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I would like to draw the attention of the poorhouse readers that in the event you feel like a game of manic miner or any of the dizzy games or any of those absolute classics then: Abandonia is the place to be :) HAppy whit week everyone...

Give it a go my copy of dizzy magic has just about been the highlight of the bank holiday well just below completing that locked door game. too good :)

Time and Space

Dare you go in?Dare you go in?Old-skoolish computer game fans may remember a mid-term era where half the computer games around seemed to be about pointing and click on things to use them on something and move onward...not least the famous Monkey Island series.

Anyhow, thanks to the magic of Flash, you can now play The Mystery Of Space and Time online. The plot? Ermm...not so sure. You have to leave a room, but the door's locked. Use your powers of intelligence, logical and random-clickery to find some way out...inevitably to be confronted with another locked door. Frustrating, pointless, waste of time of course, but nontheless oh so addictive. It'll even save your progress should the boss come a-knocking.

Don't even think about not trying it out.

Be a better failure

Are you feeling disastrously successful? Don't worry, it happens to the worst of us. Luckily the wonderful people from achieve-it have thoughtfully provided their top ten tips to "reach depths of failure you have possibly never imagined!" without even having to give up any of your goals.

More Google stuff

Another day, another lovely new Google service for the Poorhouse to evangelise about...Today, it's Google Notebook. Launched just a couple of days ago, it doesn't seem to have the instant grab of Gmail, image search and the other more high-profile members of the G-suite, but it has already proved most useful for the Poorhouse.

Simply put, it's an access-anywhere web notebook. Maybe you need to make a shopping list, do a bit of research, list a few good web addresses or just write a few to-do notes? Do it in the notebook, and wherever you log on to the Internet from next, there it is, waiting for you.

Google mail is surprisingly good

Just two years late, the Poorhouse decided to try out the uber-raved-about email service known as Gmail (or rather, here in the UK "GoogleMail" due to some silly copyright infringement business).

Following a recent email disaster, yes ladies and gents, no email for almost a week - a near death experience - it was decided to up sticks and investigate alternative methods of email access. The new Yahoo mail beta is extremely clever - think Outlook in a browser - but in the end Google mail has been settled on. Previously a fan of Thunderbird and its Outlooky-ilk, the challenge is now for the Poorhouse to use webmail as much as possible for the month, and see if it is copable with. So far it's good.

Funny web addresses

You've heard them all before sure, but don't pretend you don't think they're hilarious. - Directory of therapists in the US - Who Represents (database of agents) - Cumming First Methodist Church, US

Pimp your snack

Enhanced snack: vat of tea requiredEnhanced snack: vat of tea requiredFor many people, the last thing they want when starving for a mega meal is to be told they are receiving a "snack". Whilst they might be super tasty in many cases, they are also often tragically unfulfilling due to their diminutive size. But it seems this does not have to be the case. contains many recipes designed to "take snacks to the limit", or in their words "It's a sandwich of fun on ecstacy bread wrapped up in a big bag like disco fudge.". Basically, take your favourite snack and supersize it. Anyone fancy a Monster Ferrero Rocher weighing nearly one-and-a-half kilogram? Who wouldn't!


Internet chat. Yet another new well-developed technological way of wasting time and - if you’re lucky – skiving at work. By chat, the Poorhouse is referring to the weirdly-acronymed programs such as MSN and AIM, each version of which is ten times more irritating than the last. If the Poorhouse wanted to be "nudged" (thank you so much MSN, and a thousand curses on anyone who downloads this program and the computer-destroying viruses the Poorhouse desperately hopes it contains) it would go make use of the public transport during rush hour.

Faking your web browser headers

When you go cruising the web bit of information superhighway with your magic Internet Explorer (or something else if you have better taste), your browser often spills out bits of information about your setup which is then accessible to website authors if they so wish. This is how sites such as this one can tell you things about what browser you are using amongst other kind-of-private information.

This is because behind the scenes your web browser transmits various textual headers to the server hosting the webpage. At a minimum it has to transmit the name of the webpage it wants to download. This command looks something like:

GET /mydirectory/mypage.html HTTP/1.0

MOFA forkers

Alien veg: irritatedAlien veg: irritatedEarth is under attack - and not just from the Bush administration. Hitherto our constant friend and nourishment, even our food is turning out against humanity. For evidence of this factoid, simply go visit the Museum Of Food Anomolies. There you can see such "freakish extremes of seemingly benign food stuffs" as Satan in my Cereal Bowl, Angry Lemon and even an edible Ampersand (if you consider such arcane punctuation innately evil).

If you have come into contact with such monstrous nutritional items, be sure to send 'em in to the curator.

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