Sunday income

There used to be a warning here not to dabble with the Bingocafe promotion - see below for an update as to why it was removed

Sunday may traditionally be the day of rest here in the UK, but the Poorhouse feels sure any higher being will forgive you having a few spins on the slot machines to make a guaranteed free £10 of real money (give or take) every week.

Internet slot machines are even less satisfying and no less unfair than real life ones, but luckily special offers sometimes make them risk-free and worth doing. One such offer is Bingocafe's Sunday Spin Spectacular. Rules & regulations at but the idea is that as long as you press the spin button on the slot machines at least 50 times on a Sunday, they will give you £10 back no matter what happens. The good bit is that spins on a machine there called Mermaid's Treasure cost a mere 2 British pennies.

Therefore if you play that machine 50 times and lose every time, which even in the world of slots is unlikely to happen, you have only lost £1. You then get £10 back as part of the Spin Spectacular making a minimum profit of £9. And then you can quite legitimately do this every week until the offer stops and/or you die.

Downsides: 1) you have to install flashy client software which is visually displeasing, and 2) there is a minimum withdrawal amount of around £40. Should you not have £40 in the account then either leave it there to play again next Sunday, or perhaps top it up by depositing some of your own real money and then withdraw.

Bonus: Quidco! If you sign up via Quidco and deposit £10 of your money then you ought to get a free £20 payment. The Poorhouse's valiant effort has unfortunately not tracked so this money hasn't arrived yet, but enquiries are in motion. If you crazily decide not to do it via Quidco then you may actually not need to deposit anything at all because a couple of weeks ago Bingocafe gave a free £5 starting credit for all new players.

The Poorhouse would strongly advise that you don't wholeheartedly believe anything written here and be sure enquire with Bingocafe customer services that the offer is still on before putting your own money into it, but other than having to wait around a few minutes for someone to be free there has not been a problem in the last few weeks.

If of course you suspect you have a gambling problem or in any other way feel unable to stop spinning after reaching the 50 spins no matter what perhaps you better skip this offer.

Where did the warning go?

Update 18/5/07: Until recently there was a warning at the top of this page saying to be wary of Bingocafe due to reports of them refusing to give money back they owed, closing accounts, having misleading advertising and changing terms and conditions on the fly. This was largely due to a poor customer service experience had by me and a fair few readers who wrote in about various bad experiences as a warning.

However, as a consequence of this page, the Bingocafe manager contacted me essentially to say these weren't true. He offered to investigate my problems and get back to me, which he did. Whilst it hasn't turned out to my financial advantage I was pleased that he got in touch and appreciated his help in solving the problems.

It turned out that the main problem was that the bonus described as "cash" in this offer was not cash in the true sense, but a "cash bonus" meaning it can be used on any game they offer, as opposed to "bingo bucks" that can only be used on bingo. This is a type of bonus that cannot be immediately withdrawn until you play through it a few times. Bonuses are discussed in their terms and conditions but as it wasn't mentioned on the offer page at the time, myself and others (especially those not familiar with online Bingo companies) did not realise that and treated it as real cash, leading to dissatisfaction all round as it seemed Bingocafe were withholding money they owed. This was a little exacerbated by some people actually managing to withdraw their money, but one has to imagine this was a mistake by their staff initially, but in the customer's favour.

Rather less nicely, some people apparently were opening multiple accounts to try and get many more bonuses than they deserved, and these people likely would have had their accounts shut down.

After looking into it and explaining the above to me, the manager also apologised for any poor customer service I had and took note of my feedback as to the confusing terminology regarding "cash". He understands why I felt the promotion could be misleading and will make sure that such the terms and conditions of such promotions are much clearer in the future; not only will it serve the potential customer better to know what they're getting into, but also it has taken a lot of resources for them to deal with the problems this offer generated so it's a win-win situation for the future. He also stated that Bingocafe is a long-standing company with a good reputation in the business, and not a fly-by-night scam as my warning may have suggested.

Whilst I am maybe not interested enough in Bingo that I will likely play again myself, I would like to applaud the manager for taking the time to look into my problems, explain what went on and make a commitment to avoid them happening again - and even leaving it open for me to contact him should I have any other bingo related questions. Not every company would bother doing this by any means.

I don't still have the details from the people that emailed me with problems about them, but should you still have any such problems of a legitimate nature, it may well be worth contacting them again and asking for them to be investigated. So, in summary, thanks to the manager and if you are interested in playing online bingo or slot machines, don't necessarily rule BingoCafe out over any other company just because of this incident.


No more Bingocafe free money for the moment

Of course a mere week after posting this Bingocafe have decided to stop the Sunday Spin Spectacular :-( Their email promises something new but nothing with quite so obvious goodness has appeared yet to my knowledge. So I wouldn't sign up to do the above any more if you didn't already do it last week!

Bingocafe warning

It's too late for this offer anyway, but just a warning for anyone who might take up future offers - it sounds like they are going around closing accounts, removing money and instigating new rules to withdrawing money much to the obvious annoyance of people who signed up to play with them - see this moneysavingexpert thread for more info. Seems some people have a good experience with them, others feel extremely ripped off.

Nothing is sure, mostly on

Nothing is sure, mostly on the internet. I personally don't feel safe and these online games should not be associated whit frauds. Mostly because of their specific. They are risky enough and if people associate them whit insecurity, these games will not exist anymore.T-mobile


I read you posting about the site, and The manager contacted yourself about the site, would this have been a male Manager named Grant??? and he even rings you on the phone??this company is it real and they are all connected to one main GS server,
I have used their site and I have had nothing but Transactions $ being debited i even have 100's of emails Mr Grant even rang me in Australia after i threatened Legal action. I am as of Today about to show this Gambling Site regardsless of myself being australian and them being so far away in distance that one person it takes and Bang I WILL GIVE THEM A JACKPOT WIN THEY'LL Never forget

Hi - yep, as I remember, it

Hi - yep, as I remember, it was a guy called Grant. He didn't ring me, but he likely didn't have my number. I am sorry to hear you have such trouble, if they are taking money from you without your permission at all then that is way worse than the problems me and others had with them tha I wrote about. I have to say I've been a bit more wary of any bingo-type site (that you have to deposit for!) since then.

Best of luck!!

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