Dick Cheney approves of torture

Oh dear, despite usually plotting evil behind closed doors, US vice-president Dick Cheney's accidentally said something in public again. Previously famous for shooting his friends and swearing at senators, he's now pretty much confirmed something we all kind of knew.

The Bush administration endorses torture.

In an interview with Scott Hennen, one of America's many conservative radio show hosts, the following exchanges took place:

Using the Google

It's good to know the ins and outs of those people who rule our world. George Bush's catastrophic - but somehow still ongoing - reign is well documented in many ways (for instance, his achievements [1] or [2]), but until now we did not know about his search engine preferences.

This being the key question of our time, you will be pleased to hear that in a recent interview Bush did indeed declare that he used "the Google".

War in Iraq causing terrorism - but Blair knows best

The Poorhouse wanted to highlight a few little snippets of information regarding the consequences of the Iraq invasion as determined by agencies that we - and the Government - should ideally be able to trust at least a little to have the relevant expertise.

...there is "no doubt" the invasion of Iraq has "given a boost to the al-Qaida network" in "propaganda, recruitment and fundraising"

- summary of a report by Chatham House, which used to be known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as reported in the Guardian.

Biggest pile of chemical explosives ever found - quietly

Suppose the Poorhouse told you that the largest haul of bomb-making explosives ever found in someone's house in the UK was discovered recently. And not just your average backyard weaponry; we're talking rocket launchers, chemicals and even nuclear-biological suits. Scared yet?

Before you run away in panic - or wonder why it hasn't been plastered all over the international news-wires - please have a think about who you think was the owner of these things. Let us guess - a dark skinned bearded fellow with an Arabic name?

Bush (or lollipops) made children cry

Art, and not least political art, is often designed to cause an emotional reaction. But perhaps Jill Greenberg wasn't after the reaction she got with her latest exhibition entitled "End Times", now showing in the Paul Kopeikin Gallery, Los Angeles.

The display consists of several photographs of upset children, each entitled in a rather anti-current-US-administration way such as "Four more years", "Shock", "Awe" or "Apocalypse Now". The Poorhouse regularly wants to scream, shout and cry and shout at the actions of Bush and his seemingly at times insane neo-liberal cabal, but many people both in and outside the blogosphere object to this being deemed art. Some go so far as to claim that Greenberg is nothing but a deranged child abuser.

Boris offends Papua New Guinea

Boris Johnson , Britain's only human MP, has recently struck again. Being, unlikely as it sounds, a member of the Conservative party, previously notorious for its catastrophic leadership in-fighting, he took some pleasure in the recent Blair vs Brown battles. To quote:

"For 10 years we in the Tory Party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing, and so it is with a happy amazement that we watch as the madness engulfs the Labour Party."

Unfortunately, whilst its childish nature and un-politician-like honesty was fine with the clowns in Parliament, it was not so fine with Papua New Guinea's High Commissioner in London, Jean Kekedo.

We know you'll give birth to a criminal

Britain's messianic Prime Minister Tony Blair is big on removing anti-social behaviour from UK society at large. This of course is a worthy goal (depending on one's meaning of antisocial - yours might not match his) and in a recent interview Blair reveals he would like to redefine "early intervention" to begin dealing with it earlier than ever.

Using near-psychic abilities he feels he can predict who will be a menace to society before they are even born. Some sort of "action" can then be taken to save their nearly-born babe turning into the next mega thug. At its most optimistic best, it might sound like a nice plan. However there are some potentially terrifying consequences.

The War on Some Drugs is unpopular

A Yougov survey done in conjunction with the Telegraph (not known for its liberal biases) was reported yesterday. It seems that not only do the UK Government's own Science and Technology Committee think the drug laws are ridiculous, but so do we, the population whose view's our politicians supposedly represent.

Despite a near constant barrage of what in some cases could be termed propaganda about the evils of illegal drugs from some angles, it seems us citizens don't really think the War On Some Drugs is the policy we should be following.

Everybody do the post 9-11 dance

Rizwan Ahmed, more commonly known as MC Riz (maybe) and from his appearance on Road to Guantanamo has released a new single entitled the "Post 9/11 Blues". It is fine, fine satire, and can be seen below. Although it caused - of course- controversy in the mainstream, the Poorhouse understands at least some of it has been played on Radio 1.

Apologies if the Poorhouse readers think the timing of the story is bad given the current security alerts in the UK, but then again maybe this song has relevance to them too?

Ceasefire now

As any news-readers will know, there is currently an especially terrible man-made catastrophe going on in the Middle East, mainly in terms of great bloodshed and distress being caused in Lebanon, Israel and Palestine. Over 1000 civilians are dead, and a million displaced. It could get even worse.

For anyone who is into petitioning - and why not? - you might like to consider signing up at the Ceasefire Campaign. The United Nations is currently meeting to decide what should be done to resolve these problems, and this petition demands that they must insist on a ceasefire as a first step to resolution. Whilst Kofi Annan, the UN secretary general, has already called for such a thing, some of the big 5 players, especially America, have refused to agree. With the outdated and unfair system that the UN works within, this means that nothing can be done. We therefore must persuade them to change their minds.

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