CSS positioning tutorial

Now the web-trendies and accessibility gurus abhor table-based layouts it pays to gain some expertise with the Cascading Style Sheets properties position, float and clear in order to set your website out nicely.

There's a good tutorial / demonstration of the effects of position: static, position: relative, position:absolute, float and clear at BarelyFitz Designs - Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps.

More free money - betting without the risk

Gambling is a fool's game, no? The chances of you doing anything other than losing everything you earn are obviously so low that bookies will actually pay you seriousish money to sign up and play away. Except, upon closer inspection, it turns out that there is a pretty fool-proof method to consistently take the large pots of free money and run. It is mostly risk-free, understandable to someone not from Mensa, and best of all in no way dodgy.

Bypass port restrictions on cPanel and WHM

cPanel and WHM are nice friendly systems that allow one to configure much of a web/ftp/email server with ease using nothing but your web browser. It is commonly made available by web servers that offer shared hosting packages, and includes a webmail package to allow you to access your personal email remotely. Just right for those boring office hours where you need a few hundred hours break from doing what you're paid for.

Label for fun (and good search results)

Tagging (or in more conventional English - labelling) images, all very Web 2.0 but not always so interesting to do. It is however important for search engine semantics because as yet they tend not to be able to actually identify what the content of a picture is. Google image search et. al. tend to look at the text on the page with the image on, inbound links, its filename and so on. When you search for a "house", you're actually searching for a picture on a page with a lot of house-content on, which likely will be a house but on the other hand it could be, well, anything. What you really want is for a human to hand-label each image with "house" if it itself is a house and "donkey" if actually it is a image of a donkey on a page about houses.

AOL "mistakenly" exposes customers' perversions

A couple of weeks ago AOL made a(nother) big mistake. They released a big pile of people's web search queries. Beware naive netizens, every time you search for whatever brand of filth turns you on on the Big Bad Internet, the chances are that some record of it is made.

AOL saw a large potential in academic tech researchers having access to a big clump of these real world usage examples of their search. So for a few days, anyone could download a file of 20,000,000ish searches done by 658,000 of their customers.


It's always nice when a website does what it says on the tin. It is fair to say that would fall into that category.

The site aims to collect as many illustrative examples of "Kitlers" as possible. A Kitler, in case it's proving mind-bogglingly hard to guess, is cat that looks in some way like the notorious evil dictator Adolf Hitler. Go take a look at the most amount of moustachioed evil looking felines ever to be seen on one page.

Fun with Gwigle

You can never have too many silly little web games to keep you off the street / away from any file marked "work", so why not go try the Gwigle Game?

It must be said, this one is in danger of being somewhat educational and maybe even useful to your everyday net-life, but don't let that put you off. The premise is that you are presented with a screen of Google search engine results, and you have to guess what was searched for and enter your answer into the aptly named "What am I Googling?" box.

Skive browse 2: workFriendly

Hot on the heels of Ghostzilla comes another solution to that most horrific of problems – how to spend your office-working day playing on the Internet without receiving a vicious sacking.

Clock and phase

Is this website looking a tad stripy like the accompanying illustration? No, we've not gone down the stripes-are-slimming road, more likely your LCD monitor is not configured correctly.

These new-fangledish panel screens usually have controls for clock and phase. Incorrect setting of these can lead to either seeing vertical stripes where there should not be any, or horizontal streaking. Certain, especially darker, colours in particular can appear to move around disconcertingly in the Poorhouse's experience.

ZuPreem food

Still on the subject of crazy things to do to yourself, but this time without financial incentive, comes The Monkey Chow Diaries.

To quote: "Imagine going to the grocery store only once every 6 months. Imagine paying less than a dollar per meal. Imagine never washing dishes, chopping vegetables or setting the table ever again. It sounds pretty good, doesn't it?"

Yes it most certainly does, but doubts about the goodness may be raised if the reason that can happen is because you are only eating weird hard pellets that are normally reserved for monkeys in zoos. In a kind-of-reverse tribute to Morgan Spurlock, Adam Scott decided to ensure he only ate monkey food for a week to see if he lived, and, if so, what the effects would be.

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