Laden vs USA

Readers looking for a in-depth political commentary over the "War on Terror" continue no further. This story regards the existence of a tacky 80s-esque handheld LCD screen based on the terrible events of 9/11 (as our American friends like to call it).

There appear to be multiple versions of this game going round, all using the same sort of marketing material. The Poorhouse first sighted the one that made bootlegactionfigures.com say some swear words. It must be said that the use of such graphic illustrations and references to the Twin Towers tragedy is capitalistic mega-nonsensitivty; whatever sells wins, right?

The McFly Brown affair

Even time travellers have feelings. In an exclusive video-mentary by the delicious Chocolate Cake City, the real relationship between Marty McFly and his "friend" Doc Brown is revealed. In what almost seems a cross between Brokeback Mountain and Back to the Future even the hardest-hearted can feel their pain.

Pilkington podcasts

But who's the star?But who's the star?Well, there didn't seem to be quite enough mentioned of the ever-so-wonderful Ricky Gervais podcast on the billion various bloggish sites on the World Wide Web yet, so the Poorhouse thought it was essential to join the effort to create yet another few thousand mentions. This is to celebrate what is now officially (see the forthcoming edition of the Guiness Book of Records) number 1 listened-to podcast of all time ever. To give them credit, it is pretty damn funny. It has also sponsored a new hero of our times; Karl Pilkington, whose belief system seems rather detached from what many regard as the norm.

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