Drug danger ratings

Following on from the surprisingly hard-hitting "Drug classification: making a hash of it?" report, it came to light that Government advisors had indeed had a vaguely sensible go at working out which drugs were more dangerous than others, politics aside(ish).

Unsurprisingly, it turned out that the level of danger of the drug did in no way reflect either whether it was illegal in the UK, or how illegal it was. The report had apparently been deemed too "controversial" and hence ignored.

UK drug laws are ridiculous (again)

Causes madness: to legislatorsCauses madness: to legislatorsA report released today by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee goes to quite some fervent length to describe the current drug laws as arbitrary, non-scientific, pointless and ineffective.

It's nothing the esteemed Poorhouse readers probably didn't already know, but it's always nice to see it written down. Especially by a committee of MPs - the very people that keep these stupid laws in action against all evidence and common sense. The question on our lips is of course, following this period of sane analysis, are they going to change them?

The Bin Laden assumption

Quick question for the readers: if the catastrophic events of "9/11" were as they have been told by the Government and media, who was the mastermind behind them?

Most people would likely come up with the name Osama Bin Laden. Certainly the rulers of the world and the mass media managed to. In fact, it was so much the definite and urgent case that the United States and its allies went to war with a whole country - Afghanistan - because their Government would not comply with US requests to hand over the guy. Five years on, the war still rages on as fierce as ever.

So it came as some surprise to one concerned citizen that whilst the FBI's most wanted page did list Bin Laden for various sick and evil terrorist crimes, there was no mention of the Twin Towers, the Pentagon et al.

Bush control

In the unenviable jobs of the 21st Century category, being George Bush's speechwriter is probably up there somewhere at the top of the pile. Now's your chance to try. Clicky through to bushSpeech and work your magic. In the scarily-insightful words of the creators: "make george w. bush say the things you always wanted him to say! you don't even need to be a multinational company!".

If doing (that and loading in other people's efforts) isn't quite doing it for you, get a more musical Bush-fix by hearing him sing the classic heartfelt song Sunday Bloody Sunday below.

The Notepad conspiracy

Windows users may regularly rejoice in the minimalist beauty of the built-in Microsoft Notepad, but who would have thought it was part of a US Republican Conspiracy to hide the truth behind the Bush administration's actions?

Sceptics - try this:

  1. Open a new Notepad document
  2. Type in the following sentence without the quotes "Bush hid all the facts"
  3. Save and close
  4. Reopen the file in Notepad. Notice how yet again there has been a cover-up to hid the dirty political truth.

(If you really want to know how Notepad has been owned by the Bush cabal, read on for the disappointing truth.)

Suicide is the new advertising

As part of the War On Terror, since 2002 the American Government has taken to locking up citizens of a variety of countries (but mainly of Islamic faith) in Guantanamo Bay. Kept in degrading conditions, undergoing torture now and then without any sort of evidence or trial to find out whether they are guilty of anything, it's probably not the nicest place to be.

For anyone wondering how a "civilised" country such as the US gets away with it, well they pretend all these people are something akin to a worse version of Osama Bin Laden and that all that old fashioned idea of justice, legal trials, and the idea that kidnapping and torture is wrong, have to go out of the window now. This is not a view shared by all that many people and organisations, including Amnesty International who demand that it must be closed down immediately.

Get a conviction for drug dealing - no evidence needed

At the end of last year, we wrote on UKCIA about how the UK Government was to introduce a law whereby if a user has above a certain quantity of an illegal drug, they would be assumed to be dealing, and prosecuted as such - evidence of intent not required.

As we wrote at the time "This is an example of the already harmful and ineffective laws supposedly governing the cannabis trade growing even more dangerous.". Irrespective of what you may think of the laws governing cannabis and other currently-illegal drugs, one hopes that to be prosecuted for a crime you actually had to at least consider doing it. Here, things are different. You will be assumed to have been dealing the drug, unless you yourself can prove otherwise, and sentenced to that effect. It seems insane, but it is set to be the norm unless the Government can be stopped.

Pentagon 9/11 footage released

9/11 - the terrible day needs no introduction. As well as the official story of what happened, there are plenty of conspiracy theories around that are hard to rule out purely on the evidence us mere citizens of the planet have been given.

Many surround the supposed Boeing 757 flying into the Pentagon incident. This is not least because many people would expect a jumbo jet flying into a building to leave a bit of wreckage lying around, and not just a neatly trimmed lawn and a nice regular circular hole in the side of the building. These suspicions were only aroused further by various Government agencies making it top priority to confiscate and withhold any security camera footage of the incident from the Pentagon and any surrounding places.

George Bush's proudest achievement

The Bush family outingThe Bush family outingThe great man speaketh. George Bush, sort-of-half-elected-second-time-round-maybe leader of the free world recently gave an interview to Bild am Sonntag, a German newspaper. In it, he was asked what he thought as the best moment of his ongoing presidency.

Let us pause and think for a minute. The Poorhouse intended to detail here a list of several great achievements that he might have selected from. However, when it came to it, the mind was suddenly strangely blank. All that was thought of was that his biography has consistently achieved the number one spot on Google; something that many web-designers would hack their right arm off for. Admittedly it is for the search phrase "miserable failure"

Even the usual web research methods did not help much, as most relevant pages sort of paint the ubiquitous picture that he and his administration have indeed made a spectacular and unprecedented cock-up of his job.

American irony

Regarding China's anger at Albania not handing over some asylum seekers who have recently been released from Guantanamo Bay:

"The United States held the men in Guantanamo for almost four years without charge or trial after they were captured as part of the U.S.-led campaign against extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, but Washington said it would not hand them back to China because they might face persecution there."

Story continues at China asks Albania to return asylum seekers.

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