Shock: sharing your bank account details with the world is not a good idea

As you'll have heard, the UK Government in recent times has loved throwing around bits of extreme valuable and confidential data about us, its mere citizens, to the four winds / identity thieves ([1],[2],[3],[4] [5] amongst many, many others.

This bothered quite a few people, but not, it seemed that should-be-the-most-annoying-person-ever but sadly is sometimes really quite funny real man that is Jeremy Clarkson. Well, not at the time anyway.

The DIY Hoff-meister

Who doesn't need a cut-out-and-stick posable version of David Hasselhoff? Clicky here to download. Poorhouse tip: blow up to A3 paper size for maximum ease of construction. Thanks, anonymous sender.

Update: Turns out it is originally from Cheap Ass Toys Inc, part of Rob Nance's portfolio. It was apparently commissioned for Stuff magazine (NB: Stuff is arguably NSFW, kinda like FHM, Loaded et al.), but the idiots never used it - so you better had. Just think how you can then repeatedly impress your office colleagues with Hoff impressions for hours on end!

Blue Peter in pussy scandal

Media empires and their hard hitting scandals huh? Unlike, it would seem, much of the rest of the blogosphere, the Poorhouse quite likes the BBC now and then. However, it turns out that it too is rotten to the core. Yep, in recent times flagship wholesome children's sticky-back-plastic send-us-milk-bottle-tops lovely programme Blue Peter is mired in scandal.

Take a look at that cute-as kitten on the right. Ahhh. Who would have thought that its very existence would have caused Richard Marson, ex Blue-Peter editor, to be sent home and suspended from his job. And all because the 8th Blue Peter kitten (favourite toy: plastic drinking straw) there had the wrong name.

Innuendo Rainbow

It's an oldie, but a definite goodie.

For those Youtube-disabled, the transcript is below.

Reinforcing the stereotype

Anyone who, such as, has the internet - be it in US America, the Iraq or elsewhere - will no doubt have seen, such as, this but anyway...check out Lauren Caitlin Upton - Miss South Carolina - attempting to win the "perve on pretty teenagers who are way too young for you" competition that is Miss Teen USA.

John Prescott now for hire

You may vaguely remember John Prescott, the ex-Deputy Prime Minister, more famous for having two jags, two shags, a game of croquet and a punch-up with a farmer than anything political really.

But now he's (probably?) winding down his career as a politico anyway, he's been signed up to join the Great and the Good at the JLA Index agency - providers of speakers et al. for your after dinner parties, corporate events and so on. He's even headlining their front page at present. Care to guess the price of a smattering of Prescott wordage should you want him for your next candlelit supper?

Boris the Mayor, and foul-mouthed George

Londoners, you're blessed.

It looks pretty like you're about to witness a Ken vs Boris battle to be mayor of your sweet little town. Certainly Boris Johnson is standing to be the Conservative candidate. So did about another 50 people (now narrowed down to a shortlist of 4) but today the Telegraph has published parts of Boris' job application form and, looking at it, the Poorhouse feels it is somewhat unbeatable.

Book news: OJ Simpson confesses online, and perhaps you don't need to buy Harry Potter 7 after all

Time for a bit of book-reading now perhaps. Don't worry, it won't be over highbrow. You may recall a certain Mr O J Simpson, previously heralded as a sportsman and actor but is now far, far more famous for having erm....not killed his wife, the Poorhouse supposes. Or such was the verdict in the (televised) criminal trial anyhow, although he was somehow found guilty of "wrongful death" in a later civil trial.

Despite the fact that the official "innocent" was perhaps the least expected court case result ever - up there with Michael Jackson's acquittal some courtroom sceptics might say - OJ decided he needed to push it just a bit further by writing "If I Did It"; a "novel" where he details exactly what would have happened and how were it to be the case that he did kill his wife and Ronald Goldman. Funnily enough, it fits the real evidence really quite well, creative writer that he is.

The Shat, remixed

Still no experiment results sorry, but instead a bit of entertainment. Just one Internet-meme-famous step down from the Hoff, William Shatner is most famous for being something of a philanderer with aliens from a distant planet - although please note it was only aliens that looked like women with pretty faces, boobs and everything rather than the sort that looked like a big lump of gooey vomit-strewn rock he was interested in.

Blair not bothered

For those, who like the Poorhouse, managed to miss the infinite televisual broadcasts and immense net-wide dissemination of it, here is Tony Blair's meeting with Catherine "Lauren" Tate. All in the name of charity of course.

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