Shock: sharing your bank account details with the world is not a good idea

As you'll have heard, the UK Government in recent times has loved throwing around bits of extreme valuable and confidential data about us, its mere citizens, to the four winds / identity thieves ([1],[2],[3],[4] [5] amongst many, many others.

This bothered quite a few people, but not, it seemed that should-be-the-most-annoying-person-ever but sadly is sometimes really quite funny real man that is Jeremy Clarkson. Well, not at the time anyway.

He saw any kerfuffle as fuss over nothing. So what if your uniquely-identifying personal data was strewn for all to see? Bovvered-face. So disgusted was he with the panic being strewn that to prove a point he published his Barclays bank account number and sort code in his column in the Sun newspaper, and a few tidbits of instructions as to how one might go finding out his address from the electoral roll. In this words:

All you'll be able to do with them is put money into my account. Not take it out. Honestly, I've never known such a palaver about nothing.

Erm, oops. Guess what appeared on his bank statement last month? No, not only whatever outrageously high amount the Sun pays him for his words of wisdom but also a deficit of £500. This came from a direct debit payment. He never set it up though, but an unknown reader of the Sun did. It was a particularly lovely reader though because he had devoted the money to charitable causes, with the £500 going towards the British Diabetic Association.

The reader isn't likely to get caught either if (s)he doesn't decide to hand themselves in, as for data protection reasons the bank can't or won't find out who did this little mischief.

To give him credit though, he's realised his mistake and very much doing the honourable thing in reporting his sad loss:

I was wrong and I have been punished for my mistake...Contrary to what I said at the time, we must go after the idiots who lost the discs and stick cocktail sticks in their eyes until they beg for mercy.

Don't forget - they are out to get you.


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