Social breastworking

Social networking, dotcom profitery and boobies. These are cornerstones on which the modern web is built. So imagine the Poorhouse joy upon discovering myfreeimplants. Ohmygod. Leveraging bits of the Facebook et al. model of chat, pictures and fantasies of all sorts of poking but repackaging it in a way that has an undoubted profit model for itself, the site exists to let women get bigger breasts via surgical implants for free. And men get...erm..."interaction with real girls".

And just like all good pornmedical sites, it's a popular enterprise, attracting more than 6 million page views a month.

Women set up their own pages - "about you" type stuff, including their biography, what they look like and so on, and their personal goals re cosmetic surgery. They may also upload "unlimited" pictures of themselves. The site, unsurprisingly, advises "These pictures are one of the key components towards achieving your goals."

Men on the other hand have a different role. No profiles 'n' pics required for them! Rather you just chuck in your credit card details and have "direct access to contact the many girls". You then purchase credits. Credits ($1 to the lady, $0.25 to the site) allow the bloke to write to the woman with a friendly little message. You can request photos of them ("you may even request specific outfits"), videos, or live 1-1 chat. Why would you want to do that? Well:

the best part is seeing the newly transformed ladies after the surgery when they return to the website to post pictures of the results.

Whyso? Because that's the moment dirty ol' man can legitimately get his rocks off? Erm, no! Don't be so disgusting.

You can take pride in knowing that you helped her improve her self esteem and self image!


Site income comes from taking money for advertising and/or referring the plastic surgeons, plus a fifth or so of the "benefactor's" expenditure - and presumably a stack of interest on the money held for the lovely ladies. Myfreeimplants keeps the money and books the doctors direct. "They could never take it on a shopping spree" says Jason Grunstra, site owner extraordinaire who is clearly in no way sexist. Back in August the profit was apparently $3000 raw profit a month. Nice work, if you can get it. The women just love it too, except perhaps the odd one like Ashley who has been cyberstalked by creeps.

The site's concept was inspired by - what else - a bachelor party replete with multiple strippers. One was moaning about how she wished she could afford bigger boobs. This general misery is not, to the Poorhouse's mind, the most entertaining service one would expect from hiring naked women for your pleasure, but whatever - it clearly worked with Jason chucking her (roughly) £2.50 to set her on her way to riches galore. That occurrence was enough to inspire the Big Idea

One bright spark of entertainment came upon the realisation that one professional medical organisation condemned the site as frightening and potentially dangerous. This would be the "British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons" - also known as BAAPS.

BAAPS not baps!


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