Stop Virgin (twice, slightly NSFW)

Now we live in a world where high-speed Internet access is almost as essential to modern rich-guy life as say water, net neutrality is a potential hot topic. Net neutrality refers to the historic practice of your ISP granting (kind of) equal access to the internet, no matter what you do with that access – subject to legality au naturelle. From Google's – who of course have a vested interest in this – guide:

Network neutrality is the principle that Internet users should be in control of what content they view and what applications they use on the Internet…the broadband carriers should not be permitted to use their market power to discriminate against competing applications or content.

Making the most of your expense account

These days with more mobile working, more business travellers and an ever greater need for those at the top to steal what could be their employees' wages to fund their restaurant / mistress / coke habit there are a serious number of expense accounts around. These, for the un-initiated, are what one charges business expenses to in cases where you aren't expected to pay for them yourself, which should be in every case that is vaguely to do with non-recreation.

For the more lowly peons, such as the Poorhouse, the whole company credit card idea is out. Rather one has to take on personal debt then claim it back. This is a bit annoying in some ways so it pays to try and make the most of the opportunities for personal profit.

Another cashback opportunity:

You all know how much the Poorhouse loves his Quidco, and a few other cashy-cashback sites. If he couldn't steal gain a profit of 1% of his other-wised expensed train tickets per transaction, the world would be a sad place. To be serious though, you can rake in serious money in the world of cashback.

Kathryn, from a site called was kind enough to drop the Poorhouse a line. She runs a site in many ways similar to quidco. You do the whole click-through-links-to-retailer business, and you get 100% of the commission, minus an annual £5 fee. Where it is slightly different though is a) Amazon is on it (2.5% cashback at time of writing) and b) the "give" bit of "giveortake" refers to the fact you can choose to donate your cashback directly to charity through it.

Social breastworking

Social networking, dotcom profitery and boobies. These are cornerstones on which the modern web is built. So imagine the Poorhouse joy upon discovering myfreeimplants. Ohmygod. Leveraging bits of the Facebook et al. model of chat, pictures and fantasies of all sorts of poking but repackaging it in a way that has an undoubted profit model for itself, the site exists to let women get bigger breasts via surgical implants for free. And men get...erm..."interaction with real girls".

Free Wii glee

Yay for the Nintendo Wii. Now it has its own version of Mario Party there really isn't any reason not to own one...assuming you don't mind the way it plays it part in many vicious and violent injuries. And now even the health-hazard aspect of the gaming glory is at risk.

The far-flung lump of hard plastic known as a Wiimote now comes with a jacket, both to aid grip and lessen the physical imprint of inadvertent blows. Those of us vaguely-earlyish adopters need not suffer though - Nintendo's handing them out like candy.

Actual risk-free bingo courtesy of the Mirror

The Poorhouse was feeling desperately....well, poor last week so going through the nooks and crannys of Internet offers to try and get some free cash in. One triumphant site that helped out was Mirror Bingo. Yep, it is bingo (which the Poorhouse enjoys as though it was paint drying) but it has a good intro offer on which is risk free...actually risk free this time too!

Something to tide you over

The Poorhouse is aware you're all waiting with baited breath for part two of the beetroot experiment, but unfortunately due to time constraints it might have to wait a couple of days. In the mean time, to make up for this outrageous delay, please have a cup of tea on us. Visitors to the real-life Poor house will be aware that that offer is unlikely to actually materialise any time soon there, so instead grab a free sample of Yaaaarkshire tea. They even have specialist freebies for if you have "hard water"

It might be nice if you also had a shave, you haggard old mess. We can't have you turning up here looking like Terry Waite's allotment now can we? Go grab a free reasonably fancy disposable razor from the Quattro Titanium site. Click "Discover Quattro Titanium" then "Grab your free sample" and fill in the form. It does take forever to come...but come it does!

More free(ish) stuff - food and bags

A couple of righteous bargain-creating things to tell today, surfacing from the awesome MoneySavingExpert site. One will fill your belly, the other will give you both more room in your cupboards and a warm satisfaction at having tried to do something to save the planet a bit. Maybe.

Food first. There are 27 HA! HA! Bars around the country, which in the Poorhouse's limited experience do some rather tasty food. Find your local here, although if you don't live in a large-sized urban area you might be disappointed. Then print this voucher off and as long as you can persuade a friend to go eat with you before the end of April this year you can get a £5 discount, you cheap date you.

Moving on to planet-time now...

Sunday income

There used to be a warning here not to dabble with the Bingocafe promotion - see below for an update as to why it was removed

Sunday may traditionally be the day of rest here in the UK, but the Poorhouse feels sure any higher being will forgive you having a few spins on the slot machines to make a guaranteed free £10 of real money (give or take) every week.

Internet slot machines are even less satisfying and no less unfair than real life ones, but luckily special offers sometimes make them risk-free and worth doing. One such offer is Bingocafe's Sunday Spin Spectacular. Rules & regulations at but the idea is that as long as you press the spin button on the slot machines at least 50 times on a Sunday, they will give you £10 back no matter what happens. The good bit is that spins on a machine there called Mermaid's Treasure cost a mere 2 British pennies.

Ask a silly question

YouGov is a market research company who conducts surveys via the Internet. You may well have seen results from them published in newspapers and other media outlets. They have a pool of respondents who have signed up with them to give their opinions...and earn money and prizes. You'll not get rich quick; whilst the Poorhouse has made a bit of £50 from them, this has been over the period of 5 years or so. But if you don't mind answer a few questions for 50p now and then you might as well sign up *.

Most of the surveys are on proper serious subjects. Solid stuff. Plenty of politically-charged things (opinions on politicians, road tax and the like) or the reasonably regular, if rather tedious, Brandindex survey about what you think of various products. But no need to panic if you prefer a Heat to a (broads)heet (haha). With that in mind, the Poorhouse was - slightly irrationally - amused to receive the following questions.

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