Microsoft applications

Frozen FTP - be less active

In recent times, the Poorhouse has experienced trouble with FTP transfers that appear to freeze, not even letting you see what is on the remote server. In its usual graceful form, slightly old versions of Windows we had the pleasure of using just froze when trying to use Internet Explorer or the command line "ftp" to access a certain ftp site for a swift transfer. Of course, not a useful error message in sight. The problem wasn't even solved by using a proper FTP program per se goddamnit.

When docmd.transferspreadsheet commands go wrong...

Slightly lazy VBA programmers might enjoy using the less-than-cryptically-named docmd.transferspreadsheet command when trying to automatically move information from an Access database to a spreadsheet or vice versa. It allows you to work with spreadsheet ranges and so on with minimum faffing. It also doesn't work so great and can lead to "unexpected results" when importing from a spreadsheet.

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