Talking Hoohaa

The Vagina Monologues is an award winning play that has been running for over a decade (and still is touring the UK). It's a fairly serious dramatic production featuring various monologues read by women, all of which have a common factor; they relate in some way to vaginas, whether by discussing sex, birth, orgasm or other such thing. It's been taken to be symbolic of empowerment for women and educational about issues very relevant to today for all, with fans in certain feminist circles.

Recently it was showing at Atlantic Beach, Florida. It induced greater-even-than-usual controversy in the mind of one woman passing by. Seeing a sign advertising that that, amongst other features, was playing at the local feature she was outraged to see the V word displayed on a sign.

The woman's niece - clearly old enough to read - saw the word and asked her what the word vagina meant. Rather than taking the opportunity to even vaguely educate her about the basics of female anatomy instead she was absolutely offended that she should even be asked that question. She was indeed so offended she felt the need to ring up the theatre and complain.

The theatre clearly took the complaint seriously. Whatever to do? Well, seeing as it was apparently only the word in the title of the play that was causing offence, they decided to change it. To what? Well, if it's upsetting someone because a child not knowing what the word meant maybe it should be made easier for a child to understand. Sure enough they went with the obvious - the play was re-christened "The Hoohaa monologues" (rather than any number of other possibilities the Poorhouse thinks it unsavoury to go into here - although a "serious" news reporter clearly did try his best in a most entertaining broadcast the Poorhouse thoroughly recommends a view of).

Of course, with there seemingly being many definitions of the word "hoohaa" this made it rather impenetrable to some of its target audience, and slightly negated the whole empowerment theme, but at least your average 5 year old might understand what it's about a bit easier. Some confusion is evident in the below video-poll of the average citizen in the street courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Rumours that the complainant is now on a 1-woman campaign to eradicate all dictionaries, encyclopedias and textbooks within the state to product our innocent children are entirely made up by The Poorhouse. Probably.

(Addendum: 2 days later the play's organisers did however successfully demand the name was changed back - so as usual all the silly complaint did was increase the publicity of the offending article).


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