Are you (going to be) sitting comfortably?

Sitting down is nice to do, isn't it? Not as nice as lying down perhaps, but hey, beggars can't be choosers and for some reason there is a social taboo on lying horizontal in many public spaces.

But some sitting down is nicer than others. Often this is to do with cushion quotient, padded seat back and the like; but much of this is out of your control when out and about. But even in the most horrendous trapped spaces - yes, even aeroplanes -  perhaps the internet can help you sit more comfortably.

Diary of a Heathrow victim

Oh Heathrow, how people love you. The biggest and busiest airport in the UK, the Poorhouse has yet to hear anyone say much good about it. It was therefore with some trepidation that a journey was attempted passing through this gateway to the heavens earlier this week.

Holidays or end of the world?

Blair seems to have gone mad again, this time on the theme of climate change. A few months ago, he had this to say on the subject:

Climate change won't just affect hot countries or those in the developing world - it will affect us all. The report is clear: We are heading towards catastrophic tipping points in our climate unless we act…Creating cleaner energy whilst using less has to be the key.

Today it is reported that he said that asking Britons to consider not going on quite so many long-haul flights for mindless recreation was "a bit impractical".

Smelly landing

Who wants another story of how post 9/11 plane travel and being the dullest tool in the box don't really go together? Why of course! Passengers on American Airlines flight 1053 from Washington to Dallas got a scare a couple of weeks ago. Partway through their flight a strong smell of sulphur appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Worried about this they reported it to the plane staff who told the pilot.

The pilot radioed it in and decided that it was not safe to continue the journey. A quick diversion to Nashville, Tennessee was made resulting in an emergency landing.

Passsport non-control

Lookalikes?Lookalikes?In these post 9/11 days of increased airport security where wearing a foreign-looking t-shirt or carrying a bottle of coke is enough to get you banned from a flight, you might think it was kind of hard to go a-flying without some vaguely accurate declaration of who you are being requested.

Not so for Mark Coshever, a 29 year-old businessman who was flying from Luton to Amsterdam via easyJet. He passed through the full security process at Luton successfully and all seemed well with his journey. Until he arrived at Amsterdam passport control that was, where he suddenly realised he was travelling under the wrong passport. More specifically the passport he got on the plane with was Alicia Coshever's, his 2-year old daughter.

Toilet bomb

What is it about iPods and toilets? This site has previously documented a connection via peripherals, but now brace yourself now for a story that involves iPods, toilets and everyone's favourite bogeymen - potential terrorists.

Last month, on a flight from United aeroplane flight from Chicago to Ottawa, everyone's worst nightmare happened. The toilet got blocked. The stewardesses called out in panic "There's something in the toilet that's preventing it from flushing. Run some water!". That last desperate attempt didn't work, so she stuck her face and hands into the bucket of people-filth for a more manual attempt. It failed.

Pump action weapon

Reader poll: What's worse - embarrassing yourself in front of your mother or three years in prison?

A certain Mardin Amin went for the latter option. In this post 9/11, 7/7, bombs-made-out-of-fizzy-drinks-scare world, airport security might well be at an all time high. Almost everything is scanned, and if a bottle of Coca-cola might be a bomb then so might a mysterious black object that looks like a grenade. Understandably, Mr Amin was challenged as to what it was. Less understandably, his reply was "a bomb".

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