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Traditionally when it comes to chemical birth-control, it's been entirely up to the woman to take the necessary pharmaceutical precautions via taking "the pill" - a tablet containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone that if taken regularly (mostly) prevent pregnancy. Equality and responsibility issues aside, the pill has plenty of side effects that prevent some women using it.

Of course there have been several attempts at making a male pill but whether through dodgy side effects, the need for long term use or just lack of demand no real breakthrough has been made.

Wheelie spies

Rather than wait for an interesting story to come along, the Poorhouse thought we'd go with a laugh-at-stupid-people type snippet to do with bins...but in doing so perhaps opened a non-recyclable can of worms.

Wheelie bins may have been around for god knows how many years, but apparently they still hold the fear and mystique of strange new alien technology for some. So much so, that Epping Forest council is running roadshows to demonstrate how to use them. One might think that something in the shape of a bin with a big obvious lid and wheels on its base might be rather self explanatory, but according to the Telegraph via the New Statesman, people "will be able to see test runs by council officers who will explain the new technology". Further more, rubbish neophytes will get "to see samples and find out how easy they are to move", the aim being to "relieve [newcomer's] fears". Binophobia? It's just too easy to laugh.

However further investigation reveals that perhaps there is something to be slightly scared of after all.

Toilet based creativity

With Christmas and other pagan-inspired holidays coming up, the eternal dilemma of what in the world do you get for the [insert identifier of relative/friend here] who has everything inevitably comes up. This year, it's fairly simple. There's one product that really not very many people have, but has some degree of utility for around 100% of the world's population.

After all, who hasn't sat on "the throne" in their time wishing they could shape their solid excrement into something more attractive than a bog-standard (haha) dump without getting their fingers even a bit messy?

Free "world cinema" DVD

The Independent newspaper in conjunction with is offering free DVDs of a slightly more intellectual type than, for instance, "Showgirls".

Yes, this is another offer brought to you by every consumer's friend, Kat. Here you get a free "world cinema" DVD. Don't let the description put you off. Some of them are actually rather good, and the rest the Poorhouse hasn't heard of so may be undiscovered gems themselves.


Sadly, wheelchairs haven't quite reached mainstream cool just yet - the common image has been tarnished by mass-media broadcasts such as Little Britain rather than...well, whatever you cool kids are into these days. That didn't stop a certain shop in Sheffield, UK from usurping the infamous phrase "Don't you wish your [whatever] was hot like me?" for their store promotions. Is it wrong to find this hilarious?

The addition of the inconsistently-spelt "Don't cha" on the bottom right is just the perfect addition to sell sell sell their wares.

Cheap entertainment, free horror

Because we care and we share, the Poorhouse would like to bring to your attention a couple of decent offers.

First up, 20% off any purchase on HMV this Friday or Saturday only. Type this into the checkout page when you shop shop shop. This tip comes via and endorsed by the biggest Katastrophe to hit stores in expecting full price shoppers in recent times.

Next we have a nice free DVD. And no, not a terrible Daily Mail cartoon version of Huckleberry Finn's unrecounted adventure. Proper DVDs, albeit only of the horror genre. Think Evil Dead, Saw, Exorcist, The Grudge, Friday the 13th and so on. In fact if you're not a gore afficinado you should probably go elsewhere as to qualify you need to watch two horror films at a Vue cinema.

Matched betting calculator

The below bit of Javascript is a calculator to help with the wonderful way of making free money known as matched betting. It is based entirely on the information and files gleaned from the moneysavingexpert forums so all credit to the extremely helpful and generously informative netizens who hang out there.

More free money - betting without the risk

Gambling is a fool's game, no? The chances of you doing anything other than losing everything you earn are obviously so low that bookies will actually pay you seriousish money to sign up and play away. Except, upon closer inspection, it turns out that there is a pretty fool-proof method to consistently take the large pots of free money and run. It is mostly risk-free, understandable to someone not from Mensa, and best of all in no way dodgy.

Go see "Educating Rita"

Poorhouse am-dram favourites "The Company" is about to put on their next dramatic production. This time we have the uber-famous Educating Rita. This is the story of a young lady who wishes to move from reading the trashy to the fine intellectual tomes of which inspired thousands of inappropriate student-teacher relationships throughout the world.

Be there between 11-14th October 2006 starting 7:30pm, at the University Drama Studio, Glossop Road, Sheffield, UK. For more details about who, what, why and of course the real plot, go visit their website.

How I made nearly £50 in 15 mins of clicking

In the course of potential future-avoidance of any sort of future tedious grindstones known as "paid employment", the Poorhouse is gratefully experimenting with any sort of half-dodgy webdeal to raise a quick buck. A couple of days ago, one such plan came up trumps, and a swift 15 minutes of so of quite fun web-clicking raised £45.88. And - apologies for sounding like nothing more than a filthy spam-merchant - there was no risk involved, other than the ability to have some self restraint.

Here, for your delectation, is how to do it.

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