Google's favicon - ugh

What on earth do they think they've done?! When doing the usual lazy 100-tabs-in-one-browser surfing session, the Poorhouse was befuddled to see that there seemed to be no Google-icon-clad tab open in the browser despite the fact that at least 10 different resource-sapping results pages should surely be open.

It turned out that no, it was not some magic anti-Google fairy closing things, but rather that Google have changed their "favicon" – that little image that sits in your Favourites and tab corners. Below, courtesy of Google Operating System, is what the old one looked like compared to the new one. Poorhouse verdict on the change? Lame.

Official(ish): most Facebook applications are nonsense

After eons of no's more no-news. Flowing Data, a blog which just loves statistics, numbers and the like, have come out with radical new study of no less an institution than Facebook applications.

They took what must have been one of the most painful datasets known to humanity - 23160 different Facebook applications, and analysed by category. The shock revelation?

Software to backup your Flickr account, and more

Recently, a strange and magical event (slip of the finger, some would allege) mean that the Poorhouse had cause to attempt to download all of the inane pictures that constitute his Flickr account.

The (or rather 'a') great beauty of Flickr, as opposed to the evils of Facebook et al, is that it does preserve your original photos - but it is a mission and a half if you want to download them all back to your computer en masse. It is significantly less hard however if you use FlickrEdit.

Another cashback opportunity:

You all know how much the Poorhouse loves his Quidco, and a few other cashy-cashback sites. If he couldn't steal gain a profit of 1% of his other-wised expensed train tickets per transaction, the world would be a sad place. To be serious though, you can rake in serious money in the world of cashback.

Kathryn, from a site called was kind enough to drop the Poorhouse a line. She runs a site in many ways similar to quidco. You do the whole click-through-links-to-retailer business, and you get 100% of the commission, minus an annual £5 fee. Where it is slightly different though is a) Amazon is on it (2.5% cashback at time of writing) and b) the "give" bit of "giveortake" refers to the fact you can choose to donate your cashback directly to charity through it.

Social breastworking

Social networking, dotcom profitery and boobies. These are cornerstones on which the modern web is built. So imagine the Poorhouse joy upon discovering myfreeimplants. Ohmygod. Leveraging bits of the Facebook et al. model of chat, pictures and fantasies of all sorts of poking but repackaging it in a way that has an undoubted profit model for itself, the site exists to let women get bigger breasts via surgical implants for free. And men get...erm..."interaction with real girls".

Setting up IMAP between Google Apps and Windows Mobile 5 Outlook Mobile

Well, for a while, the lovely email solution that is Gmail> (aka Googlemail), and the custom-domain Google Apps variant, didn’t seem to be getting much in the way of new features, despite big upgrades by its main competitors. Recently though, things have changed. We can look forward to a faster interface, a better contacts management solution, more storage space and, perhaps most excitingly in the eyes of the Poorhouse, IMAP.

IMAP, the Internet Message Access Protocol, is a technology allowing offline mail programs such as Outlook, Thunderbird et al. to read and manipulate their mail. Yes, Gmail has had an alternative technology, POP3, for a long, long while, albeit a rather dodgy implementation in some ways, but IMAP has the bonus of being able to keep in sync with the web-based Gmail proper. For instance, unlike POP3, if you read a message through an IMAP client then it will appear as read when you access Gmail or Google Apps over the web. You can move the messages between labels (usually termed folders under IMAP), delete them, star them and so on.

Using the Gmail Mobile App with Google Apps accounts

Update: Google have now released a version of the Gmail Mobile App for Google Apps accounts on devices other than Blackberries, so the information in this article is largely out of date. Visit from your phone to download it.

Google Apps is a lovely way to get your email, combining the loveliness of the normal Gmail interface with the ability to use your own domain names properly, without any of this Outlook " on behalf of" nonsense. And it's free! They also recently upgraded the email storage you get for free to that of a normal Gmail account, currently 3805 MB.

But there is one super-useful feature missing from the Google Apps product that you do get with standard Gmail - support for the Gmail Mobile App, a much nicer way to interact with your email from your (Java-enabled) phone or PDA than the standard web interface. Sadly it doesn't support Google Apps mail - but with a little trickery, it can.

Upgrading, and a Drupal 5 version of the quotefilter module

Shocks! As promised, what, not far off a month ago, a few upgradey things have happened around here. Still running on Drupal, just a shinier, newer, still-in-development version. The upgrade wasn't so difficult but a few annoying things happened. The main trauma was that after getting a backup restore down by the hosts after an issue with the lovely image assist module made itself known, they added all the old tables back to the database, leaving anything with a new name in, rather than the cleaner method of dropping the database and starting again. This caused all sorts of later dodgy issues as the installer couldn't create tables it thought it should, modules thought they already upgraded when they didn't and so on. But it's done now.

As the Poorhouse took his goddamned time upgrading, the only thing that no kind soul had basically already done module-wise was convert the quotefilter module from Drupal 4.7 to Drupal 5.x code.. Luckily it was super easy to do.

Join the search for Steve Fossett

Steve Fossett, adventurer and record-setter extraordinaire in the world of balloons, aeroplanes, boats etc. al sadly went missing early last week. Last seen taking off on what would be expected to be a nice easy little jaunt for him, he has at this point not returned.

As might be expected, a stack of search-planes et al. are out looking for him, but even if you don't have a pilots license, any money, or anything other than a connection to t'internet you can help the effort.

Horray - stop seeing those awful Facebook applications

Rejoicement! The Poorhouse has previously mentioned his distaste of massively long lame-application-filled Facebook pages, where the only interesting bit - the wall - is right at the bottom. It's a particular problem when corporate race-booking. It's hard enough to disguise Facebook as work as it is without massive colourful pirates shouting "Shiver me timbers!", a picture of a toilet roll counting how many people you peed on and the lads-mag-esque illustration that is the output of FilthBook. You know who you are.

Solution? Use your web browser to hide it all.

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