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Geeks! Who doesn't love their RSS fix of the day? Web-based aggregators are clearly the way to go, allowing you browse the inane jibber of the blogosphere from the confines of your wifi-enabled bed and during skive-time at work without getting all de-synchronised. Google Reader is one of the Poorhouse's favourite examples of this, and it just gets even better if you add on the Google Reader Preview Enhanced script.

Is there poo in a Big Mac and other burning issues

The 26500+ McDonalds fast food burger-muck "restaurants" and their ilk do have something of a dubious reputation, including issues regarding food quality, unhealthiness, environmental concerns, employee exploitation and so on, despite many a corporatey ad-campaign to try and persuade us that all that happens on a typical day in a restaurant is that pretty girls go in for a salad - and probably not the McD's chicken salad that was actually more fattening than their cheeseburger.

Of course McDonalds likes to claim that this is mostly undeserved. To show their deep, deep love for you, the consumer, they have taken the - in many ways admirable - step of setting up an interactive website so you can "so that you can find out anything you'd like to know about McDonald's food, business, people and practices." Send in your questions, and McDonalds will answer them. All the answers are pointless corporate schmooze of course, but the Poorhouse had literal LOLs occurring simply be reading some of the ones that made it to be published.

Google voyeur

In one of the more recent escapades from Google benignly violating your privacy for your own benefit (and that of your stalkers and the big bad world at large) they added "Street View" to their maps product. This means that in some select areas of the world - i.e. parts of US cities - you can not only get a map or satellite view of the place, but also a ground-level photograph of what the street would look like were you to be walking down it. Clever stuff.

You even can pretend you're in an extremely bad virtual reality simulator and live the life of a globetrotter from the comfort of your nice spinny office chair. But beware, whilst you're faffing around fake-walking around the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, you might also be starring in someone else's screen display.

Again, beware what you publish

Living in the cyberworld, as we all do these days, has its mega-pluses, but also creates new problems - for instance the trail of indelible stains on your character you might be exhibiting for the world at large to see. The Poorhouse has seen a few surveys now reporting that your prospective masters are researching your electronic records, even if you're not a wayward Tory-boy public figure.

Universal Share Downloader - an easy way to "cheat" filehosts like Rapidshare, MegaUpload etc.

In these days of big fat media files, whether these be music, video, games, software or other such thing, there are a pile of services out there to let you send stuff to your pals without having to stick to silly email size restriction limits. Basically you upload your file to a host, such as MegaUpload or Rapidshare, they produce a link, and your friend downloads it from the web. Simple. Well, simple if you only want a single file and are happy to wait around for it.

To prevent abuse of such usually-free services, there tend to be restrictions such as only being able to download one file at once, only being allowed to download so many megabytes and hour, having to wait for a few minutes before commencing and so on. Your choices tend to be put up with this or pay up. Unless you use something like Universal Share Downloader.

Travelling hard

Google Maps is not only rude; it's demanding as well.

The big G is of course so mega-global these days that you can plot journeys pretty much anywhere with the Maps product, and it is more than happy to draw you lovely maps, satellite views and textual instructions. So, say you are wanting to have a nice trip from New York to visit the land of the Poorhouse - England. Go to the directions section and type in New York to London (or whichever cities interest you most) and press the Search Maps button.

Crude Captchas

CAPTCHAs are those annoying little puzzles you have to fill out before commenting on posts, contacting people, signing up for stuff on the Internet and so on. Generally it's in the form of "here's some mostly unreadable letters, please type what you think they might say below". We've got them here (mathematical version), we've discussed how to code them but no mention as yet on these pages has been made of their comedic potential.

The Poorhouse was cruising around...ahem...myspace (sssssh!) recently when the following image was presented. Presumably having the mind-set of a 13-year old at that moment for some reason, this caused much amusement. It had come to the point in ones' life where Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation was requiring the Poorhouse to type a word more commonly associated with Hugh Hefner's Playboy magazine into a website. Snigger snigger etc. This of course set the thought processes going (be warned, there is slight profanity after the "read more")...

Selling out

No, your eyes do not deceive you. The Poorhouse has decided to try selling out for a bit and most likely, should you not be running any esoteric software to stop them, you can see some Google ads. I have no idea how much money (if any) they will bring but as per their instructions I'll find out by trying for a little bit. If successful they might stay, if not, they might go and the Poorhouse will have to turn to a life of crime. Hopefully being text-based they're not too annoying but any comments welcome.

Yahoo photos closing - any good alternatives?

It probably hasn't come as a surprise to many but the Poorhouse is a little sad - Yahoo Photos is closing down. Yahoo Photos of course was a place provided by Yahoo to store all your wonderful digital photos. Existing for quite some time in the past, it not-too-long-ago came out with a new version which was rather more Web 2.0 geeky-satisfying.

By that time Yahoo had also acquired that most famous of photo-sites Flickr and despite earlier claims of maintaining the two sites, which have rather different target audiences, now is apparently going to concentrate on Flickr.

Search and win

To nearly quote Numb3rs, "we all use websearch every day". So why not try and win stuff for doing so? Get down to wabbadabba, sign up and search up to 15 times a day and if you're especially lucky you'll instantly win something nice - Amazon vouchers or cinema tickets at the moment. Best of all people do actually seem to win now and then.

It's probably not quite a heavyweight Google alternative but in that it's powered by Yahoo you might even get some decent search results for your trouble. Be kind enough to sign up by the links here and for every prize you win, the Poorhouse will get a little something too in no way to your detriment. Whoop yeah! There's even a toolbar or a Firefox quicksearch box available for it if you decide to go overboard with excitement.

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