. The 2 cent ones are not my capitalist favourite. They are as hopefully you can tell automatically context sensitive to the page, tho one avid reader (who no doubt likes being described as an avid reader) did note the front page at one point advertising a service for married people to cheat on their partners. Which, as yet, hasn't really been the main focus of this site per se.

Should anyone ever decide to sign up do please do it via the above button saying as much because that way I get to profit slightly from your megawealth, no detriment to you either!

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